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    I cured myself of my emotional instability and I’m back to chat! What’s new?

  2. I’ve been on YouTube a lot and I’ve been going through the comment sections. The most used phrases are:


    “How is this in my recommended?”


    “I Love you 3000”

  3. We’ve opened a story submission form at the top of this page. Feel free to submit COMPLETED stories, UNLESS you put an email in the provided space. I know some of you may not have an email, but that’s the only way we can contact you efficiently. We hope this increases creativity in the community, and provides us with many new stories for years to come.

    May the Folds be With You,
    The EU Council

  4. Announcement:

    Decided I didn’t really like Doctorigami Strange and I am completely re-writing it!

  5. Come out, ya silly beans!

  6. Ok that was kinda weird sorry I’m taking up so much space

    So… Endgame, Am I right?

  7. Captain Marvel: Hey, Parker. Got something for me?

    Spider-Man: Take only the Gauntlet. PLEASE.

  8. And wait, what? Saying stuff like “SAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!” is more of a 2015 thing—
    Okay, people, we’re officially back in 2015. OK signs, dabbing, stuff like that. It’s all coming back.

  9. Hey guys I’m new here . My name is haneleus but you can call me hades . I’ve been lurking here since Ironfold 1 and finally decided to join this wonderfully stocky community . I’ve read all the origami Yoda books ,nearly all of the Rise of The Bounty Hunter series, every mou case file ( except for thorigami 2 I’m waiting for it to be finished ) . I would LOVE to write a case file but it would take a pretty LONG time .

  10. jdubblestuff2

    Hey, Hades (having some experience in writing) case files are so fun to make it’s worth every second of folding, writing, and eating chocolate. (that last part is optional)

  11. jdubblestuff2

    does anyone want a luke page 2?

  12. Welcome back, CD!
    Welcome, Hades!
    And hello to all you others.

  13. No, no, jdubblestuff2. You’re doing it wrong.
    Eat CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES while writing case files.

  14. Jar Jar Pleats

    Yeah, I’d enjoy a Luke Page 2

    Meesa back, btw😏

  15. Here’s a Skittle War Update:

    It’s been renamed Origami Yoda’s Finest Hour.

    It’s basically the unofficial end to the Origami Yoda Saga.

    SLC Wants to destroy all origami and bring back FunTime to brainwash the McQuarrie kids. He finds a way: The Wishing Skittles. The McQuarrie gang, the OrigAvengers, Batfold, the Fellowship, the Crimson Dawn and the Superfolders must take one last stand against Everyone they’ve faced, and even some of their own!

    I REALLY don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder by writing a huge crossover, so this is a legends story.

  16. It’s so great to see this activity!

    Welcome back CD and welcome Hades! Good to see everyone. And jdubblestuff2, I would definitely enjoy reading another Luke Page. 🙂

  17. Hey guys…I think something’s up with the MOU One-Shots…there a new story that says I wrote it? Weird.

  18. Hey, Jawa. It’s SLS. Can I submit a story in the submission page above? It takes place about 1,000 years after the events of the MOU. Now, I won’t get too deep into details, but here’s a plot synopsis: Trent, Clark, and Andy’s descendants live in a dystopian world, and Kirby and Wheeler have been reduced to rubble. They explore Kirby’s remains, and find an ancient CD player, which they take back home and play on their futuristic computers. Suddenly, they hear Gangster’s Paradise playing as they see the footage consists of an ugly, blue, human-like cat creature running around at 760 miles per hour, with a man that acted and looked like this old historical leader they heard about called “Jim Carrey” chasing him with his robot army—

  19. The rest of the plot consists of them going on an epic gamer adventures with Big Chungus and Moto Moto, along with the blue cat/human creature, who insists he is a hedgehog.

  20. Dear gosh no XD meme cringe

  21. Hey guy’s just letting you know I will be writing a case file in fold 3 set in wheeler . It is very different from what you’ve seen so far. In the mou.

  22. Sonicrease the Hedgehog


  23. Oh, and meme cringe SHOULD be allowed! Jawa’s latest story is focused on the MOU version of Sans!

  24. Jar Jar Pleats

    Oh, no sir! I have a very good idea of who it is, though…

  25. Jar Jar Pleats

    Scratch that, I was completely wrong

  26. Hey, Jawa, is the story submission thing, in all seriousness, for short stories, or for full-out stories like all of Fold 1 and all of Fold 2 so far?

  27. Dude I think it’s just any story in any universe

  28. The Story Submission work as follows:

    If you DO NOT include an email address, you many only submit COMPLETED stories. Only One-Shots, Elseworlds, Legends, and BTFolds content will be accepted, unless you have specifically been assigned a main timeline story by the Council.

    If you include an email address, you may just submit an idea for a story or part of a story. An email address is the only way we can efficiently contact you, which means it’s also the only way to assign you a main timeline story.

    In short, please include an email. It helps us communicate with you much faster.

  29. Gotcha. I’m working on a new Oneshot now, and so far I have two chapters that Noah has seen, so I’m just gonna post what I have…(with my email)

  30. supremeleaderskywalker

    But meh, I’ll do it later today…

    (If you’re asking, this is how my automated profile looks with my true email.)

  31. Hey all! Noah’s out for the next month, so I’ll be answering a lot of your emails and questions.

    By the way, this week is the last Thorigami Thursday. Can you guess why?

  32. Because you’re mostly posting these “Thorigami Thursdays” on Fridays and Saturdays now?

  33. jdubblestuff2

    Hey, If I were to make a Luke Page 2 would there be anything you guys want in it.

    P.S. SLS the rock’s chocolate chip pancakes are the best (It’s proven on youtube)

  34. Yoooo ouch SLS. No, that is not the reason XD

  35. SLS The Roaster

    Remember to like and subscribe, and check out my other video, Me and the Odd1sOut Teamed Up And Deafted RiceGum on Mars.

  36. Jar Jar Pleats

    sfcamster, because with school ending, you were able to finish the story?

    jdubblestuff, write about whatever you feel works for the story. Be creative! You did great with the first one, the most important thing is to not doubt yourself

  37. Jar Jar Pleats

    Btw, I think the One Shots are in the wrong order. Wasnt OrigVenom released after The Mantle of Iron Fold?

  38. Is it because you’ll introduce the villain in a very short amount of time, and then there will be a kind-of long generic battle, then the last part of the story will be short as well, just telling what happened after, like actual Thor 2?

    n o i c e

  39. Hey guy’s I just finished my MOU story . It is short but it seems to be pretty fun.Probably being released on July 23.

  40. Jar Jar Pleats is correct!! Thorigami II is officially coming out this Saturday, after the last Thorigami Thursday.

  41. Jar Jar Pleats

    Ha-Haaaaaa! Nice. I’ve been excited to see how this story goes for a little while now.

  42. OrigamiLuke100

    The DCOU is picking up! I’ve sent an email to all current writers about what they’re doing and how they’re doing.

  43. I’m not a DCOU writer, but this is kind of exciting

  44. OrigamiLuke100

    I don’t know when the next story will come out for the Dcou, it’s either the one shot by Hades or Superfold.

  45. Hey, something’s up with Tom’s site.

  46. OrigamiLuke100

    Yeah, i noticed a couple days ago. The site’s license had expired

  47. Dark Pheonix was, uh… something, y’know?

  48. For a second I thought Hades was about to say something bad. Phew. 😅

    Dark Phoenix was good, but a bit rushed.

  49. SLS I was just doing a countdown for my title of the mou story speaking of which


    Get your theories rollin !

  50. Correct,but Nova and…

  51. OrigamiLuke100

    Green arrow?

  52. OrigamiLuke100


  53. One of you is correct.

  54. The first story of fold 3 will be upon you in about a month and one of you geniuses out !

    I will stop the countdown however because I could get fired because you figured it out TOO soon.

  55. Testing new profile pic

  56. Jar Jar Pleats

    Tom’s site is back!

