The Fold of the Rings: The Return of the Fellowship

The Fold of the Rings 3

By Various SuperFolders and JC


Day 1: Jacob Minch

By Peter

Ok, help!!!

Frankie has been corrupted by Elijah! The Fellowship is doomed!! And the entire school district is in danger!!

Ok, let’s start from the beginning…

So, it was the last week of school, and it was also the anniversary of the Fellowship!!

So, Ms Saur actually gave us an entire period off so we could have a party! YAY!!! (She is so nice nowadays)

Well, we set up a nice table and cups, plates, napkins, and such, and we all brought Lord of the Rings-Themed snacks for us to eat. Plus, we got our origami, and even a new member of our Fellowship! His name was Jacob Minch; he used to be with the 8th Graders when he was in our grade, and now, he’s on the good side!

Sadly, he filled the seat that another member declined: Frankie.

We haven’t seen her since the start of the month, when she starte dating Elijah.

(Ok, eww! That is only one of many reasons why dating in middle school is just WRONG!!! Ok, me and Sam is totally different…..)

Anyway, Jacob was given Legofold, since Malcolm already had Gandalf, and Shreddon hasn’t been seen since as long as we haven’t seen Frankie, so that just didn’t work.

So, here was our current Fellowship:

Peter (Me) – Frodo BAGgins

Sam – Samwise Gami

John – Sam’s old Paper Balrog, since his Origami Ring has vanished.

Jacob – Legofold

Malcolm – OriGandalf

Xarl – OriGimli (He will get a chapter, this time!)

David/DT – Uruk-Gami (No more Nazgul)

Peyton – OriGollum (New and Improved Version, with arms!)

Jack – Paper Nazgul (So, no more Ork, but really sweet RINGWRAITH!!!)

Ian – Origami Elrond (Elijah threw him away after failing to stop us last time, and Ian took it!)

The Choices of Miss Frankie

By Samantha (Sam)

So, while we partied, who showed up but Elijah! He was smirking, and holding hands with Frankie.

“FRANKIE?!?” we all yelled, “Where have you been?”

“With ELIJAH…” Frankie said his name like it was a sign from Heaven, which, obviously, Elijah was NOT!!!

“Wait, you two are still, like, together?” I asked, astonished.

“Well, duh!” they replied. Then, Frankie grabs Peyton’s OriGollum, and tears it to shreds!!

“WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO LOSES MY ORIGAMI?!?!?” Peyton roared, as he began to cry.

“C’mon, Frankie, what was THAT for?!” I was really angry now, and eager for her response.

Frankie grabbed Elijah, and kissed him! Not just a cute, friendly kiss on the cheek, or even the ones I give Peter on the forehead; but she REALLY kissed him! On the lips!

“WHAT THE HECK?!?” Peter cried.

“THAT’S why I killed Peyton’s paperwad!” Frankie finally responded.

Ok, I wanted to get up from my seat, and punch her in the gut… So I did!


Ok, I have accidentally hit a brick wall before, but this was so much WORSE!!!

“OWW!!!!” I cried, “I think I broke my hand!!”

Ian ran to get Nurse Galadriel, while Peter helped me sit down.

“Later, suckers!” Frankie called, as she ran off, hand in hand with Elijah.

This is officially the worst anniversary ever.

Of Herbs and Stewed Medicines

By Ian

So, it looks like our “rough around the edges” friend, has become our “TOTALLY SAURON” enemy! Drat!

So, I have to find Nurse Galadriel (yes, that’s her real name), and I have to get her to help Sam! (No, I don’t have a crush on Sam; at least, not as much as Peter, or anything…)

Well, once I found the nurse’s office, I walked in, and called for Mrs. Galadriel.

“What is it, honey? You sprained your lung, again?” she said.

Yeah, I’ve come up with a lot of fake excuses for why I can’t go to Pre-Algebra, and a sprained lung is my most frequently “occurring sickness”.

“No, Mrs. Galadriel; actually, my friend, Sam, she broke her arm!”

“Yeah, it’s really bad!” my Origami Elrond said.

“Oh no! Did she accidentally punch the wall, again?”

“No… this time she punched Frankie!”

“Well, you only do that once!” she said, bringing nurse-like equipment with her, and following me back to the table.

After examining her, Mrs. Galadriel exclaimed, “My my my! What you need for this particular injury is simple; herbs and stewed medicines!”

“Say what now?” Sam was now very uncomfortable.

“Oh, it’s not as bad as you think,” Nurse Galadriel said, “I’ve been drinking it for 20 years, and look how I turned out!” As she said this, though, she went cross-eyed, and stuck her tongue out.

“AAAH!!!” Sam screamed, “Get away from me!”

“Oh, I’m just joking, honey. Please, this will only take a minute.” she said, as she poured the herbs and stewed medicines onto a cloth. Then, she pressed it on Sam’s hand.

