The Fold of the Rings: The Two Teachers

The Fold of the Rings: The Two Teachers

By Various SuperFolders

The Mouth of the Principal

By Peter

I hate our principal.

Ok, last year, we dealt with an irritating teacher named Ms. Saur. Now, she has become the school principal. Whoopee.

Anyway, this new chapter in the Fellowship’s chronicles may not make sense, considering that the Fellowship was just a trick by Elijah to get us expelled; but we still want to run around screaming with paper, so it’s cool.

Anyway, on the first day of Seventh Grade, we had problems. Okay, last year we dealt with the evil Eighth Graders. Now, they’ve ratted us out to the principal. Great.

So, as we are walking to the principal’s office, we notice that one kid, an eighth grader, was sitting there with Principal Saur.

“Elijah? Not again!”

He looked as evil as usual. His blonde hair was gelled up and shiny, and he wore an all-too casual dress up shirt.

“Hello again, Peter!” Elijah said, without a hint of evil in his voice. “I am so happy to see you again! Have you heard the news?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I am coming back to school here next month! Isn’t that great? We can have more fun!”

The way he said “fun” sounded like a terrible threat to me.

“Wait, you were expelled, right?!”

“Well, only suspended. And since I started my work in the Peace Corps, despite my young age, they let me come back!”

Ms. Saur looked at me with a look of pure hatred. (Or, at the very least, a strong dislike).

“Now, Peter,” she started, “you must go and tell your friends that your paper dolls-“

“Origami,” I corrected, against my better judgement.

“Your origami,” she glared at me, “is to be put away somewhere until after school. It is too disruptive, and it’s Elijah’s only request that we stop you kids from using it. Are we clear?”

I gave Elijah the stink-eye, but replied to Principal Saur, “Yes, ma’m,” before leaving the room, and leaving for the playground, to tell the Fellowship the tragic news…

The Breaking of the Fellowship (and Elijah’s Lip)

By Peter

I went straight to the playground, ready to break the news to my friends.

“Guys, we need to break up.”

The look and sound of complete confusion surrounded me, as every member of our Fellowship started giving me a hard time.

“Why?! We stopped Elijah!” Peyton cried.

“If you do this, punk, I’m gonna cream ya!” said Frankie, cracking her knuckles.

And then Sam looked at me, with those big, passionate, sea green eyes.

“Peter, why are we breaking up?” she asked. Her voice cracked. “I don’t want this to be the end!”

“Ms. Saur said so,” I replied, my voice faltering, “we don’t really have a choice.”

“Why in the HECK would Ms. Saur do that?!” Malcolm exclaimed.

“Well. . .” I paused, gulped, then continued, “That’s the reason. Elijah is back.”

As if on cue, the school doors opened, and Elijah strode quietly down the painted gold pathway, so as to not draw attention to himself. It didn’t work.

All the eighth grade girls were saying, “Oh my gosh! It’s Elijah! Wasn’t he expelled?!” or “Wow, he’s cute!”

“Hey, guys!” Elijah said, ignoring the girls’ cries, and walking over to us, an uncharacteristic smile on his face. As he approached, we decided it would be best if we put away our origami, so as to avoid Ms. Saur’s wrath. Well, Frankie decided. She hurriedly snatched everybody’s origami, and stuffed it down my shirt, making me look more or less like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

“Eh… Peter, fat’s not a good look on you,” Elijah said with a smirk. He turned his head past me. “And Sam, wonderful to see you again!”

He tried to kiss Sam’s hand, but I immediately slapped at him, smacking Elijah’s lip.

It didn’t seem like anything really painful, but of course, being the ham that he is, Elijah milked it.

“AHH!!!” he cried, “MY LIPS!!!”

I got a closer look, and realized that his mouth was actually bleeding. He must have bitten through his lip!

Now, don’t feel too sorry for Elijah. He was still hamming it up.

“Ow, it hurts!” he started holding his mouth, and starting to. . . cry.

“Waaaaah!” he started full-on crying, making sure it looked really real. Sam and Frankie ran over to him, with looks of compassion on their faces.

“Oh, come here,” Sam said, cradling Elijah’s sobbing head. Ok, now I was really ticked off.

“Guys! You know he’s just pretending, right?! He’s not actually-“

“MOM!!! I WANT MY MOM!!!” Elijah bawled, with real tears.

I realized to my horror that Elijah might not be pretending. Elijah reformed himself. . . and now I look like a begrudging jerk. And of course, Ms. Saur saw it all. Her eyes were glowing with a roaring inferno. She came at us with speed like a cheetah.

“PETER!!!” she screeched, “MY OFFICE!!! NOW!!!

I was so dead.

Evil Comes From Unlikely Places. . . Even Chalk!

By Peter

Second time in the principal’s office today. This officially stinks.

I sat in the chair opposite Principal Saur.

“Peter-” she started, but I cut her off.

