Universe: An Origami Yoda EU Saga Story

Originally made by: StarWarsFolder12 Continued by: McRobloxian

Note: Before you read this story, I recommend you read these stories first:

The Origami Yoda Series (obviously)

The Fold of the Rings

Rebels: The Spark Ignites

Origami Yoda: Rise of the Bounty Hunters (this will take a while to read)

Please note that none of these stories are made by me and ALL belong to the original creator. I do not take credit for any of these stories.

This is a story set between the field trip in Pickletine and Dwight sending Yoda away. I would like to inform you that most of this story is not mine, and that Parts 1-2 are made by StarWarsFolder12 and the idea was made by him. Due to losing his admin on the Origami Yoda EU (original holder) he could not finish his story. He then gave me permission to finish the story, so, here it is:


The time is May the 3rd, two weeks away from the McQuarrie gang’s well-deserved field trip to Washington D.C, which they unfortunatley will not get this time. Even though Funtime is defeated, the rebellion has not finished business: for a new enemy has emerged. The problem is, they don’t know who it is. They will need help…but who’s?



Let us begin…

by Malcolm

Alright… This is a story about a threat none of us have ever seen before. And by us, I mean EVERYONE. Yeah, everyone. Here’s how it all began…


So, us Rebels were having a party because of our victory against Isaac, but then Chippy suddenly said, “I gotta go. Bye, guys.” and off he went. Then I got a message on my phone. Then I excused myself and raced after Chippy. The message said:

“Meeting, come quick!”


I wondered what this was all about…


What the Message was About

by Tommy

Why did I send it? Well, because we were going to need help. I called everyone I knew, and told them to meet outside at the MMS soccer field. They all came. Then I began.
“I have called you here because I have learned of a threat that proves capable of destroying our army,” said Foldy-Wan.
“Oh, crud…” muttered Malcolm.
“Nostrul!” yelled Kellen.
I even thought I heard someone talk like Soapy.
“Guys, look, if we work together, we can defeat him or her, or whoever it is.”
Then Malcolm said, “I think I know who can help..” and he had a sly grin on his face.


The Fellowship RETURNS!

by Peter

We were all relaxing, and then who other then Malcolm comes running at us.
“Guys… We need your help. All of us,” he said.
“Who’s…us?” I asked. Malcolm pointed, and I saw them.
The McQuarrie gang, and some other kids who had helped Tommy and his friends.
So, we agreed to help.


Asked for Assistance

by Noah

So. Yeah, you all know me from the Skyfolders universe, but I crossed universes into this one.
Me, Eggbert, and Galem were hanging out, playing with our puppets Luke Skyfolder, Qui-Gon Fortune, and Origami Eeth Koth, respectively. Then who comes up but Malcolm.
“Guys! We have a problem! We need your help!”
“Don’t worry,” I said.
“We sent out a message to the entire SF community.”
Five minutes later, a message popped up:

We're in.


“It’s (gonna be) a TRAP!”

by Malcolm

So. What were we to do? Well, the only thing we COULD do was…

A MEETING! (Cue awesome music here. Perhaps the trumpet doing *DUUUUUUUN* is good for this.)

Setting: Outside my house

Time: About 10:00 AM

People: Everyone (I’m not gonna bother putting everyone’s names, it’s way too much.)

Here’s how it went:

Me (Malcolm): So, what do we do?

Tommy: Well, it’s pretty obvious. We need to make a trap to defeat this enemy.

Peter: How about we split up? I’ll take the Fellowship with me! For.. Oh, crud! I actually FORGOT the name of the country in The Hobbit!

DT: Middle-Earth.

Peter: Thanks.

Me: I’ll take the SuperFolders.

Tommy: I’ll take the Rebellion!

Chippy: I’ll take my group of rebels!

Chopper (made by me, see REBELS: THE SPARK IGNITES for more info): *Grumble, beep, beep, chirp.*

Me: Shut up, Chopper. You’re going with them, no matter what.

Well, that was enough for him to go inside.

Me: Remind me to shut him down one day.

Harvey: If Anakin were Vader again, I’d think he’d call him a worthless piece of junk.

Me: I think someone else said that…

Harvey: Whatever!