  57. Lord Toademort

    HELLOOOOooooo PEOPLE I have returned from my absence at the start of the summer break so how is everybody doing just saw endgame by the way good movie

  58. Welcome back lord toademort.

  59. Lord Toademort

    Hey anybody know if there is going to be anymore stories in the FOLD 2 of the MOU

  60. @lord toademort I know that cap americut 2 is coming . There is also oriavengers 2 ,but my story may be in fold or fold fold 3 idk.nice username btw )

  61. OrigamiLuke100

    SLS, please check where you’ve been posting your other one shot story.

  62. Has anyone realized that after spiderman far from home we won’t get another marvel movie for 10 months .😔🕷

  63. Okay, Luke, I responded. But this means I’m working on three stories at once.
    Let me rest with my Fold 3 story and my two new oneshots for a few months…

  64. OrigamiLuke100

    It’s all good! I need to change my username on here, Luke is the name of my cat lol

  65. Hey guys Dane is back at it again and I am here to let you know that since one of you already figured out the title for my Mou story Noah said that at least they don’t know what it’s about .so with out futherado I present to you

    Sorry for the long scrolling

    We just need more tension

    I think this is funny

    Do you really have this much time on your hands ?

    You know what would be funny

    If there was literally nothing at the bed of this



    (Noah pls don’t hurt me )

  66. Lord Toademort

    spoiler alert? idk everybody see the Far from home trailer
    hey guys you think Mysterio is lying about being from another universe in the far from home trailer because his origin is he was a special effects artist that didnt get enough credit also the gauntlet only works in the universe it is from nowhere else EVER so tearing a hole in the universe does not seem like something it could do unless you were actively trying with all your power to do that.

  67. Jar Jar Pleats


  68. Hey, guys, the Endgame re-release isn’t really worth watching. I heard it just has a Stan Lee tribute, and like, a post-credit scene of Hulk saving some children from a fire.

  69. Jar Jar Pleats

    Yeah, all I heard was a Stan Lee tribute and a scene with the Hulk. Didn’t hear what though. Still, you gotta give em props for trying to nudge tgeir box offixe gross higher than Avatar

  70. I mean, the post-credits scene probably would have worked if Endgame wasn’t so grounded as an “end-of-franchise” movie. It sounds like it would fit in a movie like Age of Ultron, where you know it’s not really the end.

  71. OrigamiLuke100, meet me where we were discussing my new one-shot.

  72. Jar Jar Pleats

    Oh, Endgame is nowhere near the end of the franchise. Not by a long shot

  73. Sorry, I couldn’t write “end-of-franchise-as-we-know-it,” too long.

  74. Jar Jar Pleats

    Wassup! How’s the next story coming along, any updates?

  75. Here is your Merry Marvel update of today:

    Captain Americut: The Fall is nearly complete! CJ is working on the cover and it’ll be posted. We also have several One-Shots in the works, and then OrigAvengers II to follow. We will be taking a break in between OrigAvengers II and Fold III to get everything set up, this Doctorigami Strange being the first of Fold III.

  76. OrigamiLuke100

    Well, call me Santa claus and say it’s christmas! Does this mean that Captain Americut: The Fall will be coming out soon rather than THIS FALL?

  77. Well goshgollyme it seems like The Fall came out JUST NOW!

  78. So Is Novagami and Adam Papercut like the second story ?

  79. It will be, yes.

  80. I am interviewing Noah and I want to know do you guys have any questions?

  81. OrigamiLuke100

    If you could go anywhere for vacation, where would you go and why?

  82. How did you come up with MOU?
    A: At that time, early last year, the EU was pretty dead. I’d been talking with JC and CJ, who I’d kept up a pretty consistent correspondence with through the years, and we wondered how to get the EU back to its former glory. I wondered if we could ever write stories seperate from Star Wars, and ultimately McQuarrie Middle, so I decided we could do a series based on Marvel characters with an entirely new school, or two. And why not make it a high school? I pitched the idea to JC. He loved it, I shared it with CJ and the then-new EU leader Camster and the rest is history.

    Who came up with the order of release for the MOU stories?
    A: Ultimately, it is me who puts all of the stories in a set schedule. I kind of make up the release schedule as new ideas come to me and fit them together, with a lot of help from the other Council members. Sometimes, like with Fold 1, it was helpful to semi-base it off of the MCU release order, but other times, like with All-Winners and Spider-Fold, it made more sense to add them in out of the blue.

    Who all is in the council?

    A: The EU Council is made up of JC, Evil Jawa, CJ, myself (Noah), Camster and OrigamiLuke.

    What was the process of writing Iron Fold like?

    A: It was actually really fun. It was very different from writing any EU story I’d written before, since we had no basis in things like the Origami Yoda books to go off of. It was combining all of the style I (and we, the Council) used in the previous EU stories, elements from the comics and MCU, and trying my hardest to give it a distinct feel in the already very-large EU site. Especially when it came to writing Clark, who needed to be an incredibly unique character. It was such a fun experience.

    What was your Favorite part of Iron Fold?
    A: My favorite part was the first confrontation between Clark and Nard, when Clark has absolutely no idea what he’s doing compared to the grim confidence of Nard. I actually built that entire chapter around the ‘Obadiah Coffee-Stain’ line, a line which me and CJ brainstormed together.

    What is your favorite scrapped content?

    A: A name that keeps popping up, Cassidy Lashay, was originally going to be the main villain of Imperfect Iron Fold. However, she was shuffled off when Clark’s idiocy started to take form. However, we don’t like to let good ideas go to waste, so Cassidy will be around very soon, in a very different role than one we’d originally planned for her.

    What was your hardest sell to the council?
    A: There have been several (some being very secret) but one of the most difficult was the idea of T.H.A.N.O.S. as not one person, but several.

    Name one character who you want in the MOU that isn’t in it already?
    A: Technically, he’s already made an appearance (wink wink), but I cannot wait for Star-Lord and the rest of the (modern) Guardians.

    What would you say your best decision in the MOU was?

    A: Probably making the MOU in the first place, because any decision after that was made with so much help from the others, especially CJ and Cam in the early days, that I can’t in good conscience claim them as my own. Except for T.H.A.N.O.S., that was all me.

    If you could describe the future of the MOU in one word what is that word?

    A: Unexpected.

    Which one do you prefer: Iron Fold or the sequel?

    A: The sequel. Imperfect Iron Fold came together in such a nice way, and there’s a lot of fun moments that I loved writing.

    What MCU movie do you think will never be adapted?

    A: Iron Man 3.

    What is your favorite MCU movie?

    A: Spider-Man Homecoming is probably my favorite. But also, I’ll say this: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is criminally underrated, and I love it.

    How did you think of the Imperfect Iron Fold over a more traditional sequel?
    A: Like with Cassidy Lashay and the sequel question, Imperfect Iron Fold was going to be a more traditional sequel before it flowed into what actually became. Originally, Cassidy was going to manipulate Clark’s newfound power and turn him into a villain before he realized who the real villain was. However, after writing some of Clark’s chapters, I realized there was villainous potential in and of himself, so Cassidy was moved off and Clark became the brokenest of broken heroes. Again, one of the reasons I loved writing it.

    What is your dream future for the EU?

    A: Honestly, to see it come alive again and see so many people sharing stories and talking about them like the olden times. You young whippersnappers only know a bit about that. Just kidding. In all seriousness, seeing the EU become what it has has been gratifying enough, and I’m sure the rest of the Council would agree.

    Favorite OYEU story?

    A: Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters. I have a ton of nostalgia for it, as it was the first story I ever collaborated with JC on, who was, and is awesome.

    Did you like BatFold?

    A: if i don’t say yes peyton will kill me

    Is Noah your real name?

    A: Yes, yes it is.

    Are you real?

    A: Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?


    A: The sky.

    Favorite video game?

    A: I’m not a gamer at all, but my two favorites are Overwatch and Spider-Man PS4.

    Favorite comic?

    A: I’m also not much of a comic reader, but recently I read Gwenpool and it was awesome.

    Favorite song?

    A: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.

    Do you have any embarrassing secrets?

    A: Nonyabeeswax

    Career aspirations?