“Principal Saur,” I said, in a somewhat demanding tone, “Elijah is lying! He’s gotta be faking this! You need to do something about him, or we’ll never get peace here!”

“Actually, Peter,” she said, in an equally demanding voice, “we at the school board believe that it is you who is the disruption in the school. This is your final warning. If we see one more piece of paper scattered around the inside of this school, you and your friends will be suspended, and in serious danger of being expelled.”

Before I could just blow my top entirely, she spoke again. “Look, it’s not like I want this to happen. I want you kids to enjoy yourselves while learning, but I really think that, as long as your paper is in this school, kids will just get more and more caught up in that, and not enough in their schoolwork. I’m so sorry to be like this, but you leave me no choice.”

I just sat there. If I did anything that even slightly suggested rebellion, I’d be out of here faster than you can say, “Fly, You Fools!”

But just as I was about to be stared down by Ms. Saur, a chalkboard eraser, y’know, the really dirty one, fell off the chalkboard, and onto Principal Saur’s pants.

Dust and marker-gunk was polluting the air so fast, I couldn’t see anything. So, with luck, I decided to bolt for the door. Y’know, if I could see the door.

I leaped up, out of my chair, and did a tuck-and-roll to the door. I opened it, and ran out, with little more than a choking sound from Ms. Saur behind me.


The plan

By Malcolm

“You know who is behind this.” I said

” Elijah.” They said

“Correct and this is another part of the fellowship” I holded up an elf like origami finger puppet with a bow and arrow ” LegoFold!”

“An origami Legolas?” Frankie said.

“Yes.”I said

“But who will carrie that?” Peter said.

“I will.” I said

“Fine with me” David said

“The plan is we dress up as Nazguls and the other two could be Frodo and Samwise” I said

“Ok” We said.

“Peter Sam would you help?” I asked

“Sure.” They said

“And we hunt them!” I said.

“Hazaa!!” they said

Toilken Tidbets

By David

” Hello Toilken people it is me,Aragon Paris, coming to you from the computer lab!”said Aragon, “And today is some very special news that suspended boy Elijah Wood is coming back! Tommorow he will… He..He… Ahh!” We screamed a voice like a Ringwraits. And Samantha and Peter came saying “Run run!”

“Well that was a funny little joke who did that?” Aragon said.A girl shrugged.

“Warning everybody!” I said Frankie shusshed me . “Vote for Sammantha Firkaly for president or us Ring wraiths will get ya!” I said.We ran out of the room and Sam said “I’m not running!” Sam said.

“Well now you are!” I said and we went home.

After that By Malcolm

they took it really weird, but at least we got to know some guy named Aragon Paris.

It By Malcolm

So I told the Fellowship about my idea and said” I know there”s something fishy! I know it!”.The others all agreed. they had suspected something too!

“yes! I knew it” said Peter.So we all agreed to meet.. but not at our usual place, remember that it was invaded by the eighth graders.

The meeting[at a new place] By Malcolm

The Fellowship each took turns saying what they found out.Me and Peyton told about our fort.Peter told us about the thing that happened to him a few days ago.I asked him to tell us what happened, but he just said “no”.Sam said what SHE found out. It went on like that for a while when Peter asked “what should we do now?”.We thought about that.Peyton suggested we come up with another plan to find out who Aragon was.So it was settled.We all agreed to meet again there next morning.

The next morning

by Frankie

Ok so we met up next morning totally ruinig my whole day of Micheal Jackson The Experience wii. Malcolm’s little legolas finger puppet is annoying but we met up at the fort.

“I figured out who Aragon Paris is.” Peyton said.

“Who is it!” I yelled.

“He is friends with Elijah but also tried out for the talent show.” Peyton said .

“What was it?” I said.

“Magic it was’nt that good all he was doing was putting a lightbulb in his mouth and pulled out a thousand wasps out of his hat.” Peyton said. We froze.

“What?I only go stung once twice (Ten times).” He said.

“I saw it too!” Origollum said,” It hurt!” Origollum coughed.Peyton turned to John “John could you give us the ring?” Peyton asked.

“No I will miss it.” John said.

“It alrady tooken over him.” I said

“John we need it.” Peyton said.

“No.” John said and ran away.

“Orismeagol does not  like this” Origollum said.

Helpful Thinking By Malcolm

so we met and we have the truth. Now we need to plan an attack. So i went home and asked Legofold. He said “Hmmm.Let me think.You should ask Elijah to surrender or be attacked by Nazguls.””Sure.”I said.

The Next Day By Malcolm

It turns out the Fellowship asked their puppets and it was the same response to what Legofold told me. So we asked Elijah. “I hope he believes us” I said.

He Doesn’t Believe Us By Malcolm

“hahahahaha!!!” laughed Elijah.

