Fold of the Rings Book 1: The Fold of the Rings GOLDEN EDITION

The Fold of the Rings: GOLDEN EDITION

The Fold of the Rings

By Various SuperFolders

John the Nerd
By Peter

Ok, I’m confused.
So, are we in Middle School, or Middle-Earth?
Well, it all started when some kid named John created an Origami Ring of Doom, from The Lord of the Rings. I mean, I’ve never read the books, but I’ve seen the movie, and I know that that really looks like the Ring.
Y’see, John is a very weird person. I mean, he’s obsessed with,,, and things like that!
He likes nerdy things, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Hobbit, but I never knew how much he loved them! He knows the names of every character of every fantasy genre, plus their favorite food, hair color, and even favorite pizza topping! (Yes, Gandalf loves his pineapple). But anyway, I’m getting off track; the real problem was that this Ring sparked a revolution bigger than anything I have ever seen!

The Fellowship of the Paper
By Peter

Ok, so if you’ve ever been to Tolkien Middle School, you’d know that the most important day ever is coming… 8TH GRADE GRADUATION!!!
Let me start by saying that this is not OUR graduation, since our class is going into Seventh Grade next Fall, and only Eighth Grade gets a graduation, since they are actually graduating middle school.
Well, a small group of kids; me, John (the nerd), Peyton, Frankie, Xarl, Ian, David, Malcolm, Jack, and Sam (No relation to Samwise Gamgee, it’s short for Samantha), decided that we would sabotage the graduation! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Well, why do something so mean that could expel you?” Well, if you’ve ever been to our school, you would know that the 8th Graders, they like bullying the 6th Graders. Well, it was about time for some payback; and the FELLOWSHIP OF THE PAPER do payback better than anyone else!! The fiasco part comes in later in the story.
Now, without further ado, let’s start from the beginning; the last week of school…

The Origami Ring
By Sam

Hi there! I’m Samantha Astin, but people call me Sam. I’m Peter’s best friend. Peter wanted me to tell you what happened that fateful morning.

Don’t ask me why, but I think this whole thing is for the Fellowship to chronicle their journeys, like J.R.R. Tolkien did with the Middle-Earth series. (I am a big Lord of the Rings buff).
Anyway, on the first day of the last week of school, John came over to our table, and showed us his new invention: an origami version of the One Ring to Rule Them All. We all loved it, until the 8th Graders walked over and ripped it up.
“Hey, you can’t do that!” I yelled, but their reply was harsh.
“Oh, yes we can. This is the last week; teachers slack off, students skip classes, and pulling stunts is the name of the game. And this game we’ve been playing for three years now! I can do anything I want, so why don’t you?”

We thought about it for awhile. We thought about it while we ate lunch, we thought about it during Biology class, we even thought about it in the bathrooms. We just couldn’t decide what we could do, or even if we should do it. Then, a Seventh Grader named Elijah, who had always sorta stuck around our table, whether it was to keep us company, or since we were his only friends, said to us, “Come. We must hurry before 3rd Period!”

A Fellowship is Formed
By Sam

Elijah led us all to an oval-shaped table, where the little kiddies day care center was held, and spoke to us from the head of the table.
“Take a seat, everyone,” he said to us. We listened.
“As you all know,” he started, “our dear friend John’s Ring was destroyed by the 8th Graders. We can’t let them get away with it! We need…revenge.”

Everyone straightened up, as though revenge was the only thing on our mind, which it was.
“Go on!” I said, impatiently.
“Well, considering the fact that this IS the last week of school, the teachers really don’t pay attention to anybody misbehaving, or a sudden lack of school supplies…” He smirked, and I caught a glimpse of evil in his eyes.
“So, your plan is…what?” Peter asked.

“What if,” he replied, “we sabotage the 8th Graders graduation ceremony?”

Around the table, shocked yet delighted faces lit up all around me. They all liked it, except for Peter.

“But, what if we get in trouble?”

“Trouble, Shmouble!” Elijah retorted, “Even if we get in trouble, it IS our last day! They don’t have any power over us after that!”

“So why do you need us?” Frankie questioned, “I mean, does it really take that many people to stop a few eighth grade freaks?!”