    A: I’ve always wanted to go into film. Be it writing, directing, acting, I’d love to do any of those jobs.

    If you were to write a DCOU story what character would it be about ?

    A: The Crimson Comet, Bartholomew Henry Allen.

    Any creative regrets from the MOU?

    A: It wasn’t really intended, but keeping Fold 1 stories only written by the Council was a bit disappointing in hindsight. We’re making up for it in Fold 2 and especially Fold 3.

    How far was the MOU planned in advance?

    A: Obviously we’ve had to restructure a lot, but the general structure of the MOU has been in place since about a month and a half before I started writing Iron Fold.

    Favorite meme?

    A: I don’t have a favorite overall, per say, but keeping in theme Ratvenger, Avenge the Fallen and Noobmaster69 were all epic gamer moments.

    Will the finale of the MOU be a 2 parter like infinity war and Endgame or a singular story?

    A: That’s not been 100% decided. However, I can say for certain that our version of Infinity War will definitely not be the finale.

    Any words to the superfolders?

    A: Just words of gratitude and absolute amazement, because I wasn’t even sure the MOU would ever work. However, the SFs, some new and some old, came back and kept it going and look where we are now.

    And finally words to Tom Angleberger?

    A: Tom is to the OY fandom what Stan is to the Marvel fandom. Seriously, without Tom’s direct encouragement, I doubt I would still be interested in writing and definitely not Origami Yoda. He’s such a cool guy.

  83. War Mach-eine is a story that could be cool by me.

  84. Well, that’s cool! I didn’t know you could interview a mod!

    Also, Noah, meet me in the Talkzone blog.

  85. Guys, Captain Americut is really good, read it if you haven’t already!

  86. Noah, meet me in the Talkzone blog.

  87. ~Noah~
    ~Talkzone blog~
    ~meet there~

  88. So who wants to talk about Far From Home?


    That Identity Revela tho !

    I’m pretty sure Scorpion,Kraven,or The Sinister 6 will be the main villians of Spidey 3


    Does anyone have a crush in MJ? No?
    Just me?

    I am 83% sure Mysterio is alive and well.

    Can Mysterio exist in the MOU ? pls😑

    Novagami and Adam Papercut is comin real soon folks! Real soon…

  89. OrigamiLuke100

    Im going to make this the hundredth comment

  90. I just realized the Mark 42 almost killed Tony, like, 10 times in Iron Man 3.

  91. Hey, Noah, meet me in the last post on the Talkzone blog.

  92. The “Rebellion Meeting” post, if you’re confused.

  93. Ok so Noah have me a job to make a Canon MOU story about Aiden Mitchells with origami Miles Morales with his evil brother Dennis Mitchells.

    One Spoiler:

    The Watch—-

  94. I have also finished the story. It will maybe he coming out in Fold III.

  95. OrigamiLuke100, please meet me where I was talking with Noah.

  96. OrigamiLuke100

    /tp origamiluke100 SLS

  97. /tp SLS origamiluke100

  98. /tp SLS origamiluke100 again

  99. OrigamiLuke100

    /tp origamiluke100 SLS again

  100. Lord Toademort

    /give Lord Toademort 64 48

  101. /tp SLS origamiluke100 again again

  102. So the Comic con reveal was crazy right ? I nearly had a stroke when they announced Dr Strange in the Multiverse Of Magic.

  103. Doctor Strange and Thor 4 are the only ones that I am particularly interested in.

  104. So Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will have:
    1. Benedict Cumberbatch, as always.
    2. Scarlet Witch.
    3. Nightmare.
    4. The Multiverse. (Finally!)
    5. …Aaaaand WandaVision will be tied into it.
    Plus, it will be the first MCU horror story.

    This will be pure perfection.

  105. But the Phase 4 movies I probably won’t see will be the Eternals and Shang-Chi. I heard Shang-Chi will have the real Mandarin, though. Maybe I’ll check it out when it’s on digital.

  106. SLS , I know right ? We have similair tastes.

  107. Lord Toademort


  108. Oh it happened yesterday.

  109. The Mandarin has been in the MCU since Day 1 , if you think about it. His crime organization, the Ten Rings, is featured a lot in Phase 1. But to think he’s going to appear in what will probably be one of the few mediocre Marvel films? Pass.

    Oh, and Thor: Love and Thunder will probably be lit. Female Thor, Valkyrie, etc. It’s awesome. I think they’ll start the movie with him leaving the Guardians (leaving the OG Guardians to find Gamora in Vol. 3). I also think Jane Foster will reforge Mjolnir (possible role for Eitri the Dwarf).

  110. And I’ll probably see Black Widow on digital, too. Her story is finished. I guess they really wanna show the events between Civil War and Infinity War…
    …like they did with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man, etc.

  111. Jar Jar Pleats

    Yeeeaahh…overall, I don’t dislike what they’ve revealed per se, some of it looks really really good, but most of it seems a little…pandering?

    Don’t get me wrong, Marvel women definitely need more time to shine in the MCU – it just seems like they realised all of their famous actors were white guys, so they’re adding it all in at once rather than easing into it: making a point regarding the Eternals cast’s diversity rather than their capability as actors, new female Hawkeye, new female Thor, all of which at least seem to be replacing their old counterparts entirely, Valkyrie’s actress expressing clues regarding her finding a female partner in Thor 4, etc etc

    I’m just worried they may be rushing into all this a little quickly in my opinion.

    Most excited for Black Widow, Bucky and Sam’s Disney+ show, Shang-Chi, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And Mahershala Ali as Blade?!? That’s a thing now, and it’s gonna be awesome!!!

  112. Phase 4 is only two years long, apparently. Oh, and Blade will be a Phase 5 movie, and so will F4.

  113. If I remember correctly, Hawkeye will be training Kate Bishop (which kind of makes the first scene in Endgame awkward now), and Helmut Zemo will return in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, comic book suit and everything.

    Speaking of Zemo, Noah, are we ever getting an MOU Civil War?

  114. Looking at the cast of Eternals, I feel like Marvel has a really solid cast on their hands. I’m really excited to see Don Lee as Gilgamesh.

  115. Lord Toademort

    okay just watched a recap of the comic con panel since I couldn’t quickly find the original and I’m lazy and most of it looks interesting though I dont really like the amount of Disney plus stuff but then again where else would you put it.

    I am interested in seeing how the MCU will treat the creations of the king of comics Jack Kirby, (this referring to the Eternals since pretty much all of the main marvel pantheon can all be tied to jack Kirby somehow) hopefully it will be good though there is one thing that is a bit weird… Thanos is an eternal and he said his people died so will they be separate from Thanos in the movie or will they tie something in and will the eternal’s still be an offshoot of humans? if it does go the Thanos route I hope Eros will be in it (brother of Thanos for those who dont know). anyways interested might see it might not idk. (hey did you know that Marvel”s Eternals is just Kirby wanting to bring in the New Gods he made at DC comics into marvel).

    Multiverse of Madness (man that sounds like a Lovecraft story name) defiantly will see it its doc strange more demons is good, plus with the tie in to WandaVison I think there might be some House of M stuff going down perhaps a reverse house of M like event to roll in the X-Men? looks nice

    might see Thor four

    Would like to see the Mandarin show up using his ten rings of power which will probably get a bit nerfed for the movie just like everything else

    aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddd I think thats it sorry for the long thing I’ma comic nerd and I still need to see Far From home

  116. Jar Jar Pleats

    I think its exciting that the streaming stuff that comes out from now on will directly tie into the plots of movies that come out after them, that’ll be a really nice change of pace from the Defenders shows and AoS

  117. You know what would be funny . If In Vol. 3 Thor gets a call from valkeryie and leaves via Bi Frost. Then in the final battle he yells . “You won’t believe what just happened!! My ex is worthy!!!”

