Jar-Jar Pleats and the Halloween Humdinger



Chapter 1
By Tommy
It was the best of days, it was the worst of days at McQuarrie.
Yoda still hadn’t returned, and Dwight was always just sitting around either moping, looking at a new puppet while saying “geronimo” (I guess we’ll find out what that means later) and seeing how many sheet music renditions of “Eye of the Tiger” he could stuff into a small wooden box marked “hope chest”.

On the other hand, Kellen had made a 3D model of Willy the Walking Waffle out of an actual waffle and some lengths of wire, James Suervo had somehow gotten more people to join the LuckyYucky club despite the fact it didn’t exist anymore, and I was writing a new graphic novel much more exciting than “snail-cowboys”. Thing were pretty slightly-better-than-normal.

But of course… something happened.

Harvey’s Comment: Of course something will happen! Have you not been paying attention to ANYTHING?

Chapter 2
The Booger and the Envelope
by Tommy
It was, of course, almost halloween, which can make a regular, unassuming person dress up in the most unusual things you have ever seen.

So imagine what it did to Dwight.

Yes, Dwight, unarguably the weirdest student enrolled in any school system ever (well, in tandem with that Micah kid), came to school…

…dressed up as a booger.

Yes, a booger.

And he wasn’t just wearing a small tan sphere or something like that, no. His entire upper body (save his face and arms) was encased in the booger suit. And he had smeared vaseline all over it as well, which kind of worried us…

Then came the pumpkin. Dwight produced the largest plastic halloween pumpkin in the western hemisphere, which was, on first glance, just filled with more copies of “Eye of The Tiger”. But on closer inspection, we could see an envelope sticking out.
Dwight had no idea where it had come from, so we shall investigate…

Chapter 3
The Letter’s Contents
Author Unknown

In the School of McQuarrie of a misty day
A Sovereign puppet shall be folded of an infamous student
Surname of Pleats shall make him Posthumous
Never was there a puppet so annoying in its provenance

Chapter 4
The investigation begins
By Harvey

Well, after reading that little piece of crypticity, I knew immediately that it was a modified Nostradamus quote. Michel de Nostredame was a fortune teller in (REST OF PARAGRAPH DELETED BY TOMMY FOR EXTREME BORINGNESS)

Anyway, using my insane skills of deciphering, I figured out that what it meant was: On a foggy day, some weird or bad kid will make a puppet with the last name of Pleats, which will somehow shred him, and it’s annoying. Boo-yah.

Kellen’s Comment:
Umm… Dwight just made a Jar-Jar Pleats…

Chapter 5
The Infamous Puppet
By Kellen

Ok… that prophecy was uncanny…

But first, there are some things you need to know.
Dwight definitely didn’t write that letter. His punctuation is not that good, and neither is his handwriting. And he didn’t read it with the rest of us either. He just went back to his “Eye of the Tiger” stuffing.

And immediately after…
…He makes a Jar Jar Pleats and IMMEDIATELY starts annoying everyone with it.
I’m glad Harvey is good now, or we would NEVER hear the end of his “hoax” speech…

Anyway, getting out of the flashback here…
Today is Halloween.
It is foggy today.
Dwight annoys Zack Martin with JJP. Zack rips up JJP.
Just like the letter said it would.

So anyway… could this be a yoda prophecy from afar?

I guess we’ll never know…


  1. It’s pretty terrible to me right now at this stage. I still need to work on it a lot more.

  2. I have one problem, though: Cal loves Fortnite. Really?! Your co-creator of OrigVenom, SLS over here, doesn’t really like Fortnite. But fine. Keep it in there. I don’t want you to erase a chapter or anything. I have something to show you, also. Since you made a chapter in Spider-Fold with Fortnite, I made a fanmade OrigAvengers chapter of the OrigAvengers, Cal, and Ezra playing Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 2. If you don’t play the game, this will be really confusing.