Kellen: So.. Hey, Noah, want to come with us? Maybe having 2 of Luke is a good thing.

Noah: Sure.

Eggbert: I think I’ll come as well. Tommy may need Qui-Gon to help Foldy-Wan.

Tommy: I suppose that could do me well. Foldy-Wan agrees too!

Me: Guys, I intercepted a transmission! I know where the enemy base is!

Everyone else but me: Where?

Me: You’ll never believe this…. THE QWIKPICK! You know, the one by the power plant in… What’s the name?

Tommy: I believe it was “Crickensburg.”

Me: Whatever the name, we’re going there!

All of us: FOR FREEDOM!


The Plan

by Sara

We were all walking to the Qwikpick. (We decided not to split up since Malcolm knew to go to the Qwikpick). Everyone was talking about if they had Skittles there or not, I suspected they didn’t. Anyway, Harvey was whining again about the long walk, and I told him to be quiet for once. Suddenly, Malcolm told everyone to take a bathroom break. Everyone left, except for me, Harvey, Noah, and a few Superfolders. Malcolm told Noah and the Superfolders to get out. They reluctantly left. He then started talking.
“I need you guys to help me.”
“What now?” Harvey complained. He can be so annoying!
“Listen. What I need you to do is, ah, illegal,” Malcolm replied.
What?” I said. Why is he doing something illegal?
“If you don’t help me, I’ll…”
“You’ll WHAT?” Harvey interrupted.
“Well, Harvey, I’ll-”
“No, Malcolm. We’re calling the police,” I said.
“No, y-you’re not! Because…I’ll tell Tommy that you’re dating Tater Tot!” Malcolm warned. I was honestly speechless.
“He wont believe you.” I replied.
“Trust me, he will. He’s very cautious about your ‘relationship.’ Alright, hopefully now you’ll listen. Take these.”
He handed us a Fifth Brother puppet to Harvey and a Seventh Sister one to me. He pulled out the Grand Inquirer puppet. Issac’s, with the spinning lightsaber.
“Hey, that’s not yours!” I said. Sure, it belonged to a bad kid, but it was still his property.
“Huh? Oh. It is. I used Issac as a distraction, we’re good friends actually. While I was ‘fighting’ him with the other Rebels, I devised a plan of revenge. Then I tore up Ezra.”
“Revenge? For what?” asked Harvey.
“What do you mean?” I asked. Why were they taking so long in the bathroom? I thought.
“Don’t you remember? He was killed when he was trying to burn Tolkien.”
“Yes, Peyton told us,” Harvey said. I remember at the meeting, the Fellowship still looked scarred. Like Frodo at the end of the Return of the King.
“Well, I’m gonna burn the schools too. But differently. This is all apart of my plan. I just want school to end…forever.”
“Why? You didn’t have to live with Funtime for a year!” I said. It was true! What did Malcolm have to do with Jacob anyway?
“I’m doing you a favor. Besides, you didn’t get your brother in Jail! My life has been terrible this year…and school doesn’t help.”
“What’d your brother do?” I asked.
“Isn’t it obvious? How do you think I got the Jacob idea?”
I had no idea what he was talking about…then it hit me.
“Elijah?” I guessed.
“Yes. Now, if you don’t do what I order, your life will turn into a nightmare, just like mine.”
“Before I agree to anything, I’d like to know what I’m doing,” Harvey said.
“Easy. Just distract, keep them away from me. I don’t care what you do, but I prefer a Wild Goose Chase.”
“Fine…” I said.
“Ah, finally, she listens.”
Then I thought about something. I could just tell them when Malcolm left! It would be so easy. I pulled Harvey and told him my plan.

The Reveal

by Tommy

Of course, this all happened BEFORE I knew it was Malcolm.
We walked out of the bathroom.

“Finally! Ok, let’s head out to the Qwikpick,” said Malcolm.
We all walked there, but Harvey didn’t complain. Eventually we got there. In the store, a old dude was at the counter. His name tag said Larry. “Hey kids,” he wheezed. “Need anything today?” The kids then all remembered the Skittles. This kid named Sam with a Greedo puppet asked if they had any Skittles. The old man said “Yes, they’re in the back.” All the kids immediately ran to grab a packet, including me. I bought a skittle packet first. When I popped one in, I immediately closed my eyes and wished for the secret enemy to appear in front of me. When I opened my eyes, there was only Malcolm. “The stupid things don’t work!” Everybody started complaining. “Guys, shut up!” Sara shouted.