“WOW!!! That feels good!!” Sam said, “Please, keep it up!”

So, after 15 minutes, Sam was feeling better; but she still had to leave school early, to go with her parents to the hospital to check out her hand.

So, yeah this morning stunk. Then, the bell rang, and we started school for the day…

Day 2: The Screaming of a Life Time

By Peyton

So after one hour I walked up to Frankie.

“What was that for?! I know you didn’t do that just for one kiss on the lips!”I yelled.

She kicked me in a very sensitive place.

“Oh my gosh.” I fell to the ground, crying.
“And never tell anyone I did this; or I will tear Samwise Gami and Frodo BAGgins!” She said.

I was crying.

I stood up.
I punched her, saying ”This is for Origollum!”
Boom! Uppercut !
She started to ram me.
“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” I yelled and dodged her.

She kicked me in the nose, and as I fell to the ground, she whispered in my ear:

“You are out of Origami, and aren’t very prepared to be part of a Fellowship.”

She got up, and, leaving me screaming, ran off to her next class with Elijah.

The News

by Peter

I was sitting with my friends, eating lunch, when Peyton came over, and spilled the beans about Frankie.

“Guys, Frankie is right,” he said, “Without OriGollum, I am no help to this Fellowship. Thank you all, but I quit.”

He walked off, and I could’ve sworn I saw him crying. We were crying, too. Not only had we lost a valuable asset to our Fellowship, we lost a great friend.

Two friends lost in one month? Harsh!

Day 3: My girlfriend
By Peyton

I don’t have anymore origami, but at least I have a friend! A GIRLFRIEND to be exact!

Let me start: I was in a cave at our school fieldtrip for the month, and I was trying to listen to what the teachers were saying, but I couldn’t shake off the looks I was getting from the Fellowship, who were a couple feet away. As I tried to escape their glare, I ran into a girl.

“Sorry,” I said as I looked up, “Miss…?”

I then saw a beautiful dark-brown haired girl with light peach-toned skin, and an Origami Gollum, but in Girly form.

“Oh, it’s ok; I’m Margaret Paris. Don’t I know you from one of our classes?” she said.

“Um… I don’t think so. But, um, you might know me from The Fellowship of the Paper!” I responded.

“Oh, my, GOSH!!! Are you Peyton McKellan?!” she asked.

“Yes…. How do you-”

“You’re amazing! You folded the awesome OriGollum! I read your chronicles, and folded my own one, see?”

She pushed her sparky, pink OriGollum into my face.

“Yeah – cough! – Awesome…” I choked on a sparkle.

“So…” I started, “how long have you gone to Tolkien Middle?”

“Oh, this is my first year, and also my last. I’m going to McQuarrie next year.”

“Oh.” I was disappointed.

“Hey, I like to fold my own origami designs!” She said, trying to cheer me up.

“Cool! Maybe we can swap designs, sometime!” I said

I got home and began re-folding OriGollum again. I was gonna return to the Fellowship!!

Aragon Paris Returns

by Peter

So, Sam wanted to mingle with Margaret, and Peyton and I wanted to talk.                        ”So, any info on Jacob?” Peyton asked.
“No….except I know a thing about Margeret.” I said.
“What?” Peyton asked.
“She is Aragon Paris’s sister.”


Then, when he was done screaming, he said “Sorry I have to go.” and he ran off.

Guess who came to our table next, but Aragon!

He said “Peyton! You are NOT going to fall in love with my sister!!” He gave off a ton of wasps! but they didnt come for Peyton. They came for Aragon injuring him.

“That’s embarissing! He was never good in magic.” Margeret giggled, coming over to our table.

“Wow,” I said.

Peyton froze with his jaw opened.

“Help!” Aragon yelled.

Peyton took out an apple from his backpack, threw it, and grabbed Aragon. The wasp ate the apple Peyton threw. fifteen more came from the outside, and Peyton threw one last thing, his lunchbox (with his lunch in it), at the wasps. They flew outside and into the woods…

Aragon joins
by Peyton
“Dude you saved my life.” Aragon said to me.
“Yeah” I said.
“How much do I owe you? 5 , 10,15,or 20 bucks? Or…” Aragon sighed, thinking it would take a lot more money to convince me.
“You could join the Fellowship.” Peter shoved me, signaling that I should invite him.
“We do need a magic man, so here.” I took out an origami Aragon (From The Lord of the Rings) sword and everything. He grabbed it.
“That is perfect!” Aragon said.
“You are The Return of the King!” Peter yelled.
We bowed.

Day 4: The Folddit- An Unexpected Origami Journey

By Aragorn Paris

Sup, guys! I am writing in the Fellowship’s “Quest Log” cause…well…Peter told me to.