“Well, that’s why I need you,” Elijah said, “I stink at sports, I stink at anything athletic, and I need help. So do you! I mean, John, what do you think? Those guys destroyed your totally awesome Origami Ring, and never apologized! Don’t you think the right thing to do is get them back?”

“I guess-“

“So wait, are you saying that we have to do YOUR dirty work, just for a silly prank?” I said, interrupting John.

“Oh, but Samantha, it is not a silly prank, but plain, simple vengeance.”

His voice sounded like a Ringwraith’s when he said that last word. I was about to tell him that only my parents call me Samantha, but then Peter spoke;

“Elijah, even if we follow your plan, how will we do it?”

“With these.” Elijah said, as he pulled out a box from behind his chair.

The box gleamed golden, though it was just a design, and when Elijah opened it, we saw a small pile of Origami figures.

“Origami Lord of the Rings characters?” Peter asked. “How are we supposed to crash a party with paper?”

“We can do it by throwing it at people, using it to distract teachers, use it to paper cut people to death…”

“Say what now?”

“Never mind.”

Anyway, after choosing their origami, this was the lineup:

Peter- Frodo BAGgins (It’s a hand puppet made out of a bag)

Me- Origami Balrog (I just LOVE Durin’s Bane)

Malcolm- OriGandalf (Super-Wise)

Xarl- OriGimli (An axe makes everything better, especially in origami)

David- The Paper Nazgul (It’s okay, even the bad guys are good!)

Peyton- OriGollum (Preciousssssss……)

Frankie- Shreddon (Villains are my style…strange for a girl)

Jack- Orkigami (Orks! Woohoo!)

Ian- Uruk-Gami (ROAR!!!)

John – Borigami (He may die in the start of Book 2, but still, Boromir rocks!)

“And so,” Elijah said, holding Origami Elrond, “thus begins the Fellowship of the Paper!”

Our First Quest
By Frankie (Don’t call me “Frank” or I’ll deck ya!  Frankie can be a girl’s name too, y’know!)

Ok, so it looks like I have to do this stupid writing thing since that dweeb Peter wanted me to. (Y’know, I think he’s crushing on me…eew!)

So anyway, Elijah told us our first mission. (Ok, I admit, I get a tad clammy when I saw him…an older man…   …) So, the mission was that I had to go with the “Fellowship” to the playground, so that we could spy on the jerky 8th Graders to know where they will be during the graduation after-party. This is gonna be fun! HAHAHA!!!! Oops, I went evil again, sorry! So, Shreddon and I went with the others, until I “accidentally” stepped on Peter’s Origami Frodo.

(I just couldn’t stand having HIM be with us… He is SOOO weird…)

So, being the good guy that he is, Peyton decided to stay behind to help Peter fix Frodo. So, it was just me, Samantha, Malcolm, David, Xarl, Jack, and Ian. Well, we decided to hang around the monkey bars, since that’s where the 8th Graders usually hang out. (Don’t ask me how I know, but I- ok look, I have a a “boy problem,” and I keep coming over to the monkey bars to say hi or invite them to sit with me at lunch… But they never come! Hmm..maybe it’s cause I am bigger than most of the teachers, not to mention I’m also taller than everyone on the basketball team, at only 12 years old…go figure!)

So, we hung out there for awhile, until Peyton and Peter run over, yelling “HELP US!!! DEMON-SPIDER!!! AAAAH!!!”

Then, once we calmed them down, we all got very quiet and just listened.

“So, when we get to the after-party, it’s all clear what we have to do…WE MUST SOAK THE TEACHERS!!!”

Now we were scared. Ok, now our plans were not only ruined, but now we had to go from vengeance-fueled group to heroic Fellowship, to save the teachers! “Fine, I’ll help…” I said, disappointed, “I really wanted to get back at those guys!”

“Oh, but we still can!” Malcolm said, “We can stop the 8th Graders from soaking the teachers, by soaking THEM during their big ceremony! YES!!!”

Ok, I was in; and so was the Fellowship. We left the scene, and told Elijah about our findings. He was very pleased, and when he’s happy, it’s a win/win!

The ULTIMATE After-Class Club

By Xarl

So, me and my OriGimli were ready for battle!