Sara’s Side Note: This was when Malcolm snuck out. After I saw he was gone, I started talking.
“Guys, I know who the enemy is. So does Harvey.” Sara said.
“Yea, it’s-” Harvey was about to say, when something crazy happened. Something you won’t believe. Harvey closed his mouth. What I mean by that is, he literally could not talk. Neither could Sara. The Force, I guess, was keeping them from talking…which was nostrul. For the past 3 years, we’ve all had the same reflex to a problem: ask Origami Yoda. We all looked at Dwight. Dwight looked at Yoda. Yoda looked at Dwight. It was like they were talking telepathically. Then Dwight looked up.
“So?” Sam, a kid with a origami Agent Kallus, asked.
“Brown.” Dwight replied.
“What?” Remi asked.
“Brown.” Dwight repeated.
“Who’s the enemy?!” Chippy shouted out.
“The enemy is ‘Brown.’ I’ve always hated the color.” Dwight said.
“Just tell us!” James, who was a part of the McQuarrie Rebellion with a origami Chirrut Imwe, desperately screamed.
“Malcolm,” Dwight finally said.
“What?” Vanessa said weakly. For those who didn’t read Sparks Ignite, Vanessa had a crush on Malcolm. I felt really bad for her.
“Huh, I thought it was gonna be Harvey!” Mike lamely said, trying to make a joke. But it was pretty obvious we weren’t in a funny mood.
“I knew something was off. He ordered me to go to the bathroom.” said Noah.
One of our own people betrayed us. I wonder how long he was up to this? Was it recently, or has everything all been a part of his plan? Then I realized something else. I pulled Sara aside from the people murmuring about the “reveal.”
“Did you know it was Malcolm?” I asked Sara. “Yes.” She said. “How? Did you hear him say it?” I asked. “Um…no,” she said, “Malcolm threatened to make my & Harvey’s life horrible if we didn’t help him.” “You helped him?” I asked. Two people betrayed us? One of them my semi-girlfriend. “I’m sorry…” she said. I still felt mad, when it happened-

Kellen’s Note: Warning!!! Skip the next paragraph for your own sake!

     She kissed me. (On the cheek.) It made me feel amazing. Ready to face Malcolm. It made me stronger. It made me ready to fight. Forget it.

Kellen’s Second Note: Coast is clear!

“It’s ok.” I said to her. Now to deal with the main problem- Malcolm.



by Mike, the Holocron Keeper

Frankie (who was back in the Fellowship): So what now?

Steve: I don’t know.

Quavondo: Any ideas?

A lot of people were talking at once, and then a few people shared ideas, but I’m just gonna put the one we chose:

Xarl: We need back-up.

Eggbert: What do you mean?

Xarl: I mean we need more people. We aren’t the only people who make Origami and school. We need EVERYONE.

And so we did. We called everyone. Everyone we knew. Or at least everyone that we knew was on our side. I made a list:

  • Chase, Flynn, & Katie with their Percy Jackson Origami
  • DJ & Lenny
  • Zach & Plo Koon
  • Jackson, Pete, Sam, Zack, Ben, Jake, & Olivia
  • Jerry & Andrew, with Mario & Luigi
  • Ben & Ben 10 Fold
  • Zack & Captain Origamica
  • Tommy and Hansel, with Batfold and Foldbin (Also, a guy from their school named Richard is coming with an Origami Nightwing.)
  • Jack & Crease Arrow
  • Noah & OriFlash
  • Alex and the Origami Pines Family
  • The Origami Avengers
  • The Origami Ninjago Ninjas
  • Ty & Origami Wolverine
  • Erick & the Amazing Spider-Fold
  • The Powerfold Girls
  • Jay & the Origami Teen Titans
  • Jar-Jar Pleats
  • Jasper
  • Artie
  • The E.W.O.K.S
  • Origami Luke Skywalker
  • Anakin Skypaper
  • Robby
  • Origami Chewbacca
  • Jango Fortune
  • Boba Felt
  • The Origami Jedi Council
  • Orig Ani


As you just saw, when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. Now my hand hurts. Now to fight.  To be honest, we can scare him off. It’s one person. But then Amy says something out loud.

