These stories, listed below in chronological order, are the unauthorized sequels to the Origami Yoda Books written by Tom Angleberger. Many of these stories have important characters and situations that span the entirety of the series. Be warned: skipping a story can sometimes be difficult for readers to catch up to what’s going on in the specific episode they’d like to read. Enjoy!


Origami Yoda: Rise of the Bounty Hunters – Tommy and the gang must escape a parallel universe where the events of Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus never happened! (Volumes 1 and 2)

Origami Yoda: Legends – Tommy and the gang, back at the school, team up with other students to create extraordinary, embellished, and incredible case files for the fun of it!

Origami Yoda: The Lost Case Files – Tommy and the gang have reached their final day at McQuarrie Middle School, but in cleaning out his locker, Tommy finds the mysterious lost case files!

Origami Yoda: Rise of the Bounty Hunters – Journey to The School Awakens– Tommy and the gang must escape a parallel universe where the events of Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus never happened! (Volume 3)

Origami Yoda: The School Awakens – Tommy and the gang…uh… have nothing to do with this story. It is set years later, when four new students volunteer to renovate the school for its grand re-opening!

  1. STOOKY TIMES A TRILLION! But Origami Yoda: Rise of the Bounty Hunters COULD use some editing on things that make no sense. (Example: “From our last case file, Darth Paper Strikes Back.) Which it should be “Princess Lablemaker: To The Rescue!” Because they don’t remember Emperor Pickletine.

  2. Nobody has continued the series from when Dwight sent OY off in MF.

  3. From what I’ve noticed, no fans ever submitted stories about that! Occasionally we get stories that follow Pickletine from the McQuarrie Crew’s point of view,

  4. I don’t know how to post stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. if i did, i would have already posted them….

  6. How can I make my own story’s?

  7. @Thechosenone and @guillermo
    What we usually do is we have an official email where you send your story. We find a good place for it
    I.E. Legends.
    We also fix up any grammar mistakes, and think about it.

  8. whats the official e-mail?

  9. Superfolder MonMargo

    Hey! How is a

  10. Umm… So I have been wanting to post a story, but I can’t find out how. What is the official Email?

  11. origamiluke100

    Markus made the wrong choice… clearly…
    Oh no.

  12. can there be a new volume called the origami yoda and the old republic based off the star wars the old republic video game or something

  13. Hmm… Now we’ve GOT to have Origami Revan…

  14. You know, on the bright side, now that Tom’s series has run its course, the EU doesn’t have to conform to the plot as much. As much as I’d love to see another book it’s nice to know that we can run free with our imaginations!

  15. How about this: Origami Yoda: Knights of the Fold Republic

  16. Whoa!! That’s genius!!!!!

  17. hey um i wish that someone would continue from the pikletien book where Dwight gets Yoda back and saves the school but if wishes were horses

  18. hey um im not sure if you guys if your stell here are using this one or the new one pls answer

  19. I’m confused. What’s your question?

  20. The real Origami Yoda is going to return… very soon…

  21. um is this dead?

  22. when are we going to see the FOLDS initiative ? Tom has posted about that so I was wondering. Just cuz

  23. darealgamingnexus

    Yea. I was pretty hyped.

  24. darealgamingnexus

    JC how do you know the real OY will return?

  25. When does the MOU take place in the Origami Yoda EU timeline? Is it, like, at the same time as the six canon OY books? Does it take place during Rise of the Bounty Hunters? Journey to the School Awakens? Maybe even years after the last OYEU book? Or is it in an alternate universe where instead of Star Wars origami being a trend somewhere, it’s Marvel origami?

  26. yeah, this this thing is old, old, old.

  27. wait a second! The whole order is posted up on the top, and i saw the mou before rise of the BH !!!!! So that means…

  28. You thinking what I’m thinking? 😁

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