  118. Lord Toademort

    Jar Jar Pleats what I meant was I dont want to pay for the subscription service

  119. Jar Jar Pleats

    Oh no i wasnt responding to you, i honestly wont either😆

    I just know thats what a lot of people wanted from the other tv shows that came out during phase 2 and 3 was crossovers, and it didnt happen

    So its nice to at least see a change of pace is all

  120. If Thor: Love and Thunder is the last movie in Phase 4 as they said, it better have a cryptic ending or a serious post-credits scene. SLS needs his good ol’ foreshadowing.

  121. I’m probably going to watch Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and WandaVision, but Hawkeye? Nada. Only Thor and Hulk still have stories to tell after Endgame, in my opinion. Chris Evan’s Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Widow are done.

  122. SLS It is not going to be the final film or phase 4. There are WAY more movies in phase 4

    Black Panther 2
    Captain Marvel 2
    Vol . 3
    Spiderman 3
    New Avengers (rumored)

  123. Kevin Feige said after comic con that Phase 4 is only two years. O_o

    I hope Benedict and the boys storm Area 51 in Doctor Strange 2.

  124. Well he also mentioned that he didnt have enough time to talk about the 2022 movies so … one can assume that they meant 2022’s phase 4 movies.

  125. “It is the complete Phase 4, the way I announced Phase Three five years ago—things can move, things can change.”

  126. Lord Toademort

    hey guys anybody know if there will be an Agent Orange story for the DCOU I really like Larfleeze

  127. Did you even watch the announcment? Also Spiderman 3 is confirmed to be in 2021.

  128. Fold 3 will take start as soon as Fold 2 ends, which will end with OrigAvengers II. Which, incidentally, is being worked on as we speak.

  129. Uh, Noah? Remember that All-New Spider-Fold you told me to make? Well I finished it, when is the release date for it and is it a part of Fold 3?

  130. All-New Spider-Fold will be the third story in Fold 3, after Doctorigami Strange and Novagami and Adam Papercut. There is no set release date at the moment.

  131. Hey, Noah. You might wanna add my Fold 3 story as the 4th entry. It’s finished.

    No, I didn’t. But I remember what everyone said they said at comic con. (By the way, I guess Luke Cage is noncanon now, since the Cottonmouth actor is Blade.)

  132. Since Feige said things can change, maybe Phase 4 will change to 2+ years.

  133. OrigamiLuke100

    I wrote Scissor Blade because my spider sense said Mahershala Ali would be Blade.

  134. You mean, vampire-sense? (Blade is half-vampire.)

    Oh, lookie here, I have a profile now.

  135. supremeleaderskywalker

    I’m gonna go play around the site with this new account.


  136. Supreme Leader Skywalker

    Ah, there we go.

  137. Hey SLS , you do know that he mentioned other films while he was there. I quote his exact words

    “Sadly we dont have enough time to talk about Black Panther 2 , Captain Marvel 2 , Fantastic 4 , or mutants.”,

    Also James Gunn revealed that Vol . 3 will be in phase 4 of 2021.Finally Feige is not aloud to reveal any information regarding regarding the spiderman films . That belongs to Sony.

  138. Jar Jar Pleats

    There is a lot if debate about that, Feige did stare that this would be the entire phase 4 slate since there are ten projects on it, but he also mentioned how its subject to change.

    Remember his Phase 3 announcement? Spider-Man: Homecoming wasnt on that list, all the confirmed dates got pushed and shoved around a lot, Endgame was originally called Infinity War Part 2 but they decided it was shaping up to be a ver different film from IW, and Inhumans was turned into a TV show.

    So I wouldnt take any of these dates TOO seriously this early in the game.

  139. Jar Jar Pleats

    Did anybody else actually watch all of the Inhumans show? It wasn’t great, but I don’t think it was nearly as bad as everybody claims. Then again, I tend to be a sucker for superhero stuff in general. Anybody else have thoughts on the show?

  140. Marvel Studios confirmed they had the rights to Blade again in 2013.
    How did they not make it a Phase 2 or Phase 3 movie?

  141. Yo SLS nevermind , you good.

  142. Meh. Y’know what, I’ll stick with this anonymous account for a while longer.

    Yeah, we’re good.

  143. Hey, whichever mod that’s online currently, can you check my finished Fold 3 story, The New Foldants?

    ~bad superhero team name intensifies~

  144. Lord Toademort

    ooooooh SLS did you make a mutant team story did you include the greatest superhero of all time, the best mutant ever put to print, the fantastic, the mighty… DOORWAY MAN

  145. Doorigami Man!

  146. In all seriousness, Noah, check the story. It’s finished. I’m editing the first couple chapters as we speak.
    I will say this: It’ll have a heck of a lot of mutants! (Or Foldants, I should say.)

  147. Lord Toademort

    If it doesn’t have Dorigami Man make a note for the squeal just have a character that makes a point of opening the door to wherever they may be going

  148. Lord Toademort

    hey guys I think Harrison is a member of T.H.A.N.O.S

  149. NOAH


  150. Sorry, SLS! I’ve been super busy today. I will check now.

  151. Response has been given, SLS.

  152. Response to your response has been given, Noah. Now waiting for a response to my response to your response.

  153. Lord Toademort

    Aite ima write an elseworld now

  154. Lord Toademort

    it will involve IGN’s 85 pick for best comic book villain from 2009

  155. Ey um does anyone remember MoonPleat? I’m down to write it if it was cancelled.

  156. O come on! I wanted to do Mysterio

  157. Nah, I think it probably something to do with Stitchella losing interest, maybe also Noah going all mama bear on the project, but who knows? They’re probably saving it for after Infinity Folds.

  158. Good luck with your Mysterio Elseworlds story, Toademort! I’m also 70% sure you’re writing it just to troll Hades.

  159. Alright Toadmort, I declare war !!! I will write a sinister 6 story!!!

  160. Jar Jar Pleats

    Mama bear? What’re you talking about

  161. Moon Pleat was just a project that fell through. Stichella hasn’t been online for a while, so she just hasn’t written it.

  162. Lord Toademort

    by the way have never seen far from home so I am going with comic Mysterio which shall become the MOU Elseworlds Mysterigami

  163. Hey guys, its ma birthday!

  164. OrigamiLuke100

    Happy birthday, CD!

  165. Lord Toademort

    happy birthday

  166. Happy day in which you were born CD!

  167. Crpa wrong video that is a sneak peek into AquaPleat . I guess . You want get it.

  168. This is the one!

  169. I wrote the sing but the singing is not so good.I have a better gift idea . Any sing you think of …Dawn I will sing it (as long as it is SF appropriate)

  170. Happy birthday CD!

  171. Lord Toademort

    wait Hades is that you is that your channel

  172. Just saying Hades, might have something already in the works for the Sinister 6…

  173. Happy belated birthday, man!

    (I’d post a video too, but it’s 1:00am on my side.)

  174. Lord Toademort

    elseworlds are non-cannon so I take that as do whatever

  175. As long as your story is within the EU guidelines, yeah, Elseworlds is for non-canon stories, like War Mache-ine.

  176. Hey guys I’m filming a video showing off ALL of my origami on the channel so um… check it out later.

  177. Lord Toademort

    by the way guys Ima be gone for the next week or so without my computer so expect my story after that

  178. Guys! Why is there so much talk of a Marvel Comics version of the OYEU? It’s 2013, I bet a Marvel Origami Universe would start 5 years from now? Right? Right?

    By the way, did anyone see Iron Man 3?

  179. SLS you literally made me check what year it was again.

  180. What do you mean? Hey, D.N., Hades is doubting what year it is again.

  181. AGAIN!? are you guys erasing my memory without my permission? Ironman 3 sure was- No!! Snap out of it! Its 201-

    Error 404 subject A113 is being deleted and rebooted . Please wait one moment.

  182. JC, he’s making jokes about the future again!

    Did anyone watch Game of Thrones S3? Nada? Ok.

  183. Hey SLS did you hear about the next marvel movie being called the um… Gairdians of the Universe I dont think it will be any good tho. Also since Sony made the amazing spider man I doubt spiderman will be in the MCU.

