A Long Time Ago In A Middle School Not So Far, Far Away….

A weird kid named Dwight Tharp created an origami version of the character Yoda from Star Wars. Many other students followed his example, making their own intergalactic-based crafts, and eventually using these hand puppets as means to topple a boring educational video series called FunTime. This Origami Rebel Alliance restored balance to McQuarrie Middle School, before the Dark Times. Before the field trip. A young student named Harvey, who was a friend of Dwight’s until he turned to evil, created his own finger puppets: Darth Paper and Emperor Pickletine. After a grueling battle, and the horrific shedding of blood and Mountain Dew alike, the Origami Sith were destroyed. There were rumors, however, that Origami Yoda himself was actually really using the real actual Force, that he’d come to them in a ship called The Mail-lennium Falcon, and that he’d been giving students advice as a way to keep them from the pull of the Dark Side. Origami Yoda left McQuarrie Middle School shortly after the field trip, but Dwight remained. Without Origami Yoda’s help, sadly, McQuarrie Middle School closed its doors, and students such as Tommy, Sara, and Lance embraced their new destinies….


Dwight and Harvey have vanished. After a massive fight, the two uneasy friends became enemies once more, and neither one of them communicated with the old friends from middle school again. Reina and Markus Lomax, teenage children of Tommy and Sara, received an invitation for community service to help redecorate and remodel the old site of McQuarrie Middle School. The twins are ecstatic to visit the near-legendary locale of their parents’ heroism, and restore peace and order to the awakening school….

  1. I’m guessing that this will release in 2016?

  2. Possibly. The more we know about the plot and quotes from The Force Awakens, the better!

  3. It should be written after the authors see SW7. PS Did you get my email?

  4. I’m so sorry, I’ve been horrible at looking at OY EU emails for like half a year… It’s really pathetic. Now I’m trying to salvage the EU while I still can.

  5. looking up video games and found THIS! stooky!

  6. Thanks for new books you should have a pokemon showcase I have pikachu snivey and oshawott

  7. I would definitely read this!

  8. This is gonna be amazing.

  9. “the schoolโ€™s new guidance counselor, Sara…”

    Is that who I think it is?

  10. origamiluke100

    I think one of the new kids should be named Timmy who is helping renovate the area, but that’s just my idea

  11. I think that there should be a recruiting… Like someone making a Supreme Folder Snoke or a Captian Plasma!

  12. Who’ll give the miricalous advice?! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ #MissDwight+Kellen +ect.

  13. when is this coming out

  14. what about kylogami ren?

  15. Welp, the movie’s out. Someone please make Chapter 1.

  16. Here is my fake opening crawl:
    Origami Yoda: The school Awakens
    It has been many years since the closing of McQuerrie, and the opening of Abrams elementary. Most of the people that we’ve come to know have gone. McQuerrie is still there, and recent news has came out that Abrams elementary will have to have a new lot for the overwhelming amount of students.
    No signs of Dwight has been discovered. It’s as if he has left the scene completely after graduating college.
    Tommy has in fact stayed in the city and has 2 kids going to Abrams.
    However, a new group of kids has started to hang around in the abandoned McQuerrie, they seem to idolize something called ‘FunTime’, getting the wrong message from these logs found in a locker. It talks about the downfall of fun time due to the past Principal Rabbski failing to keep it around.
    These kids refuse to leave, and a rebellion needs to rise to remove them.
    With an old friend, they will defeat this rebellion… For now

  17. night_stalker53

    sounds legit!

  18. I would like that on a book

  19. I think Tom won’t make any more books, however, they CAN be made, i am a super folder at origami yoda. com

  20. If it was a movie crawl:


    Dwight Tharp has vanished.
    In his absence, some kids has risen
    to the ashes of McQuarrie Middle School
    and have found some evidence about
    a show called FuntimeTM. They took it the wrong way.

    a new Resistance must put a stop to the re-formation of Funtime.
    She is desperate to find her
    old students Dwight, Tommy, Kellen,
    and Harver and gain their
    help in restoring peace and
    justice to the schools.

    Rabbiski has sent her husband,
    Mr. Howell, on a secret mission
    to Abrams High School, where an
    old ally, Miss. Bolt,
    has discovered a clue to
    their whereabouts . . . .

  21. When will this come out?

  22. When’s this coming out?

  23. All man another cliff hanger

  24. omystooky, that sounds STOOKY! I can’t wait till its out. #tompleasemakeabook!

  25. Just sayin my classmate prank called Donald Trump

  26. origamiluke100

    Hello Jssssssel!

  27. sf feedback from oy

    is this ever going to be writen i mean ive been waiting for this forever and i want to read it soon p.s. eu = stooky x 99999999999999999999999999999999999 + 1 p.s. just want to say # eu rules !

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    STOOOOOOOKY! BEEN WAITING FOREVER AND LUVVED TRAILER!!! (P.S. I have made a chapter that could be the first one…Where would i post it?) This is so NOT nostrul.