The battle By Malcolm

Then Elijah asks about a war of Origami.So we had a war. And it was HUGE!!!

line up is as following

Peyton                                                                                                       eighth grader

Me                                                                                                             eighth grader

Peter                                                                                                          Elijah

Sam                                                                                                              E

Xarl                                                                                                               I

Frankie                                                                                                         G

Jack                                                                                                             H

Ian                                                                                                               T

Like i said, it was big. Now i know what you’re thinking ’cause this isn’t the end of the story[yet] So we’ve still got a while to finish the story.

The Final Battle (Of Book 2)

By Peter

So, we lined up in the playground’s sandpit area, and both teams prepared for battle.

Just then, Malcolm says to me “I will return to you at the ring of the school bell!” And then he just ran off, WITH OriGandalf and Legofold!

So, we were pretty much toast.

“Some friend you got there!” Elijah mocked me, smirking. “So, if your ‘Fellowship’ ready for war?!?”

I pulled out Frodo BAGgins, and the Fellowship (along with John) followed my lead.

I slowly walked ahead, and turned to my group, and said,

“For Paper!”

I charged at the army of eighth graders, and they did the same.

And boy, was that a rush!

We had Frankie kicking and hitting guys while paper-cutting them with Shreddon, and Jack using the Ork’s fury! We had Sam, wielding Samwise Gami, and scaring Aragorn Paris, who then pulled off his hat and unleashed hundreds of angry wasps at us. Oh no! The wasps were eating our origami! Fortunately, they were also eating Elijah’s Origami Wormtongue and Elrond. (Why Elrond?!?) So, we had to retreat, because Ian and David got bit really bad by those wasps. Then, the school bell rang, and what do you know? MALCOLM COMES CHARGING IN WITH MS SAUR AND MR SARU!!!

Mr Saru is wielding Origami Eomer, and Ms Saur is wielding Origami Eowyn!

“I am no student!” Ms Saur yelled, attacking the wasps, and killing them. Then, she said to the eighth graders, including Elijah, that they would be expelled if they kept fighting us; so, THEY STOPPED!!!

The Aftermath

By Malcolm

So, we defeated the 8th Grade! Elijah’s reign of terror was over, since he was graduating middle school in a month, and finally, Ms Saur and Mr Saru asked us to come to their office. (The ENTIRE Fellowship, plus John, and Elijah).

“Well, Fellowship, well done!” Ms. Saur applauded us, for the first time not in an evil way!

“Y’know, kids…” Mr Saru started, “I may not be fond of your origami disrupting class, and the ban for origami in class is still there, but origami IS now allowed in the halls, in lunchtime, and in gym class. JUST NOT IN MY BIOLOGY CLASS!!!”

We were fine with that. Hurray! Then, the most unlikely person, Elijah, spoke to us;

“Yeah, you guys got lucky. So what?!? I’ll be back… but you guys did pretty good, I guess…”

Wow, an almost-compliment / threat from Elijah. Now THAT was lucky!

“Now, children,” Ms Saur spoke, “the reason I ‘turned a new leaf’ was because I saw how well you kids were working, thinking, and playing. You guys are great listeners! You listened to what I said, but still made it fun! THAT’S what school is about; working together to learn, and to have fun! By the way…”

Ms Saur pulled something out from behind her; OUR OLD STORIES!!!

“The Fold of the Rings, huh?” she said, “clever!”

Elijah jumped up and tried to rip up the stories, but then, HIS PARENTS grabbed him, and demanded that he explain why he’s been so mean, and thinks that we “forced” him to be friends with us.

“Well, it’s just that, I TRIED to make the football team, the basketball team, and even the soccer team, but you guys kept distracting me; Frankie especially, and I could never get things right! So, I planned my revenge by pretending to be your friend, so I could stop you guys from hurting me, and so I could have revenge, so I called together the 8th Graders, and planned everything!!!”

“Wait, why ME specifically?” Frankie asked Elijah.

“Because…Because…” Elijah stammered.

“You LIKE me, don’t you?” Frankie raised her eyebrow, clearly enjoying this.

Elijah giggled like a little girl. “No, why would I think that you are the hottest girl in school, and are SOOO cool for kicking butt, open though you are a girl, and-”

“Wait, EVEN though I’m a girl?!?!?” Frankie got angry. ” OH, YOU ARE SOOOOOO GONNA GET IT!!!”

Frankie prepared to punch him, and when his eyes were closed in fear, she kissed him.

Elijah laughed his head off, and ran out of the room! Frankie, after asking for permission, followed him out, and preceded to beat him up. (That’s how she shows she loves him).

“Girl problems,” Elijah’s father said, “go figure!”

So, after wso finished our talk with the Principal, I pulled out OriGandalf, and triumphantly said, “Fly, you fools!”

We, the Fellowship of the Paper, had one again. The Battle of Hornburg Schoolyard was over; The Battle of Tolkien Middle School was about to begin…

  1. Interesting story, I am a pretty big Lord of the Rings fan. You should add Tom Bombadil to the story

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