(I reminded him that I am the King, and I make the rules, but apparently Frodo somehow is better than Aragorn).

Anyway, so one evening after school, my little brother, Sean, invited ALL his little kid friends over to play. (He invited the entire Pre-K Class, PLUS daycare kids!!!!!) And they all got their hands on OriGimli’s designs (I am the King, I get every design and every story to put safe in my room). And then, with OriGimli’s instructions, they made an entire band of Dwarves! Dori, Ori, Nori, Biffur, Boffur, Bombour, Kili, Fili, Ili, Dwalin, Balin, Throin, and Gimli. (WOW!!!)

Anyway, they grabbed my backup origami puppet, Bilbo Foldins, The Folddit, and they told it to destroy the evil dragon, Smaugami!

“How do you little kids know anything about The Hobbit OR Lord of the Rings?!” I asked?

“We’re not idiots, Y’know!” they retorted.

So, little kids were angry at me, and I had to run for my life, as the kindergarmy attacked!

Then, I was cornered. Little kids on all sides. So, I did the only thing I thought would save me; I gave Sean my Bilbo.

“Thanks, Aragorn!” he said, “Now we can play Narnia!”

Yeah, they knew the names of characters in LotR that not even I knew, but they couldn’t tell the difference between Middle Earth and Narnia? Oy, Toddlers….

Day 5: When all goes wrong

By Aragorn

I was just sitting down at lunch, eating my yummy herbs and stewed medicines (turns out, they can really cure a sore throat) and then, out of nowhere, Elijah’s voice is on the intercom! He begins talking like a teacher, but I can recognize his voice from a mile away, seeing as I was always with him last year, when I was his “minion.”

So, he says “Students and teachers alike, join me as we vote today over whether this “Fellowship of the Paper” is truly necessary in the school, or just a public nuisance! Oh, and before I forget, Mrs. Saur, Mr. Saru, please meet me in the Principal’s Office. We have some things to discuss of your current employment….”

So, our Two Teachers go up into Mrs. Saur’s own office, and close the door behind them.

Ok, that was freaky, but not as freaky as what happened next! Frankie walks over, totally determined, and pulls out Shreddon, and rips him all up! She shredded Shreddon!! Then, the teachers both come out of the office, looking as pale as ghosts, and they say, simultaneously,

“We were fired.”


So, it was fifth period, and I find Elijah in the hall. I walk up to him, and pull out OrigAragorn. I get close to him and push him into a wall, saying “THAT was for Mrs. Saur!” and “THAT was for Mr. Saru!” Then finally, I whammed his head into a locker so that his head started to swell, and I said, “THAT WAS FOR ME!!!!”

Elijah, totally angry, pulls out an Origami Saruman and lunges at me, saying “I am the Principal, now!!!”

(Now From Xarl’s Point Of View)

Ok, so I just watched my best friend pummel then get pummeled to and by Elijah. Well, that made me really angry, so I went to get the new class principal, with OriGimli in my hand, I chopped down the door! (Actually, I just opened it and made OriGimli hit the handle). Well, instead of anyone, I saw a note, saying “Principal Elijah Wood is not here right now. Please, go to another teacher with your problem. Thank you.”

Wait, did it say ELIJAH?!? He isn’t even qualified to be a principal! And “another teacher?”, all the teachers in Tolkien Middle School are now fired! How could/why would Elijah do such a thing?!

Finding Out How Elijah Could Do Such A Thing

By DT (with some help from Uruk-Gami)

“Jacob is an idiot.” Elijah said, when I interrogated him.

“Y’see, DT,” he explained, “I befriended him for one simple reason: Power. I was able to pull the strings of Jacob so I could get teaching benefits from Jacob’s uncle, a lead member of the Virginia School Board. So, now that I am the principal, I am on the Virginia board of directors, and so if I can get myself higher, I can FIRE Jacob’s Uncle, and take over all of the Virginia school district, and then ban ALL origami from EVERY school!!! From McQuarrie Middle School, to Tolkien Middle School, to even Bucky Barnes Elementary!!! VIRGINIA WILL BE PAPER-FREE!!!!”

I was pretty angry then. So, I did the only logical thing one does when angry…

I whacked Elijah hard in the gut with my Uruk-Gami.

“Oh, good move, DT, but I’m afraid that won’t stop me. Oh yes, and another thing… Because I am principal, I can choose who gets expelled, and who doesn’t. And you, Mr. DT, are EXPELLED.”

Fold, You Fools!

By Peter

The next thing I knew, DT came running over to me, crying for reals!!

“Guys!! GUYS!!!! Elijah expelled me!” He yelled.

“What?!” I screamed, “How can he even do that?!?”

DT gave us the whole talk about what is going on with Elijah, and then he left, just as soon as he came.

