Episode 1: The Rise of Jango Fortune

The Rise of Jango Fortune

The Rise of Jango Fortune

By SuperFolder CJ

  1. awesome!!!!!

  2. wow!!!

  3. Jack Skellington

    Not bad. Not good, but EXTRAORDINARILY SPECTACULAR! Nice job.

  4. superfolder730

    Well since you liked it that much… I’ll make the next chapter! (-:

  5. SuperFolder JC

    Dude, this is really good stuff! It sounds just like something Tom would write! excellent job!

  6. superfolder730

    How bout you make it into a movie after your done with the week of papertine and I finish the story?

  7. superfolder730

    And thank you Ultra Folder JC.

  8. SuperFolder JC

    Aaaw….UltraFolder….thanks, dude! You rock, CJ!

  9. SuperFolder JC

    Good idea! (Sadly, I have a promise that makes me have to do next (maybe during OY: THE SERIES) Kellen’s Origami Yoda: The Movie. I promised. You can get a film, too! πŸ™‚ Y’know, why don’t YOU make it? u r really cool, and I bet you could do a much better job, since you are the author! πŸ˜‰

  10. You rock, too JC! And you have good reasons to be an ultra folder. 1. You’ve been a super folder long before I have, I only started a little before this January! and 2.You’ve done a lot of cool things in the Origami Yoda community!

  11. SuperFolder JC

    Thanks! I might ask Tom about it… Cuz I think you should be, too……

  12. Will you be in my movie as Harvey? I had no idea how much you looked like him!

  13. SuperFolder JC

    Sure! Did you know I actually don’t wear glasses? I just wear them for the role, and I borrow my mom’s old ones. In real life, I look more like, well, my character from The Eraser Parts 1 and 2!

  14. I barely wear my glasses, but sometimes cuz im a little far sighted i think.

  15. superfolder730

    Hey JC? Do you live anywhere in the eastern time of the united states?

  16. SuperFolder JC

    Um… Pennsylvania! (I don’t get the whole “east” to “west” ratio….)

  17. superfolder730


  18. superfolder730

    And actually, I would rather have a origami Mace Windu then origami Jar Jar Binks for Mike’s paper puppet if you dont mind.

  19. SuperFolder JC

    Um, ok! πŸ™‚

  20. SuperFolder JC

    How cool! (Now, online we can’t like share addresses or anything, so yeah, same STATE!! That’s cool, huh?

  21. superfolder730

    And will you help me with the Jango Fett-Fortune story, JC?

  22. More chapters! Please, more!

  23. Yeah! I’ll do the rest for the EU Book, if you’d like! I REALLY like this story!

  24. I’ll finish this story today or tomorrow!


  26. finish

  27. I live so close! I live in NJ!

  28. I am so going to doodle on this!

  29. Can my paper craft series be put on here again??

  30. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. darth manlychest

    No way I am gonna be like Tony!

  32. This was STOOOOOOKTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Um....... that was THE 8TH WIERDEST BOOK I EVER READ! (and yes, i do sound like harvey.. I KNOW!)


  34. Awesome!

  35. cool

  36. Please make a new chapter

  37. I love these doodles!

  38. NICE!! You use the same style of writing I do! You’re probably even R.L. Stine level!

  39. This is a classic!

  40. Jamesblonde123

    This is amazing. Let me know if there is anything I can do to become a Superfolder or help out with your movie!

  41. Holy cow! This is Shakespearean!

  42. I loved chapter 3!

  43. I.Freaking.Love.This!

  44. Ilovestarwarsorigami

    I want a story for this

  45. good story but origami yoda died in book empire pickeltine rides bus

  46. Did not. He went to help another child like Dwight at another school.

  47. guess what?I,ve made a a case file written by……….ORIGAMI YODA HIMSELF!

  48. Anyone have any ideas for my story The Evil Rise of Kylogami Ren? If so some tell go to andy9807.wordpress.com and tell me!

  49. please help me post this on origamiyoda.com
    i have an idea for a case file called -attack of the folds- its about a group of bullies as the sith lords coming to create a separatist movement and the rebellion must do what theyve never done; fight for the empire. a bunch of crazy things also happen- kellen, tommy and lance have joined the dark side. origami yoda comes back as well. and harvey even becomes foldi-wan.

  50. Tommy and Kellen Joins the dark side Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Who doodle in the case files

  51. yes……..sadly,tommy is darth paper,and Kellen is……..COUNT DOOKU

  52. AND………..me

  53. So Tommy dumps Sara OMG

  54. Duhhh

  55. Post it on oY.com

  56. Hello????????

  57. Garrett BURNETT

    How do you read an EU

  58. Hey where’s JC on the website nowadays?
    Anyway this is a good story.

    #DinosAreLit #JurassicWorld2 #LifeFindsAWay πŸ¦–πŸ¦•

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