  184. Jar Jar Pleats

    Yo, did anybody see Iron Man this past weekend? That was much better than I thought it was going to be. I think they could make a franchise outta this…

  185. Hey


    Jar Jar

    We’re pretending it’s 2013 not 2008

  186. Jar Jar Pleats

    Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. 2013? You’re playing games man

  187. Hey


    Jar Jar

    Stop acting weird, of course it’s 2013!

    P.S. Does anyone like this new Harlem Shake trend?

  188. By the way, I gotta say, The Week of Emperor Papertine was great. Great job, Jawa, old buddy old pal!

  189. Jar Jar Pleats

    Harlem Shake??

    Where am I?!?!?!

  190. JC, where are you? And why doesn’t anyone realize it’s 2013?

    By the way, this is major hype!

  191. I have a theory:

    What if the E.W.O.K. thing in Tom’s post is some secret club started by Harvey? Tom mentions him right before the E.W.O.K.s, after all.

  192. JK, of course, it’s 2019.

  193. Jar Jar Pleats



  194. Oh my god!! This Time Machine is Crazy man!! I just went back in time and gave the script of endgame to the writers BRB just gonna go fix all the problems in my life.

  195. (Jacob Minch first appeared in 2013, if I remember correctly. That’s why I pretended like I was from that year and creeped you guys out.)

  196. Okay, I was wrong. 2012. Jacob Minch first appeared in 2012.

  197. Hey SLS while the council is in the of a time travel adventure us non council member could have our own

    We could go to different period of time every day .I propose that we need to create a paradox heres how it works

    1.IBack in 2018 I was lurker on here and the MOU gor me to join

    2.we go back and ensure that the MOU exists

    3.We just made it so I caused my own existence on here.

    4.Therefore we have pretty much created a reverse grandfather paradox .

  198. Okay! But let me round up the old non-council gang…give me 45 minutes…

  199. Uh, while you guys are doing that…

    Here’s a hint to a very important character in OrigAvengers II: Christmas Colors.

  200. Hey Noah,

  201. Everything I’ve ever known about the MOU has been shattered.
    C H R I S T M A S C O L O R S

  202. Yo non council!! Who’s ready for our first adventure to …

    2010! The very day that one little book I dony know if you heard of it. Its called..”the strange case case of Origami yoda.

  203. Alright who is ready for our adventure… To 2010 the release date of Origami Yoda we can also enjoy Thor while were there.Ayy we can change some small details . I’m sure things will be fine when we get back. Once SLS reports who’s in I will begin th countdown.

  204. Jar Jar Pleats

    Wait, hold up guys:

    Whats the very important character hint for OrigAvengers 2? Or were you just revealing the title?

  205. Wait let’s travel the multiverse instead..

    Our first universe will be…one where The MOU never existed what would this Talkzone be like?
    The change is in…

  206. Jar Jar Pleats

    Thor came out in 2011, though

  207. Right now we are in a universe without the MOU in


  208. Jar Jar Pleats


  209. Jar Jar Pleats

    In all seriousness, what’s the character hint? I don’t mean to spoil the fun, but I’m in a bit of an MOU drought right now

  210. Alright, crew. Mega and CD will probably show up tomorrow, but right now our mission is to make sure Tom writes the original OY book. If I remember correctly, right about now he’s getting a call from Lucasfilm.
    Hades, you stay here as a lookout for past versions of any Superfolder. Me and Jar Jar will make sure he accepts the book idea they’re giving him.

  211. Oh, and before we begin, Jar Jar, I”m pretty sure by “Christmas colors” (red and green), they mean Vision. That’ll spice up your MOU life for sure.
    Now let’s go!

  212. Jar Jar Pleats

    Hoo hoo! Alrighty, I’m in!
    Lol, i thought the title was OrigAvengers: christmas colors
    Like, because christmastime is coming in the stories, by the sound of it

  213. Jar Jar Pleats

    Hades, bogey on your six! Young CD is about to compromise us!

  214. Oh no its JC


    So there’s this book coming out called Origami Yoda in a few months and read it

    Who are you?

    None of your business

    I’m calling the police

    And then I might have accidently sort if tiny little bit…Killed him. Luckily I got him from 1 second before I got there and brought him to the future told him about Origami Yoda and then before he could ask Who are you I ran mission sucess.

  215. Uh oh! Young CD is trying to pickpocket me and Jar Jar for Cheetos! We’re only a block away from Tom’s house and he’s our only obstacle.

    And that’s nice, dude, but you just created an extra reality. Now there’s two: one where JC exists but from the past and the other one where their JC is missing.

    I should’ve copy and pasted Cap’s speech from Endgame about not messing up the timelines.

  216. The phone call’s probably almost over by now!
    Jar Jar, where are you? Oh no…why do I see an eight o’clock showing for Iron Man 2 at the local theater? JAR JAR WHY

  217. I’ll go do it . I have a plan but it will create an extra reality I will mail him a copy of his own book and give it to him.Once he sees the big MEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER He’ll do it.

  218. It worked so let’s just go live in this reality screw the old superfolders… We could be our own mods!! Muahahahah no we can trudge through I will find a way to ensure that this happens in both realities!! Any suggestions?

  219. Sure. I already created a third timeline by interacting with Young CD.
    Wait! I know just the thing to get rid of him.

    Okay, I’m writing the rest of this comment now. It’s been two minutes since the beginning of this comment. All I had to do was ask CD if he wanted to become best friends. I happily frolicked into Stephen King’s yard with him (because all writers live next to each other) and then King came out of his house, telling us to get off his lawn. I transported myself to one second in the future and watched Young CD get chased away.
    Oh, hey! Now I just created a timeline where CD hates me, but hey, worth it!

  220. Sure. I already created a third timeline by interacting with Young CD.
    Wait! I know just the thing to get rid of him.

    Okay, I’m writing the rest of this comment now. It’s been two minutes since the beginning of this comment. All I had to do was ask CD if he wanted to become best friends. I happily frolicked into Stephen King’s yard with him (because all writers live next to each other) and then King came out of his house, telling us to get off his lawn. I transported myself to one second in the future and watched Young CD get chased away.
    Oh, hey! Now I just created a timeline where CD doesn’t like me, but hey, worth it!

  221. Hey I just Pitched the Avengers….in another reality so this is a fine event and since most of us non mods are starting school soon lets do it til the last one starts school at the end of it all I will count every alternate timeline we made.

  222. I think five so far…the two JC ones, the two CD ones, and this new one where you stayed in 2010, pitched the Avengers to Marvel Studios, and lived a happy life.
    I’m going to go to the future and check on future you…

  223. Alright, well, in that fifth reality, now you’re a 20-year-old executive director working for Marvel Studios. You’re as popular as the Russo Brothers, James Gunn, etc.

    Okay, main timeline Hades and main timeline Jar Jar, maybe it’s time to head home now–
    Oh, wait. Iron Man 2 ends at 10:21. Guess I’ll wait in 2010 for an hour.

  224. Tommorow what should we do SLS hiw bout you choose.

  225. I’m actually kind of busy tomorrow. Let’s see.

  226. OrigamiLuke100

    Hey guys! I went back to 2011 and pitched this zombie fort building game called “fortnite,” a play on words on the concept of forts being built in a night setting. I don’t know when it will be released, but here’s hoping that it’s good!

  227. Ehh I’m free anytime after 9:00 (my time from what I know around 10″00 where you at)

  228. Um…Mods are banned in this discussion also we are in 2010 .

  229. Hey, Peyton’s invited. He hasn’t been a mod for a long time.

    And no one’s “banned,” I never said that, and neither did Jar Jar or you.

  230. Oh hey it’s the Christmas episode.
    Which means a character must die…

  231. Hey OrigamiLuke, I heard Noah actually doesn’t like Batfold… >:)

  232. OrigamiLuke100

    He-he said what? No! No!!!!
    I mean, we all dislike the new 2012, but no!!!

  233. Alright Peyton go right ahead but remember that we go to 1 new time each day the day you posted your comment you said we we were in 2011 Anyone could join I guess just follow the superfolder rules + that one extra rule , okay?

  234. Hey peyton this is exactly what he said in the interveiw

    Q: Did you like BatFold?