We all began taking our origami to the wooden piles on the edge on the school, where our bonfires are usually held, and we began to get things ready for the burning of the Fellowship….


The End?



THE ENDING (Rated PG for death and violence)

The Grand Finale

By Jacob

At the fire that we had just made, I decided to do the only logical thing:

I grabbed Elijah, as we had secretly teamed up, and we tried to push our former friends into the fire.

“What the heck are you doing?!” Peter yelled, throwing Frodo BAGgins at Elijah.

I threw my Legofold into Peter’s hand, out of pity that he had just destroyed his own origami.

“Idiot! Don’t help them! We HATE them, remember?!” Elijah said, as he pulled out from his pocket The One Fold To Rule Them All (The Origami Ring Of John’s), and folded it open.

We all gasped. Even me.

“Nobody move, or this school goes ‘BOOM!!!’ like it should have months ago!” Elijah said, stroking the real-life firecracker inside the Ring.

I immediately knew that a would now have to make a choice (a FATAL choice) about who my allegiance lies with; Elijah, or the Fellowship.


I grabbed the firecracker, and ran to the top of the school as fast as I could go! (Peter was behind me)

I looked down from the rooftop of the school and saw Elijah with Origami Saruman fighting the Fellowship and their Origami Characters.

“What are you thinking?” a tiny voice spoke in my head, “It’s just paper! This doesn’t need to cause death!!” I wish I could’ve listened to it, but I had already made my choice when I lit McQuarrie Middle School on fire three months ago.

I dropped it.

I waited for a “ka-boom!’ or something, when I opened my eyes and saw Peter holding the Ring; about to throw it into the wet cement in the school’s construction yard. (It looked kinda like a volcano.) If he threw it in there, the firecracker would short out, and Elijah and I would fail! 😦

I was angry; SO angry, that I charged Peter, and tried to ram him off the roof, into the fire!

He sidestepped me. The last thing I saw was the burning fire, red and yellow and-


I, Peter, saw the whole thing.

I threw the firecracker into the cement “volcano” and it was done.

I ran back down the flights of steps, hoping to find the others, when Frankie stepped in front of me.

“You KILLED Jacob!” she said.

“No, I saved us all from DYING, Francesca Boyd!”

I had never called her by her full name, and I think I made her angry. That, on top of the fact that she thought I killed Jacob, means that this might be pretty bad for me…

“I know.” She said, moving to her right. She allowed me to keep walking.

I walked down to the Fellowship. They were all crying, and even Elijah was freaking out.

“WHAT HAVE I DONE?!? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?” he screamed. I couldn’t help him. I didn’t know what to say.

“No, you didn’t?” that wasn’t true!

“Yes, you did, and we all hate you?” no, that would only make him feel ruined inside.

So, I picked the TRUE answer…

“We all make mistakes, Elijah. Even me.” I recalled all the times that me and my friends accidentally made Elijah lose all his opportunities for sports and such, JUST LIKE HE SAID WE DID! I though about all the times we must have hurt him, thinking we were protecting everybody else. If there is anyone to blame for what happened tonight, EVERYONE did it.

“Elijah… we are so sorry.”

My words cheered him up a bit, and then all heck broke loose.

“I will never forgive you.” were Elijah’s last words; before he ran off, and we never saw him again.


By The Entire Fellowship (WITH Frankie and DT)

Well, we were toast.

The police came shorty thereafter, and questioned us. We answered everything honestly, but we never mentioned Elijah. (Poor kid is already on the run, and we didn’t want to hurt him anymore…)

Then, something we did not expect.

“You are free to go.” the police chief said, after all the questioning.

“What? How?!” Peter asked.

“A friend told them what really happened,” Elijah said, stepping out of the shadows.

“Eli!” Frankie said, running over to him.

Two tough looking guards pushed her back, and took Elijah by the arms, into his jail cell.

“That kid saved all of your butts.” the police chief said, nodding in Elijah’s direction, “He is staying in here for one life sentence; 20 years. After that, he will be put on trial again, and maybe then he will be free.”

“Do you think…sir…” Peyton started, “That maybe Elijah-”

“Kid, that boy in there is not going to come out for a long, LONG time, unless if a miracle saved him.”

A miracle was what the entire Fellowship needed at this point. The end was near, and we could just feel that something BIG was about to begin.

Coming soon… The Final Fan Story In The Fanon Saga…


  1. I love the pun “kindergarmy”


  3. Will this be concluded?

  4. I wonder why they didn’t include the ending where Jacob falls into the fire and dies… and Elijah got arrested…

  5. McRobloxian, were you here when that original version was around?
    Yeah, it was cool.
    Billy Ali was Jacob, and the real Jacob was on the run.
    We removed that, as its too dark, and as you may have noticed, more and more people are joining, most really young and still impressionable. We decided to completely change that.
    Sick! You remember it!

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