Every day of that final school week, we came to the Pre-K Tables, reviewed our chronicles, and discussed our next plan. Then, we would practice our skills with our Origami Fighting!

We battled for awhile, Elijah and us. We tried to beat him, but even all of us together could not stop him. He taught us different skills, but we adapted on our own.

Soon enough, I beat him! My OriGimli slashed through his Origami Elrond.

“AAAH!” He yelled, “Good job, Xarl!”

I did it! Now, the others were following my example, and beat Elijah, too!

When we all gathered for our final test; all of us battling Elijah, he just screamed like a little girl and ran off, into the lunchroom…

The Two Teachers

By Peter

Well, it turns out that the teachers aren’t very happy with our origami hobby. They actually said that we couldn’t bring them with us into classes! (The nerve of some people, right?)

Well, two teachers in particular are trying to get us in trouble: Mr. Saru and Mrs. Saur. They are cousins, and they both share one thing in common; they hate kids. (Rumor has it that they only came into the school to punish kids).

So, at their classes, Science and Math (which were hard enough already), they would always take our origami figures away, and throw them into a bin marked “Recess Toys.” OY YOY YOY!!! Can we ever get a break?! I mean, Billy Ali, some kid who is always fighting with Frankie, has been practicing for his “Gun Show,” and won’t stop yapping to us about it! Then, on top of that, Elijah has been suspended from school temporarily because he brought origami Elrond to Science class! (Wow, Mr. Saru is rough!)

Anyway, one morning, Frankie and I (ah, me and Frankie, Frankie and I… Oops! Sorry! Got into a fantasy!) we were walking into Science Class, evil lair of Mr. Saru, when we saw a sign on the door. It read,

For whom it may concern, the school has officially banned this “Fellowship of the Paper” from ever using these finger puppets on school property, ever again! One student has already been expelled for this outlandish behavior, and we don’t want you all to leave the school. Sincerly, Mr. Saru Manson.

Did I just read what I thought I just read? “One student has already been EXPELLED?!?” Elijah! I haven’t seen him today or yesterday, when he was do to return to school. Oh no! Mr. Saru and Mrs. Saur have expelled our friend!

I admit, I began to tear up. (Real men cry!) And Frankie put her arm around me, bawling. (If everything weren’t so sad, I would have made my move on her), but as for right now, the Fellowship was now broken. We must continue our work in secret. This means war.

By Jack

They took Elijah from us!! THEY WILL PAY!!!!!

I pulled out my Orkigami from my pocket, and thought about what I should REALLY do.

What Would Frodo Do?

Well, he would trust in Eru, The One, and he would try to prevent war!

Well, I took Orkigami, and went straight into Ms. Saur’s Office!

“Ms. Saur, I would like to talk to you about the origami ban.” I said, politely (but not TOO politely).

“Mr. Jack, I would NOT like to discuss it,” she said in a tone that seemed to mean that I had like 5 seconds to get out of there before she called my parents.

I didn’t run.

Instead, I stayed put, and told the teacher, “Please, ma’m, I would like to say that I respect your decision, but I do ask for permission to use it on the day of the school talent show.”

“Get out, Jack!” She said, forcefully. I almost left. Almost…..

“Ma’m, I thank you for your time, and now the time has come for me to say… later, sucka!”

I ran out, and Ms. Saur was about to burst out of the door! The Fellowship joined me for war.

“LET THEM COME!!!” OriGimli said. But she never did. We waited, but she only put up a sign in front of her door saying that she should not be disturbed, and the ban was still  active…..

At the Sign of the Galloping Horsie

By Sam

Well, by this time, the school talent show was coming. They called it “The Galloping Horsie” It was gonna be awesome! We were totally planning to do an origami Lord of the Rings puppet show; and it sounds like Fritterly Wugness!

Well, after rehearsing a few times, we were ready for tonight. Peter’s mom took us both to school for the talent show, since we live next door to each other, and then we met up with the rest of the Fellowship.

As soon as we got there, Peter told us all something.

“We got some bad news, guys.”

“What? What is it?” we asked.