Amy: Guys, we need to go to the schools now. Any idea what school he’ll go to first?

It was pretty obvious. What school does he go to? Lucas Academy.

Tommy’s Comment: Wow! We have a lot of people. Amy, can you do the math to see how many people we have total?

Amy’s Comment: I’m not sure how many Superfolders there are, so add however many superfolders to 80. That’s about how many people we got, which is pretty good.

The Fight

by Kellen

Hey guys…I’m writing this chapter because I recorded it on my recorder-thing. So yea. Anyway, here’s what happened: we all ran to Lucas Academy, and Malcolm was no-where to be seen. Surprisingly, he had guards all over the school! Then I started recognizing some of them: our enemies. I’m not gonna list them all like Mike because I’m too lazy. But basically, all of our enemies, as a whole and individual. I saw Tommy walk up in front of our army. A speech! I still got it recorded:

“Ladies, Gentlemen, Origami. Tonight we are here for a simple purpose: to stop Malcolm. Tonight we fight not only for us and our Origami freedom, but for the lives of everyone in there. They depend on us. We cannot give up. We WILL not give up. If we do, we will have failed…and we will have lost our friendships. You see, without realizing it, School has brought as all together. Without it, we may have never met. School taught us things too. Yes, it sucks sometimes, but that’s another lesson: don’t give up. And we must use that lesson today!” He finished. Everyone, including me, cheered! Even Harvey. “Charge!” Tommy ordered. We all ran forward, ready to fight for our school.
It was intense. It’s not Lord of the Rings battling, but it’s not child’s play either. We’re battling with Origami, with our thumbs (as seen in Art2!), sometimes getting papercuts. It was amazing.  Anyway, on the way here, we all devised a plan: everyone fights, while the leaders of everyone’s group goes to see Malcolm and reason with him. I saw Tommy, Chippy, Peter, and Eggbert slip out. It was up to them. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in a battle, I’ll use my battle against a Gamorrean Guard for example.
We randomly swing our puppets at each other, hoping to give some papercuts. Papercuts on the fingers are the best place. Whoever’s puppet falls down or is destroyed first looses. Luckily, many people’s didn’t get shredded. If it fell, you could just pick it up. We also brought back-up paper, so if our character died we could fold a quick-version version or another character.
Anyway, sorry, getting away from the important stuff. Our “battle” with the bullies is used to distract the bullies, and keep them away from Malcolm to protect him. But then, I had an idea. I quickly ran away from the battle, and into the school. (We were battling outside, on the perimeter of the school.) I ran into a random classroom and grabbed perhaps a vital weapon: scissors. I grabbed a ton of them, as many as I could carry, ran outside, and gave them to people, while keeping one for myself. The battle just turned a new leaf. We slashed at people’s Origami, sometimes even giving them scissor cuts. I heard Ian say a line from Fellowship of the Ring, “Victory was near.”