    A: if i don’t say yes peyton will kill me

  235. Hey SuperFolders! I’m gonna spice up your MOU life with the prologue of Adam Papercut and Novagami . This will surely get your theory boilers grinding!

    Written by ?@&$×>”?@*-,”*#*”,

    I won’t tell you who I am or what I know but I work for F.O.L.D and I am in charge of documenting everything about the war between wheeler and kirby. Novagami and Adam papercut may seem to be self contained and not war’re wrong .Adam papercut will play an important part in the future of stopping this war.However there ate things you don’t know . As this case file may lead you to believe that Dane Perseus Jackson is the first person to wear Adam papercut .Your’e wrong .It’s just that every person who used this puppet turned evil and were expelled even and that is one of the reasons this war has lasted this long.Dane must join the Orivengers before the 2 schools destroy each other.

  236. *Goes in time machine back in time to 2010*

    Tom: Hello? Yes this is Tom

    My mind: He’s getting the call!


    Evil CD comes into Tom’s house and kidnaps him

    Guys! We have to save Tom!

  237. Oh, no. We’re done with the 2010 storyline, even though we created, like, 5 different realities.
    How about 2014 today? The year the original OY series ended…

  238. I’m down let’s go to 2014 the third best year of marvel movies!

  239. Um can I join you guys?

  240. Tony Stark had 85 suits, one of which can withstand the Infinity Stones, made six different War Machine/Iron Patriot armors over the years, had many gadgets, vehicles, and weapons, one Rescue armor with a solid, non-nanotechnology helmet, and a very powerful nanotech gauntlet.

    Clark Largent had a non-canon Mark 1 puppet in that one weird poster leading up to Iron-Fold 1, a Mark 50 puppet in the very first MOU story ever, and a Mark 39 for Rage of Artron.

  241. Stark :1

  242. Once Noah told me Dove was going to get a girlfriend after Shelby, and now I think I know who it is…

  243. Lord Toademort

    wait you guys made a working time machine an went on time adventures while I was away well umm can I join you time squad then I can call myself a lord of time

  244. Sure man !! Our time time travel abides by Endgame’s logic .Today we are going to the release of Enperor Pickletine . August the 12th 2014 . In unrelated news my youtube channel is going to become the UNOFFICIAL youtube channel for the OYEU since the old one doesnt have much content yet you will also see some personal stuff like my field trips and The group I created called The Orivengers not the OriGAvengers *yeah real creative hades* Finally here is a link to the channel

  245. Lord Toademort

    by the way on the alternate realities bit the Marvel multiverse works on a quantum multiverse meaning every choice you make creates a universe where the opposite choice occurred for example say you wanted cereal for breakfast and you had the choice between frosted flakes and lucky charms and you chose frosted flakes this then creates a universe in which you chose lucky charms. another example say you and your team time traveled to get six really cool stones like the coolest in the universe to undo some stuff done by grimace and his friends (including the likes of squidward) but you need to put them back to stop bad universes form being created, so you put them back this then creates a universe where you decided to keep the stones instead of putting them back there by creating the bad universes in which people are making choices which cause new versions of these bad universes in which choices are made creating new versions of these ad universes and repeat to infinity

    sorry if this was a bit long
    TL;DR the returning the stones plot point in endgame is pointless

  246. Wow I did not need to know that but thanks!

  247. Lord Toademort

    eh just thought it was a fun fact the relates to endgame and current multiversy bits hapening in the MCU as a comic nerd I like to tell stories about some crasy things from the comics

  248. Hey so I’m going to go into another one of those weird cryptic messaging things about Novagami and Adam Papercut . See if you can decode the first one. You might have to read some other MOU stories to remember this one… Also I will reveal what everything meant AFTER it is released so your first clue is….

    Project Tugas 32


  249. When will the next fold 3 story come out?

  250. Well if you are so excited about Fold 3 then this might cheer you up!


  251. I can’t give you an exact date, unfortunately, but check the newest post! That’ll give you an idea of Fold 3’s lineup!

  252. Wassup

  253. Lord Toademort

    hey when will more of fold 1 of the DCOU come out

  254. VEY SOON I should know because I an writing AquaPleat!

  255. OrigamiLuke100

    I made a post to address the DCOU haha

  256. Lord Toademort

    coolio thats coooolio

  257. I call dibs on Wonder Folder! heheheheheheheh

  258. Eh oh….
    I’m in trouble O_O

  259. Lord Toademort

    oh how so, Mega

  260. Yes Mega3… WHAT. DID . YOU . DO? MUAHAHAHAHAHA@

  261. He’s only written two chapters in the last 9 months, so the story will have some HeLp FrOm ThE CoUnCiL!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!

  262. Lord Toademort

    M3GA YOU HAD NINE MONTHS!!! NINE!!!!! MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. Toademort, people have things that get in the way like life. So don’t get mad. Life probably got in the way. So just chill guys….

  264. Exactly. Thank you, YodaForce.

    Mistakes have been made. Let’s be forgiving. Superfold will be completed when it’s completed, and that’s just for OrigamiLuke and Mega3 to worry about.

  265. Speaking of that, I really need to finish editing the New Foldants and get back to my secret MOU one-shot + Wonder Folder. 😟🍺

  266. I wrote a Civil War chapter for the MOU, it’s comming soon, but it’s going to be an elseworld I think

  267. Is Adam Papercut Going to be like Adam warlock?

  268. As the Author , Yes he is.

  269. Yeah, If I’m being crystal clear here, I haven’t been able to REALLY work on Tin Titans much either. Summer’s been brutal, and school hust started, but I will have it done. Mark my words

  270. Jar Jar Pleats

    Yeah, If I’m being crystal clear here, I haven’t been able to REALLY work on Tin Titans much either. Summer’s been a pain, and school just started for me, but I will have it done. Mark my words

  271. Jar Jar Pleats

    Whoops! Said it twice

  272. Lord Toademort

    with school starting up soon for most (if not all) of us I feel progress on the OU’s will slow but never truly stagnate. for me I still have like a week or two (maybe three) left till school, should be able to be active though like I always say; procrastination makes perfect.

  273. And I must admit that I’ve only recently been able to make progress on Batfold: Novick Detention. I think y’all will enjoy it.

    No one is in trouble as no one is at fault. Whatever we get will be quality.

    I’m super excited for Novagami and Adam Papercut. I hope y’all like Foldians: The GOAT when I finish writing it… It’ll be my first main line MOU story!

  274. Peyton it is great to hear you are excited about Novagami and Adam Papercut Also we night have to collab in Foldians 2 because Niah said something about including him in either Orivengers 3 or Foldians 2 and Since there is no sign of Oriventers 3 that means we might work together ! However it is your story . Finally If NAAP gets a sequel it would probably be a oneshot .

  275. Did I seriously just say Niah?

  276. Lord Toademort

    yes it would appear you did Hades. and I find that quite funny heh

  277. Jar Jar Pleats

    You also said Oriventers, lol

    Origami inventors😜

  278. OrigamiLuke100

    That’s the council’s new name

  279. I’m down ! Im a meme now on the OYEU.

  280. Attention superfolders!

    I am in desperate need of writers for my site!

    So little about my site:

    This is a fanon site, which means you can write your own stories (But only elseworlds). Canon stories on my site are assigned.

    When the EU is on hiatus or there are no new post, you can come right over to my site. It is (mostly active)

    I am in need of admins on the site, volunteer in the comments if you want to.

    And that’s all! Enjoy the site (if you decide to!)

  281. Hey SF Yodaforce yeah sure ! Can I be an Admin and also can I have a link?

  282. Yes Hades, and here’s the link!

  283. Can I be admin too? F Guillermo at your service

  284. Could you send me the link? I can’t see it

  285. Guillermo you are now admin!

  286. Jar Jar Pleats

    And if anybody is curious, no, Tin Titans is not based around the animated TV show. Far from it. Truth be told, that may not actually be the final title. Expect a darker tale, like a hybrid between the OG cartoon and an 80s classic known as The Breakfast Club.