“The 8th Graders have chosen to move their teacher-soaking tyranny to tonight! We have to use the puppet show as a diversion, while I take their ammo from backstage. So, you need to keep the show going on for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Ok?”

“So, you ready to blow Billy Ali’s socks off!!!” yelled Frankie, halfway replying to Peter.

“YES, MA’M!!!” we replied. We all got on our stick-horses, and rode off to the gym…

But, just as we were at the Sign of the Galloping Horsie, Mrs. Saur came up to us! She said, “Oh! You kids and your irresponsibly-used puppets are not permitted in the ENTIRE school, even on the day of the talent show! Yes, I saw Mr. Saru’s letter! Do you think I would not notice? GET A NEW TALENT AND THROW THOSE PUPPETS AWAY, NOW!!!!”

Ok, that wasn’t just like teacher mean,  that was like really evil!

“Now what do we do?” Ian asked, saying what everyone else was thinking.

“I don’t know, Ian,” I replied.

So, we officially had no act, nor any way to practice it before we go onstage, plus Peter wouldn’t have his distraction!

“I know what to do.” I said, as I made up my mind. I was going to mess up the talent show, even if it got me expelled.

Talent show

By Peyton
Then, the talent show started, and the announcer, Jhonnathen Bricksfinder, began his announcement!

“Good Afternoon, everyone! I’m your host, Jhonnathen Bricksfinder, and first off in our talent show, we have BILLY ALI AND HIS GUN-SHOW!!!”

Billy walked up and showed off his fake muscles. Nobody said anything, ’til Frankie yelled, “You stink!”

Then Billy got done, Jhonnathen walked up and said “Give it up for Billy Ali !”
Nobody clapped.
“Ok, so let’s give it up since he is done!”
Every child in the auditorium clapped their heads off.

I was last, and next I was doing hula hoop with OriGollum (yes, OriGollum. I am NOT going to actually listen to Ms. Saur! Who even does that?!?)

I taped a fake paper hula hoop onto OriGollum.

“So how are you guys today?” I said.

“Good!” everybody said.

I hula hooped and then OriGollum said ” My precious hula hoop !”
Everybody laughed.

“how could I top that?! I’m going.” Billy Ali said to Jhonnathen, defeated.

So, we stopped Billy, but Peter still has to return from backstage!

Then, I saw Sam; she was running all around, tipping over plates on tables, knocking over chairs, WITH people on them! She was CCCRRRAAAZZZYYY!!!! She said she hated the school, and knocked over candles on the sides of the stage! “FIRE!!!” somebody yelled. Only later did I realize that I said that.
Then, Peter came from backstage, and threw some water balloons, and drenched the fire! PETER HAD SAVED THE TEACHERS, AND THE SCHOOL!!!

The Departure of Sam
By Peter

Later, Mr. Saru and Mrs. Saur came over, WITH Sam’s parents! They talked to the teachers, who said that she was expelled from every school in the entire school district!
As she was being dragged out by her parents (yes, dragged. She can really put up a fight), when I asked her,
“Why did you do it?”
She replied, “Because I love you!”

I then watched my best friend, my next door neighbor, my secret crush, get carried away from the school, never to walk these halls again.

Graduation Day
By Peter

I sat there crying. I had failed.

Then, the rest of the Fellowship walked over.
“It’s ok, Peter,” Jack said, “you can always see her around. She IS, after all, your neighbor!”
But I didn’t care. My best friend in the whole universe was kicked out of every school in the entire district, and it was all because of me. I got up, talked to my mom, and we drove away…..

Sweet Dreams
By Peter

At night I had a dream.

I was running around, in a room so dark I thought it might be Moria.

Then, I ran into Peyton looking like Gollum, saying “the ring the ring the ring!!!”
As I tried to run away from him, David came over to me looking like the wizard Gandalf!
Then, I saw from all corners people like Frankie, Ian, and even Xarl; all dressed up as their origami!

I felt the tip of a sword on my back. Who was behind me? A red haired girl with a sword! It was Sam! But Samwise is a boy… Then I realized the truth: I WAS IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS!!!

I woke up in a cold sweat. I got ready, and my parents took me to the school, where I was forced to go for 8th Grade graduation. (I didn’t even WANT to go, since the Fellowship was basically ruined anyway, plus the eighth graders didn’t even have a plan to ruin graduation!)
I could see the reception had started already, and I told my parents to go on ahead without me.