    A Game Of Ink And Bacon Soup
    By Clark Largent

    Okay, so basically that evil science-obsessed geek Karl Blonsky Jr. and his team of goons were at it again with their evil unstable chemicals and symbiote origami puppets, so to come up with a plan, me and Cal invited the other OrigAvengers and that kid Ezra, who wields a symbiote puppets he stole from the L.I.F.E. Science Club: OrigVenom, for a sleepover to make a plan to fight Blonsky and his goons. We ended up glued to the screen, playing Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 2, though me and Cal insisted we play Fortnite. But Tilly, Andy, and Ezra rejected, while Dove and Jesse and Jessica had no opinions.
    “Okay, what’s this thing?” Tilly said, making the player in Bendy pick up something called a tommy gun.
    “Run! Run! Run!” I said, running away. Andy died.
    “Darn it!” He said.
    He then saw a figure wearing a dirty ink-stained Bendy mask and wearing brown overalls. It seemed to be an ink-covered version of Sammy Lawrence, the former musical director of the studio.
    “Okay, first one Bendy, now another,” Tilly said in frustration. Ezra, who loves this game and knows all about its lore, said, “He’s just wearing a stained Bendy mask. It’s not another Bendy.”
    And…then Sammy knocked us out unconscious.
    “Crap,” Tilly said. “Excuse me for the language, tho.”
    Then we woke up tied to a chair, with Sammy looking at us. We were in his “sanctuary,” basically his former office from before the events of Bendy, when everything in the studio was normal and not paranormal and ink-covered. Sammy said, “Wakey, my little sheeps.”
    Sammy explained how he’d be sacrificing us to his “lord and savior,” Bendy. Sammy said if he sacrificed us, he’d probably get free of his ink-covered form. Noice plan, but, uh…in the process we’d be dead. So we escaped with the help of bacon soup!” Right at ya, bacon soup. Thanks for helping us. 😂👍
    After that we had to flee from Bendy again and a bunch of slimy slug-like ink monsters called Searchers, who are really annoying, though they seemed innocent at first. Then Sammy found us and was about to talk with Bendy and put us in another room outside. And…we heard Bendy killing Sammy. Ouch. Looks like that plan would’ve worked if it was the nice, cartoon Bendy, not this real-life deformed Bendy with ink over his eyes. Then we got attached by Searchers AGAIN and we escaped, only to be found by BORIS THE WOLF. NOT A DEOFMRED BORIS. A REAL CARTOON-ACCURATE BORIS. YEET.
    Anyways, after that the chapter ended and we had to stop slouching around and had to get to work and think of a plan. Ugh. It was already midnight by that point.

  3. I was not my idea for Cal to like Fortnite. It was clearly stated in the original outline that the council gave me that Cal had to like Fortnite.

  4. Oh. Alright.
    Also, I’m not that happy with this fanmade chapter, as I think near the end it just felt like a generic gameplay video on YouTube of Bendy Chapter 2. But Meh. No offense, but the Fortnite chapter wasn’t that good, either. The other parts were good, though.

  5. Also I see dat list of emails at the obbtom of the Doc. Noice. Wonder how Noah will respond.

  6. Cal was the character created by me, who now is Mega’s character. Mega decides what Cal is like. You work around his stuff, not the other way around.

  7. Oh. Sorry. Didn’t know Mega felt like I thought he was working around my stuff. I guess I was acting inappropriate.
    Wait the main characters are created by you?
    What about the puppets?

  8. I have at least conceptualized about 90% of the MOU characters. That doesn’t mean that they are mine, because I hand them off to all of the writers.

  9. Noah can you replace the filler chapter 8 with a chapter from Samantha’s point of view of her seeing Ezra defeating a bully with OrigVneom after backing away from Cal in that tree and Clark in chapter 7. Chapter 8 is short and just filler to me.

  10. Also plz respond.

  11. Okay. You can go ahead and “probably” give Samantha a chapter in OrigVenom to develop her character…she’s very underdeveloped…also, did you see Venom yet? Woody Harrelson in that terrible red wig! XD

  12. “Tilly adores the director”
    —The Imperfect Iron-Fold

    Oopsie. Forgot most of the Unshreddible Hulk and Agents of F.O.L.D. and made Tilly Ezra’s love interest. Oooooops. 😬