    If you don’t know what that is, though, I’d suggest not finding out since there is some language and other nasty stuff in it. Don’t expect any of that in Tin Titans either.

  287. So Guillermo…. Wanna make a story on my site?

  288. Sure! I’ll make one!

  289. Hey SF Yodaforce I want to make my own MOU with Tommy,Sara,and them also SF Yodaforce what is your Email?

  290. K and also just for clarification I am a Nod on your site right? I assume that is why you said “Yes ” when I asked? I hope the site does well!

  291. Also, Hades is your story gonna be a mainline or elseworlds?

  292. Whatever is best

  293. Yes Hades you are a mod on the site.

  294. My comment is awaiting moderation

  295. What the comment that is “Awaiting moderation” Said was

    Whatever you need

  296. Why are all my comments awaiting moderation!!?!? I think I remember this happening before to SLS and yes I am that stalker if you guys that I nearly memorized all your superfolder names before I even joined is this normal?

  297. Sorry WordPress is glitching

  298. It’s fine Hades, also, you wanna go on my site and start writing stories?

  299. What I meant to say was yes here is a synopsis on the first 1

    So we need to lie and say that the first Origami Yoda books are ser in 2018 Harvey just watched Infinity War and decided that after all of the terrible Pickletine and Darth Paper incidents he would make a true hero IronPleat and for his little brother a SoiderFold thus story would show Harvey on the oath to truly becoming a good person yet later on he is faced DarthPaper returns in the from of Foldtron and takes on a new person who resembles who Harvey was before he turned to the side of the light afterwards I give you

    An Origami Hulk story I will send you my full plan in an email

  300. Guillermo, can you send the link to your story

  301. I don’t know how, I sent it to you via email.

  302. Who’s exited for Fold 3?yeahhhh

  303. Never mind, I posted it on my site.

  304. Jar Jar Pleats

    Sharing emails is probably not the best idea, guys. Just a little friendly advice

  305. Yeah probably, we don’t k ow who could be watching this site

  306. Yeah I just don’t really know what to do so …

  307. Anyways, I am really proud of this OYEU

  308. Hey SF Guilmero Are you the real one on the council?

  309. Whoa, whoa. Guys. Enough with the self-promoting. I made the mistake of self-promoting myself once. Actually, not just once, I did it a lot. But I eventually stopped, because in the end, it’s not worth. People will figure stuff out on their own. (Even if Rage of Artron just has 4 or 5 comments.)

  310. Yo Yodaforce! I noticed that most of time covers are hand drawn. Maybe I could be your Folder for the covers also a few tips

    1.The secondary Trinity (SuperFolder Guilmero, you and me) should speak via Email and not here

    2.I might change the background to something that’s you know … readable

  311. Ok Hades let’s talk about the secondary trinity in via email

  312. Jar Jar Pleats

    Dide, I still haven’t been able to finish Rage of Artron yet! I need to get nack on that

  313. Jar Jar Pleats

    I hate my phone’s keypad, i really do

  314. Rate Of Artron already exist tho….

  315. Ok, Jar Jar, I’m not sure if you’re making some type of joke or not.

    YodaForce, the last part of my comment was a joke. Just to clarify, what I meant was that Rage of Artron is finished already, but only a few people have commented on it. But eventually, viewers on this site will flock to the story. They always do.

    Take the rest of my comment seriously, though.

  316. Yes, I am Sf Guillermo( not Guilmero) and I am part of the OY jedi council of superfolders for the apollo 11 video

  317. Jar Jar Pleats

    Lol, I meant I haven’t actually finished reading Rage of Artron yet

  318. Mobile life is hard Har Jar it eeally is

  319. Hades you said Har Jar

  320. You know me and Har Jar share a problem… WE HATE OUR PHONES KEYPAD

  321. IM BACK! after a while. After Doc strange, Ill probably be on here more!

  322. Lol he said Har Jar 2x

  323. I was joking the second time , Har Jar


  325. Lord Toademort

    whoops clicked enter after I just typed L

  326. Will there be a reboot to the OY the series?
    There was an idea to reboot the OY the series about a year ago wasn’t there?

  327. Will JC be back? He was a really good OY partner and a really good friend, unfortunately I only started writing two years before he left.
    I hope he makes his return.

  328. Ok, How you make the cover for stories? What program

  329. Noah, can I interview you? Ive got tons of questions

  330. Lord Toademort

    hey any of you guys get this video in your youtube recommendations today

  331. Jar Jar Pleats

    Uh…yeah, actually. I guess its because of the trailer for the movie with Tom Hanks making the rounds these past few weeks. It looks pretty good. Did you look up something related to that in the past 2 or 3 weeks?

  332. siob eganrac eht leef ot ydaer teg

  333. oh sinorita 👌

  334. OrigamiLuke100

    Sls for a really long time I thought the letters were also flipped.

  335. Subscribe to just a pancake now


    (Mods relax I said PG )

  337. I was also referencing one of SLS’ old comments.

  338. Is the next MOU chapter releasing today.

  339. When is origami Yoda secret war comming out?

  340. Jar Jar Pleats

    And DCOU Fold 2? When does that officially begin?

  341. Jar Jar Pleats

    Fold 1, I mean

  342. 1. Origami Yoda’s Secret War should be coming out very soon, if all goes well.

    2. MOU Fold 3 will be starting today! We’ve just got to get some last-minute edits done.

    3. Technically DCOU Fold 1 has already started (see Batfold) but it’ll continue as soon as Superfold is finished. And don’t worry, we do have a new writer for Superfold.

  343. OrigamiLuke100

    Do y’all think Underdog should join the MOU?

  344. I’m making a story for this site called ” Superfolder trip to GALAXY’S EDGE”!
    Any Superfolder who wants to be in the story feel free to tell me ( via sf talkzone) and I will add them to the SF trip!

  345. Also tell me which puppet will you be taking!
    Make sure it doesn’t match up with any other sf’s puppet!

  346. Sending you the cover puppet in a little bit, Noah.

    I don’t like to reminded of that old comment… [insert nervous emoji]
    And I don’t know about this whole Galaxy’s Edge thing, but sure, I GUESS count me in?
    And puppets? Uh…Boba Fett?

  347. I’ll be in galaxy edge! Han for me!

  348. Guillermo I’ll be in it! I call Spider-Fold!

  349. See the Oceans rage in AquaPleat!

  350. ok so everyone!

    I am in need of writers for my site!

    It is for Archive 2!

    Here is the link:


  352. Lord Toademort

    As for a puppet how about Darth Malgus the great Sith war lord

  353. Mega recently told us that he sadly would not be able to write Superfold. But his contributions are not in vain, as he managed to set the groundwork for a new writer:

    Superfolder JC will be writing Superfold now! I’m really excited and the council thought it would be awesome to mention this.

    Mega’s contributions will be acknowledged in the acknowledgements. I’m really excited to see how the DCOU goes. From what I’ve seen by Hades and SLS, both aquapleat and Wonder Folder or whatever we decide to call that puppet are both entertaining.

  354. Guys, OrigVenom has its own tab. When you hover over the “OrigVenom” in the one-shots section of the MOU tab, it displays Carnagami.

    Hoo boy.

  355. And I’m pretty sure it’s called Wonder Folder, Luke. Don’t know what you mean.

  356. Jar Jar Pleats

    So when does Carnagami take place, then? After OrigVenom? Or the same time as it was released?

  357. Ok everybody!

    A new story for my site:








    (Sorry it’s my keyboard in all caps).

  358. Ok so I am writing an elseworlds story that will come in 5 parts . Lossly based off of multiple Marvel stories . Also here is the deal I based Amias, Dane and Charli off of my real life Orivengers . So Dane , Amais and Charli’s names will be reused in the story . So my parts have been selected.

    Coming Together
    Rise of Artron
    Civil War
    The Last Orivenger

    Yet however I am keeping ONE thing from the original MOU and that one thing is….F.O.L.D.