I heard the door slam. I looked behind me… it was Sam!
“You ready to watch graduation? Friends and family are aloud to watch, so I think I qualify.” she said.
” Yes.” I said, overjoyed to see her. (I wondered which of those two corresponded to me: friend, or future FAMILY…..   )

I gave her a big hug, and then I kissed her. (Yep, smack on the cheek!)

She smiled. I thought about everything we had been through together. I thought about the Fellowship; and I thought about the 8th Graders who were hurting us.

“Why should we even do this?” I asked.

“Because, it’s what we want…isn’t it?” she replied, as she thought about it.

“All I want is to find the Fellowship, and invite them to play Origami Middle-Earth on the playground!” I said.
She nodded her head, and said “I agree.”

But, as I was walking over to the Fellowship, I saw a familiar face. This person was holding an origami Wormtongue.


My old friend walked over to me, as did the Fellowship.

But, when Elijah came over to me, he had a look of hate in his eyes.

“YOU!!! I HATE YOU ALL!!!” Eli yelled.

“Bu-but-” Frankie stammered. She began to tear up, and she ran off.

So, our good friend had just made the toughest person we all know cry. (Wow, she must really like him).

Anyway, Elijah kept talking.

“You guys should’ve been expelled awhile ago! I thought I made sure of that with my fake note from Mr. Saru.”

“Wait, you did that? Why?!?”

“Oh, I also faked my being expelled, told Mr. Saru and Ms. Saur about you guys’ stupid origami, and also, only created the Fellowship so that you jerks can be expelled! Great, isn’t it?”

I wanted to kill him where he stood.

“Why?” was all I could say.

“Because,” he replied, “you kids were holding me back from being the coolest kid in all seventh grade! I was GOING to be the captain of the school football team, and then you kids came over, and forced me to be your friend!”

“Say what now?! YOU came to US!!! Not the other way around!”

“You guys ruined my middle-school!” Elijah stopped talking, and attacked us.

The Final Battle (Of Book 1)

By Peter

Well, I pulled out Frodo BAGgins, Peyton pulled out OriGollum, Malcolm pulled out OriGandalf, and we attacked.

Malcolm grabbed Elijah and ripped apart Origami Wormtongue. Peyton then knocked Elijah over, and I put my body on top of his, pinning him to the ground.

“You are SOOOOO not our friend anymore,” Malcolm said, pulling a water balloon out of Eli’s pocket. WATER BALLOONS!!! Elijah was behind the 8th Graders’ water assault! He was also behind almost everything that happened to us! Oh, I think I’m gonna go all Soapy the Monkey on him!

Ian pulled out his Uruk-Gami and looked around him. Eighth Graders were everywhere! They attacked Ian, Xarl, Jack, David, and Sam. Boy, could our Fellowship fight! Xarl used OriGimli dangerously, paper-cutting all who got in his way! Jack was using the Orkigami, and took out the vengeful Billy Ali, Sam pulled out an Origami Samwise (where’d she get that?) and she took out a kid who’s name we would remember for a long time: Jacob Minch. And Malcolm used OriGandalf, who said “YOU…SHALL NOT…PASS!!!!!!!” OriGandalf scared the rest of the 8th Graders away.

So, all that was left was Elijah. Poor, evil twisted Elijah. Frankie walked over, very angrily, and stuck her smelly shoe into his potty-mouth.

“It’s over, freak!” she said, as she spit on him.

We all told Mr. Saru and Mrs. Saur about Elijah, and they said that Sam could be re-invited to the school!
She got so exited, she kissed ME!!! (This time, instead of a kiss on the cheek, I got a real SMACK on…you know where…my FOREHEAD!!!! Booyah!)
So, everything was almost perfect, except that Elijah actually punched Mr. Saru, and came at me with a water balloon!

“I HATE YOU!!!!!” He yelled. Why has he been so mean? We didn’t DO anything!

Well, he threw his water bomb at me, and Peyton, my heroic friend, made the ultimate sacrifice.

” For the precious Ring!” OriGollum said.