The Confrontation

by Tommy

Me, Peter, Chippy, and Eggbert were running up the stairs. We hoped we would make it in time. But then it hit me. How would we get to the roof? You needed the keys from the Janitor to. Peter told the others to go ahead, and that he can get the keys. We ran to the door to the roof stairwell, when we saw Malcolm trying to pick the lock. He saw us.
“He-he-hey, guys! Sorry I snuck out on you. I had an idea and I didn’t have any time to waste,” said Malcolm.
“We know what’s up, Malcolm.” said Eggbert.
“You betrayed me. You betrayed us.” said Chippy.
“They told you? How? I-nevermind. Well, I’m doing you a favor. But let me explain: my life has been a living nightmare this year. My brother, Elijah, was arrested. Imagine not seeing your brother for 20 years. For revenge, I decided to do what Jacob did; light the schools, except this time properly. He was a fool to reveal the firecracker. I’m not even gonna use one. Instead, I do this,” he explained.
I then saw him light a match, just when Peter came in.
“Malcolm! Don’t do this. Lighting the schools doesn’t help anything,” Peter was saying,  “It justs gets you in trouble, and you’ll end up like Elijah. Please, we’re your friends, we can help you.”
Malcolm thought about it for a minute.
“Alright. Thank you,” said Malcolm.
Malcolm then went over and hugged Peter. Bit weird I guess, but if it makes him feel better. Malcolm un-hugged.
“Suckers!” said Malcolm. He ran off, unlocked the stairwell, and ran to the roof. With the matches.
“He stole the keys!” shouted Peter. We all ran up to the roof, but it was too late. Malcolm had lit the match.
“Stop or I drop!” said Malcolm.
“Malcolm, you don’t have to do this. We can help you go through this.” I said. I took a step forward.
“No! You all got my Brother arrested! Your stupid schools deserve to burn. This is all your fault!”
“How is it our fault?” asked Chippy.
“No, you’re right. It’s DWIGHT’s fault. If he never made his Yoda, we would have never made any origami characters in the first place.”
“No, Malcolm, it’s not Dwight’s fault,” Peter was saying, “It’s Elijah’s. Listen. He started the Fellowship as a trick, he betrayed us, he teamed up with Jacob, Jacob burned the schools, and then Elijah went to prison. We didn’t have anything to do with it. If Elijah didn’t trick us, then the fire would have never started, and he would have never been arrested. He could have stayed as our friend, but he chose not to. The best thing you can do is visit him.
Malcolm thought about it.
“No,” was his answer.
Malcolm dropped the match. I waited for the end, when something amazing happened.
It rained.
I still can’t believe it. No rain was due today, it was a 0% rainfall.
The match went out. There was no chance of a fire now.
I looked down at the battle from the roof. I saw Dwight smiling.
I looked behind me at Malcolm. He was crying!
“I’m sorry….” he was repeating.
“It’s okay, Malcolm.” Eggbert said.
I went over to Malcolm. “You are forgiven,” I said.
“Thank you…” he said, “I’m really sorry, guys. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please don’t rat me out.”
“Of course not! And you can re-join the Rebels anytime,” said Chippy.
“Let’s go tell the others,” said Peter. We all agreed.

Note from hajilE: But then Malcolm smirked, picking the match box back up.

Tommy’s Note: Just saw this today. We’re in 8th grade now, the whole Lisa accident has passed. I found this in my bedroom. Malcolm is with us, there’s no way he’s still dark side. And who is Hajile? It sounds creepy to me. Wait, backwards it say-




Malcolm had re-joined the Rebels, has re-folded Ezra, and was spending time with his friends. He and Vanessa are now dating.


The McQuarrie gang are finally settled, and are getting their things ready for the D.C. trip. They are also wondering, how will we survive without Origami?


The Fellowship, although still grieving on the death of Jacob, are continuing to stop bullying in Tolkien Middle School.


The Superfolders have all re-made their lost Origami, and continue to make more.

Everyone is happy, except for one person. Origami Yoda. He senses something, in the Force. A girl. A bullied girl, who is considered smelly. Origami Yoda has heard of this girl before, but this time he can sense that because of her, everything will change…


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  77. Okay, I did the remastered edition. I didn’t like what I did with it, so I completely re-did what I did. I also added some of the characters requested in the comments, and stayed more true to what you asked of me. Thank you for letting me continue the story.

  78. Where is part two?????????????????????

  79. Here’s the next part, everyone! From McRobloxian’s website!

  80. Thanks for uploading the updated version, JC.

  81. Foldo: An Origami Yoda Story

    By Sara

    You know in the Jabba the Puppet Case File when I said I don’t like to lie to people?
    That’s not me.
    It is now, but in second grade, I was rebellious, which made me perfect material for the fight against FunTime.
    Sure, Tommy is SUPER cute, but back in the day, I liked Jacob. Now a graduated college student, I’ve had time to go over my past. It involves a Nightclub-Obsessed Crime Lord, A big shot 7th grader, and a Dapper-like Dude called Maddox.

    [CD’s note: See what I did There? DappermcQuackster?]