  359. Lord Toademort

    Aite my friends I have sent in my story The Menace Of Mysterigmai I guess it will be up soon

  360. Carnagami takes place before, during, and after Captain Americut: The Fall.

  361. I even included a part of Captain Americut from a different point of view in the story. So, pretty obvious.

  362. Yodaforce I am resigning as a Mod

  363. Alright (OL100’s edit) frickle frackle sony! Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about then read this !! 🤬🥵😡👹👺👿😥😪😫💔 I am so ticked off I am using emojis!

  364. OL100 you mysterious mod…. thank you.

  365. OrigamiLuke100

    No problemo

  366. Everybody!

    Sony now has all of the rights reserved for Spider-Man!

    Now Spider-Man is not going to be in the MCU anymore!!!!

    I HATE SONY!!!!!

  367. It sounds bad, yeah, but apparently they’re already trying to restate the deal. Give it time, and it might seem like nothing ever happened.

  368. Also I am leaving this site forever. Sorry Hades. That’s why I’m leaving.

    I wanted to go write.

    I had the chance.

    Bye guys.

  369. No, dude! Don’t leave! You’re the creator of Ant-Fold! You gotta stay!

    In other news…
    Sony: [puts Spider-Man rights on hand)
    Sony: I am… [epic music intensifies]…inevitable.
    *le snap*

  370. I’m had it. I don’t care about continuity anymore. The next OrigVenom will completely, 100%, no doubt ignore Cal.
    Thanks a lot, Sony.
    I was hoping to develop their friendship even more, but…
    *le sniff*

  371. Lord Toademort


  372. Please don’t leave YodaForce, we need you, every Superfolder on this site counts and your stories are awesome.
    Again, please don’t leave

  373. Don’t leave YodaForce, I may not have read your earlier comments, but you can still write wHaTeVeR yOu WaNt!

  374. Pls don’t leave YodaForce . Your stories are good! Oh no…. Is this my fault? Did I do this? Was I the bearer of bad news ? Did my resignation as a mod inadvertently do this?

  375. This situation is the worst…

  376. Ok fine I’m staying.

  377. Kerpranked! This was all a setup!

  378. CD, it’s kind of ironic coming from you…
    you know.

    Glad you’re staying!

  379. Ah crap…Glad you’re back my friend (Just guess I can say the same for Tom Holand)

  380. All right everybody!

    I am making my own elseworlds called “The Kung-Fu Folds!” .

    So if anyone wants to write let me know.

  381. “Kung-Fu Folds”

    Is it Shang Chi?

  382. There is a Shang-Chi character, a Iron Fist character, a Amadeus Cho character, a Doctorigami Strange character, a Mephisto character.

    So yes there is Shang-Chi.

    So I’m in need of writers!

  383. Hey can I write Mephisto ?

  384. Or Aumadeus Cho

  385. Hades you can write Mephisto

    But in origami “Mephisfold”

  386. I will write Amadeus Cho.

  387. So, What have I missed in

    (Changes to old man voice): ye long gap of time in my travels, eh?

    Did you miss me?
    Hi, YodaForce and Hades, I’ll hopefully get to know you,
    I’m too lazy to read the whole page, so tell me everything,
    SLS buddy (I hope you still are) you’re up!

  388. Um hey CD!

    So I’m making this elseworlds series called “The Kung-Fu Folds.”

    It has Amadeus Cho, Shang-Chi, Mephisto by Hades, Doctorigami Strange, Iron Fist and more!

    Also, me and Jawa were talking, so you guys want to submit story’s to Between The Folds Again?

    Also I’m not leaving…. I pranked you guys! Hahahaha!


  389. Hey CD! I Hades here .

    About me

    People will begin to realize that I am “The Sarcastic one” so expect alot of that from me

    I wrote Novagami and Adam Papercut, AquaPleat, and the Folders of Tommorow.

    I will probably be the first comment on everything .

    I am also writing an MOU Elseworlds mini series .

    Finally I am probably the bringer of bad news . (Cough Cough , Sony ,Cough Cough)

    Is it weird that I missed you even tho we never met?

  390. Hades’ Upcoming Stories!

    Justice Pleats Dark

    MOU Elseworlds:
    Just2Ahnialated(Title inspired by SLS)
    Just2Ahnialated:Adam Papercut
    Just2Ahnialated:Foldians Of The Galaxy
    Just2Ahnialated:The Final Battle

    MOU Oneshots:
    The Spectacular SpiderFold
    Adam Papercut
    Falcut and the WinterFolder


    The Great Orilympians (Greek Mythology)
    Gravity Folds
    Star vs the Creases of Evil

    I probably won’t get to some of these til 2020…

  391. Alright guys , I have had an epiphany! Sony is not to blame! It is in fact Disney’s fault. Here is basically what happened if you can’t find it.

    Disney:I have this amazing deal for you!
    D:It simple we get more money you get less money! That sound good ?
    S:Um that doesnt sound fa-
    D:Shut up
    S:That’s it we rebellin

    Thing Disney as Emperor Palpatine and Sony as the rebellion.


  393. oh CD you want an update well I wrote a Mysterio else-world and submitted it dont know the rest of the process for it to be put up sooooo dont know when it will be up. so it will be up when the council will be done editing I suppose I really dont know how it all works

  394. When did I authorize Justice Pleats Dark

  395. Idk about that, but I will say maybe Disney got a bit too greedy on that one.

    And I haven’t gotten around to reading Carnagami yet, that’s why I was asking. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to be placed where it lies chronologically rather than next to OrigVenom?

  396. I don’t know, ask Noah. It wasn’t my choice.


  397. Here’s the plan I’d want Disney and Sony to follow if they reconcile with each other:
    Disney takes care of most of the budget, including CGI, suits, actors, and setpieces, and in return, they get 45 percent of earnings from the film while Sony gets the rest of it. The whole “50/50” obviously ticked Sony off, so 45 percent of earnings must be good enough, right?


  398. I’ve got a lot of stories comming up too, I think you guys are really gonna like them

  399. Oh sorry Luke I remember I mentioned it and you seemed Ok with it yet I dont really remember if you wanted just an Elseworlds story or a mian one.

  400. Or a Oneshot

  401. Jar Jar Pleats

    The thing is Disney also holds the rights to ALL promotional stuff for Spiderman: toys, funko pops, movies, etc. etc. It hasnt been specified yet, but by the sounds of it they wanted to keep their 100% promotional income as well. So I cant really blame Sony for this one.

  402. OrigamiLuke100

    It would be a oneshot, I would think.

  403. so Luke your in charge of the DCOU?

  404. Yeah!


    *deep breath*


  406. I wonder how all the MCU characters from this point on are going to handle Spidey. Since Marvel Studios can’t use him anymore, I guess they’ll be like, “Oh, Doctor Strange, you just missed Pete,” or, “Sorry, Carol, Peter couldn’t make it today.”

  407. Amadeus Fold is currently in the works!

  408. Jar Jar Pleats

    Lets not jinc the situation, they are still in the middle of dealmaking. The plan is to see the fallout of the leaked bews and see how it pans out from there. Dont jinx it plz

  409. Jar Jar Pleats


  410. OrigamiLuke100


  411. OK 👌🏻

  412. Alright 👌

  413. The Spiderman rights will come to Disney soon, probably, it’s a matter of time.
    And this time the rights will come completely

  414. Also, make sure to check out The Rise of Namor comming out soon in fold 3 of the MOU, written by me.

  415. Jar Jar Pleats

    Completely? Ooh, then the only thing left to do would be buy the rights to the Hulk back from Universal, and all of Marvel woll be under one roof once more! That’ll be a glorious day, friends, a glorious day indeed.

  416. Jar Jar Pleats

    For those who don’t kboe, Marvel doesnt have full ownership of Hulk. Universal owns him. They made a deal back in 2008 when they were making The Incredible Hulk that Marvel could use Hulk in their movies, but can’t make solo films.

    So they slapped Tony Stark on the end of the movie to prove they’re connected, along with a few miniscule references to Stark Industries. Hence why he only shows up in movies where he is not ther star: The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Thor Ragnarok, Infinity War, and Endgame

    And thats your MCU Fact of the Day😆

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