Elijah water-bombed OriGollum, ripped it out of Peyton’s finger, and tore it.

“No!” I yelled. I got up, angrily.

“For OriGollum!” I yelled.
“For OriGollum!” the team yelled, as we charged at Elijah.
Elijah backed up, until he ran into the only people who posed any real threat to him.

“M-Mom? Da-Dad? Uh oh!”

Elijah was taken away, but not before we heard Peyton crying.

“OriGollum! NOOOOO!!!!” he yelled.

OriGollum was falling apart. He was unfolding and ripping.

Then, we all heard the silence-breaking sound of paper flopping on the ground.

OriGollum was dead.

Into the West

By Peyton

My poor paper! Now that OriGollum was dead, I was really like upset. The funeral was held at the lake behind the school, and Peter folded me an origami boat. I put OriGollum’s remains inside. Ian poked the boat, and it sailed away, into the sunset; Into the West.

The End…?

A Note From JC

Ok, I decided to give poor Peyton some OriGollum instructions, to make up for his tragic loss. So, here they are!

1. Fold both sides of paper in

2. Turn around and fold bottom up 1/3 of the way

3. Turn upside-down and fold down top corners

4. Fold the bottom of the “face” up, to make a pleat

5. Fold the “mouth” up to the top of Gollum’s “head” and then fold it back down, making a pleat

4. Draw and put finger in

5. It’s Gollum!


1. Start with a rectangular piece of paper, on it’s long side
2. Fold the top two corners down, forming a pointed top

3. Fold the sides in to where the top corners met, so that it looks a bit like a robe
4. Fold the bottom up a third of the way

5. Fold both sides back so that they can both reach past the middle of the triangle, and turn it around
> 6. Do the Ackbar thing where you fold one flap into the other
> 7. Turn it back around, and open the point, and squash fold it
> 8. Fiddle with it until it looks like a hood
> 9. Draw!
> 10. It’s a RINGWRAITH!

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  54. SuperFolder JC

    Ok. I will send them to you when I finish writing the story.

    Sent from my iPad

  55. origamiluke100

    the graduation day thing too please my version that i sent you please reply

  56. iv’e hardly been metioned much!!!!!!!
    come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. SuperFolder JC

    Would you like me to give you a bigger roll in the end chapters?

    Sent from my iPad

  58. p.s.can i be in the sequel as one of the main characters?????

  59. SuperFolder JC

    Definitely! The Return of the Fold it is!

    Sent from my iPad

  60. origamiluke100

    could i be a protagonast too

  61. SuperFolder JC

    Yes! Totally!

    Sent from my iPad

  62. SuperFolder JC

    Sounds sweet! Ok, I will do that. And a certain Wormtongue-wielding enemy will lead them…

  63. hey!!!! that could make a god title for FOTR 2
    Fold Of The Rings 2:Return Of The Fold
    Fold Of The Rings 3:The Final Battle[i’m getting way too carried away!!!!!]

  64. You’re kidding! Elijah will lead them!?!?!?!?!?!

  65. origamiluke100

    in the sequeal an new girl carries oraderial ( galaderial) and t he new eighth graders steal it! Legoami ( LEGOLAS) is carried by a kid like … Jake Skellington ! He is in the sequel right?

  66. SuperFolder JC

    Yes! ok, sounds awesome! But the sequel might be made in June, instead of back-to-back with the first one

    Sent from my iPad

  67. SuperFolder JC

    Yep! (da da daaaaa!)

  68. origamiluke100


  69. SuperFolder JC

    Yes, yes I did 🙂 good memory!

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  70. SuperFolder JC

    Ironic that the villain shares the name with the guy who played the villain!

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  71. origamiluke100

    also the before main charectors are back and the fellowship isback and sam is back ! i want to see what happens next

  72. SuperFolder JC

    Hehe… The Final Chapter will be up by tonight…I hope 🙂

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  73. yes, very ironic
    i just made two, all new characters: Harry Potter and Lord Foldemort
    for Harry Folder

  74. origamiluke100

    he is a villian?

  75. advertisment

    Coming Soon…an all new adventure

    Fold Of The Rings 2
    June 2012

    nice, huh???