  82. Here was my first chapter concept for Foldo:

    Hiding From Danger
    By Sara

    Hello. My name’s Sara. A few days ago, I was having lunch with Tommy and the others when suddenly I saw a very familiar someone: Jacob.
    Sure, I’m dating Tommy, but long ago, back when I was in fourth grade (sorry, CrimsonDawn, but your second grade thing is inaccurate), I was in love with Jacob. Crazy, right? Later I would know Jacob as a menace, wielding the puppet known as Emperor Papertine.
    As Jacob approached our table, I put on my hoodie, which covered my face, and at that very second, my whole past flashed before my eyes.
    A big shot gangster, who was only eleven but still a gangster for some reason.
    One dapper gang member named Maddox. Oh, sorry. That was a typo. I meant “derpy” gang member named Maddox.
    And a journey full of fights, betrayals, and self-discovery that led me to become the person I am today: Sara Bolt.
    In fact, back then, I had a different last name. But then a random adoption registration officer gave me the “Bolt” last name. Turns out that officer was Murky’s mom. Now I know why Murky says things are “bolt.” And why he does it mostly around me.

    [The Foldo intro plays, with Celine Dion’s Ashes from Deadpool 2 in the background.]

    [A montage of Sara and Amy fighting off bullies and gangsters happens as the intro goes on.]



    Han Foldo and Origami Chewbacca by: MEGA3-37…SEE WHAT I DID THERE? EH? ANYONE?



  83. I think your first chapter is good, too, but I also feel like it’s playing same. I like to take risks. Also, she’s in college now? Woah, woah, woah. Let’s just wait till Twlight of the Student for a time gap to happen.

  84. Okay. Also, I think we should make these changes:
    1. Foldo 2 should be either cancelled or delayed. I know the OY is probably gonna be done after Rise of the Bounty Hunters is finally taken care of and finished off, and I don’t know if Zfoldo was ever gonna contribute much to it. Foldo 2 was just supposed to be a fun, segment-filled OY story, while Foldo 1, which we are currently working on now, is probably gonna have an overarching story. Also, I was considering making Foldo 2 a romcom (a romantic comedy). 😬
    2. As I said before, CJ and Noah and Camster definitely wanna get Rise of the Bounty Hunters out of the way so we can fully move on the MOU and other things. So…I dunno…this is your choice, not really mine…maybe we should cut down Skittle Everlasting into one story, with two parts, like how The Chosen One: The Grand Finale had, like, four parts for being so long, but it was still one story.
    3. Now time to movie on to Bounty Hunters. It’s just supposed to be a short OY story with three segments. It follows three tales in the criminal underbelly of OY, with me, you, Enfys, Camster, Vernon, and Lisa being the main characters. I think we should either half-cancel it or put it on hold, because I think Bounty Hunters and Foldo 2 fit in more as Legends stories.

    So yeah. I dunno, dude.

  85. And one more single thing:
    Before we start working on the rest of Foldo, we need tow things:
    1. Somewhere to chat and write down our ideas for Foldo.
    2. We need to submit it to the council, but I’m super bad at emails. If you wanna learn more about how I’m bad with emails, then go on down to the comment section of Batfold.

    So, yeah. I know, Crimson. This might be a lot to breath in at once. The first chapter of my Foldo, my suggestions for our stories, and these two things we really have to do before we really start writing the rest of Foldo.

  86. Exactly what I was Thinking. Also, I have some bad news. I emailed Noah last night to ask if he could make Skittle Everlasting canon, but he said, once again, that The Skittles are still owned by JC. We’ll have to wait until he comes back and get his permission OR put it in the Lost Case Files. What do you think?

  87. Well…rough, man.
    Also, I want Multiverse: The Last OY Story to be a big collab, not just us, so let’s see if we can recruit more people. Maybe even some of the admins, like CJ or Noah or Camster. If JC comes back temporarily around the time we start making Multiverse, maybe even HE can help a little bit. Always wanted to meet him.

  88. I consider Skittle Everlasting the Infinity War of OY, and Multiverse to be the Avengers 4 of OY. You know. The one to end it all?