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    will anyone answer me p.s. scarface i would love to read your chapter

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    mew 2

  37. SFScarFace2016

    Yeah, my bro deleted it but i wrote it down. I also have to edit it. Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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  55. Origami Yoda 7

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    (and no I dont)

  71. I feel the need to address this publicly:
    We have not shut down this project. Currently, we are busy with school.
    Over the summer, JC and I worked together to make the first batch of chapters.
    We have a story set up, and I don’t think we would change the story for you chapter.
    Thank you so much for taking the time and talent to make your first dream chapter! I’m sure it was totally rad.

  72. In the wait for an upcoming post once JC and I are finally able to take a breather and can get everything prepared, you will totally get to see the first half.

    We really really recommend the other stories while you are at it, as there may be some references you may not understand unless you read some of those stories.
    If you have, perfect!
    Also, I cannot remember if we have the EU email set up again. I may clarify with JC and ask soon.

  73. One of my favorite series is located in legends, and thats the Fold of the Rings.
    Back in like, I think, 2012, us superfolders came together and wrote a story that was, in its time, a perfect display of siblinghood and total stookyness.
    However, I was really young when I wrote my chapters, so my grammar is not as *Shines shoes to make it squeaky* Squeaky clean.

  74. sf feedback from oy

    hi everyone back … after uh a few days ??? anyways i have an idea for the ledgends area origami …( drum roll ) marvels ultimate spider man in origami ( a.k.a spider fold ) uses the origami siege parales to travel through all of the origami yoda ledgents worlds ! and he helps all of the main charecters from the evil morrogami he was folded by a mystery man ????????? the guy hwo wields spider fols his name is paul peterson ๐Ÿ™‚

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    p.s. i would like to say i am working on chaper one ! the main charecters are paul with spider fold and mickel with kid aracknid ๐Ÿ™‚

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  81. Glad to see new writers on here.

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  84. There have been things that have gotten in the way.
    Sadly, it is on hold indefinitely.

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  89. Also, when is the School Awakens gong to be written?

  90. I’ve said that already, Jc and I have been offline, or if we have been online one of us is offline and the other is. We live in two different timezones. It is going to take a while for it to be posted.
    Trust me, it is coming.
    Now, to keep you guys thinking:
    What do skittles have to do with this?


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  138. Oh wow, yeah, that would be kinda hard, huh? Starskittle Base… Yeah…

  139. JC! We missed you.

  140. I’m still around! I’ve just been working on a new series– kinda like Origami Yoda but also a whole lot different. It’s an original series, and I can’t wait to see what the SFs think!

  141. Sweet! Can’t wait to read it!

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  150. Really cool. How can I get involved into making these stories. Cheers Matt

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    Thank you and stay stooky ๐Ÿค 

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  171. feedback returns

    scar nice to see an old friend
    btw the short stories have to do with some super folders in them and they are in the eu world exept … NO MAGIC SKITTLES . this makes lisa a genius and in this world there are sooooo many traps twists turns and even when it seems magic does not exist Kellen finds … A MAGIC PEN WITH INFINATE INK so um yeah oh and this also is writen by kellen when eggbert meets up with him and two super folder friends feedback and scar face feedback and scar help him with this so yeah scar can shoot me some ideas and yeah this will be stooky X 2000000 wfffles X 999 plastic dinos oh and i noticed the 2017 scar woah this is loooooooong welp bye and stay stooky !

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  174. hey scar i wanted to know if you had any requsted puppet for the beginning

  175. im going to write an eu story awesome

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  178. darkness and shadows

    i have been waiting a while for this so i cant wait the knights of pen too!

  179. JC and origami Luke please post what you have written so far

  180. Custom crawl:

    A Short time ago, in a galaxy a short, short way away…


    McQuarrie Middle School is in a state of crisis. As the post-Origami Yoda era draws nearer, Harvey is drawn to the dark side by the evil SUPREME LEADER COKE.

    30 years later, this is a legend. Harvey has vanished and all traces have been picked up. The dark side rules the school.

    When all hope seems lost, Reina and Markus, the son and daughter of Sara and Tommy Lomax enroll them in McQuarrie to investigate the ruined school…

  181. I am Kylo Ren

  182. nice post, keep it up

  183. Since itโ€™s still in production, what if this happened between The School Awakens and The Lost Case Files
    1. Harvey Disappears After An Argument With Dwight
    2. Reina and Markus and Ben Lomax are born
    3. They are trained in the ways of the Origami Force by their Uncle Dwight
    4. Ben turns against Dwight and the Jedi Origami Order, burns the temple down, and slaughters all the students.
    5. It is revealed Ben was brainwashed to turn against the Origami Jedi by Supreme Folder Snoke.
    6. Dwight goes into hiding.

    Boom! Thatโ€™s my prelude to The School Awakens. ๐Ÿ˜

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