  76. origamiluke100, what do you mean????

  77. SuperFolder JC

    You’ll see….

  78. Jack Skellington

    You mean the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas carries him?

  79. origamiluke100

    No I meant you cool name ps are you new to the sf welcome!

  80. by the way, i saw your wb sam post and loved it!!!!!

  81. origamiluke100

    what do ye mean WB Sam ?

  82. origamiluke100

    I need the next part!

  83. Jack Skellington

    I found the OY website in January(I used to be called Wyatt Dude). Then I changed my name.

  84. SuperFolder JC


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    hey jc i sent you an emaill

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  87. SuperFolder JC

    Ok! here it goes… I AM BEGINNING WRITING NOW!!!!

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    From 0 to 10, I would rate this story 10. Anybody like my story?

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    I think it’s nice!

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    the black gates is that after the H

  91. Jack Skellington

    What’s the H for?

  92. Don’t ask me. I have no idea.
    Hey Jack, go to the Harry Folder page and go to
    the bottom.Something will be there

  93. Jack Skellington

    I saw and it was cool. Hey, why don’t you get people to enter the contest, because I need lots of entries.

  94. origamiluke100

    My origollum! Why!

  95. origamiluke100

    New origollum yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Jack Skellington

    Want to enter my contest?

  97. origamiluke100

    sure what is it?

  98. Jack Skellington

    Click On Harry Folder and read the 27th comment.

  99. Sure!
    Also, i love that cliffhanger ending, JC

  100. SuperFolder JC

    Thanks! Nice advertisements! (did u notice I used yours in the end of FotR?

    Sent from my iPad

  101. yes i did notice!

  102. i saw the new title for FOTR 2

    Fold Of The Rings 2:Return Of The Fellowship

    Can’t wait to see it!!!!!

  103. But JC, I got the answer first, but I picked Orkigami and my character didn’t get it. 😦

  104. SuperFolder JC

    I’m sorry, Ian! I waited for the replies, but since some of them came later, I had to write the story with random origami for characters. sorry!

  105. origamiluke100

    sent you an email and post it

  106. origamiluke100

    Never trust an orc they where elves

  107. origamiluke100

    In the movie they pop out of mud I do trust you

  108. it was creative, and I am making one myself, but I think that it is too serious.
    I mean, a kid dies (maybe) and another kid goes to jail!
    I think that it is a bit dark for an origami yoda fanon.

  109. Thanks for your concern! Yeah, I did kinda write them to be pretty dark……
    I never wanted them to be like that, but the problem was, Jacob Minch already set fire to McQuarrie Middle School in the Papertine Saga, so really, there was no turning back from the Dark Side of the Writing…..

    Y’know, I think I am actually going to re-write The Return of the Fellowship and The Chosen One in some areas, so that it won’t have as much dark stuff in it! O Beetle Beetle, I will totally acknowledge you in The Chosen One Story! Would you like that?

  110. will u email me the book

  111. put me in da book

  112. i am awesome put me in da book

  113. please put me in the strange case of origami hobbit and email me the origami lord of the rings series

  114. SuperFolder General Creasus

    hey JC , (I asume you wrote this) I’m thinking of making a remastered version of FotR like grammer correction and doodles. this would also have the week of papertine and the grad finale in it not to mention the other two FotR books. ive checked how long it would beon word and it would be over a wopping 150 pages before finished! I also think instrux could be added fr most of the characters! picture instrux! they probly wont look like yours but theyll serve theyre porpose. all you gotta do is say yes and tell me how to send it to you guys. you other superfolders can help too by telling JC about this if he doesnt reply soon. thanks, bye.

  115. SuperFolder JC

    Good luck on it! I can’t wait to see it! 😀

  116. Superfolder General Creasus

    yes!!! thanks. see I had to ask cause I didnt make it. itll take a long time to make though!!!!!!!

  117. Oh my goodness, I was so pushy back then.

  118. Great work, but how about adding The Hobbit characters too, like an origami Smaug.
    ( cant find the right name for him though)

  119. So does Peter like Frankie or Sam?

  120. origamiluke100

    Oh my gosh! How did we get to Tolkien Middle School? This is… Odd. I’ll eat this skittle…

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