  89. But still a Phase 4! But it’s the buildup, y’know? A war nine years in the making…

  90. I know. Avengers 4 is the end of MCU—at least, as we know it. The OY will eventually come back to us somehow, someday. Trust me.

    Also the first image of Captain Marvel’s suit from her upcoming solo movie was released.


    Looks more comic-booky than I thought it would be.

  91. I have a story Idea: (But there’s NO WAY I’m working on it right away) It’s called The SuperFolders vs. The World. It’s about a crossover between the little SFs that are left (OL100, Maddox, Cal, Mega3, SLS, CD, CJ, Noah, Cam, Stichella, Jar Jar, and TheWatcher) crossover with Tom’s Universe, or an alternate one: It’s a big adventure where we all meet in the real world and go on a big adventure.

  92. Woah cool!

    SLS: I like your plan, except, it sucks. So let me do the plan, and that way, it might be really good.

    Harvey: …….Wow.

  93. It’s amazing that in almost all of the OYEU stories, Harvey is a good guy.

  94. You don’t suck. Get it? It was a parody of that one Infinity War scene. I was talking about Harvey’s plan.

  95. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH…………. I’m giving you a fake last name for SE… Or do you want me to use your real one? (Thanks to your comic site, I know what it is) Your character name is Matthew Fett.

  96. I want to finish SE… put Multiverse and Foldo on hold so I can finish it. It’s gonna be a LOOONG story.

  97. PRT 1 is really short, but prt 2 is long.

  98. Okay fine, I’ll put Multiverse on hold, and I’ll put Foldo on hold…again.

    But promise you’ll let me work a little on SE with you.

  99. A’ course! Which one? Pt 1 or 2?

  100. Oh, I though you’d merge them into one, since I bet Noah and the other admins don’t really want many stories after Rise of the Bounty Hunters finishes. I dunno. Part 2, I guess?

  101. I can do that. Do you want me to E-mail it to you, or just post it on here? Also, I thought Skittle Everlasting didn’t sound so good, so should I change it? Here’s what I came up with:

    Origami Yoda: Skittle War (Like Infinity War)

    The Skittle Saga

  102. No. Skittle Saga sounds weird since it’s only one book. But Skittle War sounds awesome.

  103. Now the Skittle War theme:

  104. Or perhaps

    Wait. No. This:

    Which do you think?

  105. Maybe Between The Light.
    Between The Light is an epic Star Wars remix song. Look it up.
    You know what, nevermind. I’m using Between the Light for Multiverse.

  106. Maybe that can be the theme song for all the SLS/CD stories?

  107. No, I like the R1 soundtrack, but Between the Light just DOES it for me.
    Have you looked it up or seen it yet?

  108. Yup! I have.

    Okay, I’m renaming the song, “War. Skittle War.”

  109. Okay. I’ve came up with yet ANOTHER storyline: Origami Yoda: Civil War. So, basically, Rabbski, want to ban Origami, with the signing of a document called the FunTime Accords. Tommy doesn’t, but Harvey does.

  110. Woah. But that feels more like a Legends or The Lost Case Files Story idea.

  111. Even though I suck at drawing, I’m gonna try my hand at making a Skittle War poster

  112. Hey Crimson, do you realize Skittle War’s initials are S and W? So Skittle War=SW.

  113. (Music: So you know that scene in DP2 where Domino, Dopinder [So Cool], Cable, and DP are running to fight Firefist? That song is playing.)

    Mission: Actually Pretty Possible (Preview)
    By Matthew

    So, Yeah. Tommy assigned Me and the Crimson Dawn to spy on the Knights of Pen. Awesome mission, right? We all stuck our Origami on our tired fingers:

    Me: Boba Fold
    Yajath: Origami Sidon Ithano
    Peyton: Origami IG-88
    Mr. Snider: Origami Cad Bane
    Mr. Randall: Origami Dengar
    Ms. Rabbski: Origami Boushh

    From Yajath’s Walkman (He LOVED 80’s tech), He inserted the Crimson Dawn Mixtape and we all ran down the barely lit hallways.

    Too bad we were exposed.

  114. Oh. I meant The Revolution Has Begun for the song. It’s above.

  115. I re-read this and realized how many grammar mistakes I made, sheesh

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