  13. Plz respond to my comment about Tilly and Director Adams. And this optional additional chapter.

    Chapter 12.5: Some Good Ol’ Fighting

    Karl used a paper mechanism on the back of Riot to pull a long paper hammer out of the side of Riot. Riot’s hammer almost shredded OrigVenom, but luckily in time, Ezra moved OrigVenom out of the way and punched Karl in the nose. “Oh, god…,” Karl said. “You’re definitely gonna have to pay for that!”
    Karl then pulled two more sharp paper weapons out of the site of Riot and tried to hurt OrigVenom more and more times.
    Then the impossible happened: Karl grabbed OrigVenom out of Ezra’s hands as harsh as it can get, and literally removed one of Riot’s paper weapons out of the way and put OrigVenom inside Riot. It made Origami Riit look bigger, a tiny bit uglier, and more hulky.
    “You’re no match for me,” Karl said. He then pick up a large sharp-looking stick off the grassy ground and shoved it into Ezra.
    “Heh. Now I’ll deal with your puny friends,” Karl said, going away from Ezra with Riot. OrigVenom dropped out of the side of Origami Riot without Karl noticing. It fell next to the damaged Ezra.
    “Ezra, I can heal you,” it said in Ezra’s mind. “With my powers. We can stop Riot and Mr. Blonsky once and for all.”
    Ezra then slowly nodded. He got up, held OrigVenom on his finger, and then quickly pulled the stick out of his body.
    “OWWWWW!” Ezra said.

  14. Chapter 13: Is This The End Already? (alternate version you might wanna use)

    Samantha and Cal were fighting the remaining L.I.F.E. goons while Ezra and OrigVenom were lurking in the shadows, ready to strike Riot and Karl. Cal got hit in the eye by one of Karl’s fellow L.I.F.E. Science Club members, but then Cal got revenge by pushing the guy away from him and onto the ground. Samantha was fighting someone else when they ripped Toxin out of her hands and shred it to pieces.
    “Aw…,” she said. “First Origami Scream, now Toxin.”
    “Hey! I worked hard on that Toxin origami!” Cal said, and he punched the guy Samantha was fighting in the face.
    “Oh, I know! I’ll make an origami She-Venom!” Samantha said.
    “Make sure it has big boobs.”
    “Wait what?”
    “Nothing, Samantha. Go on.”
    Meanwhile, Ezra and Riot were—oh, wait a second! Chapters 12.5 and this one, chapter 13, aren’t narrated by Ezra! Before we continue, lemme explain myself! My name is Howard Blonsky, little brother of Karl Blonsky Jr., and I never liked the L.I.F.E. Science Club’s goals and almost always disagreed with my brother. I am the anonymous narrator of this story, and my puppet is an origami Utah the Watcher. I call him TheWatcher. I don’t know why there’s no spacing between the letters. :\ Anyways, back with the story!
    Ezra and OrigVenom came out of hiding. They stroked at Riot and Karl Blonsky Jr.
    “Get AWAY!” Karl said. “Ezra, get out of here, ya little nuisance!”
    OrigVenom and Ezra pushed Karl and Riot out of the way. Karl and his puppet went into a large puddle near the boys’ bathroom. Cal came out of the bathroom and said, “Looks like I just pooped out all those chemicals that made me go insane! Byesies! Have a nice life, Blonsky!”
    “NOOO!” Karl said, still having some of his sanity left. He shoved Ezra’ head into the puddle, but that wasn’t gonna work, since Ezra had already been infected with the chemicals and had survived. But then…Ezra felt something inside him. OrigVenom. He was…not real. Just a puppet, and because Ezra got infected with those chemicals, he became a tiny bit insane and believed OrigVenom was real and alive. But now that Ezra knows the chemicals are already inside him…OrigVenom will always be with him. And that’s when OrigVenom dropped out of Ezra’s hands, and Ezra shoved himself out of the way, making him believe OrigVenom was shoving him out of the way to protect him.
    “Goodbye,” OrigVenom said.
    Karl suddenly felt weak. “I…,” He said. “I LOVE SQUIRRRREEEEEELLLLLLSSSSSS!”
    Samantha, holding an origami She-Venom with exaggerated boobs (heh-heh that sneaky devil Cal) came from behind Ezra. The trio watched as Riot disintegrated into the puddle of chemicals while Karl went off, now insane.
    “Looks like we all learned a valuable lesson today. Samantha, love. You, Ezra, self-confidence. Me? Not to go insane again and worship squirrels. Now, c’mon, let’s go to the shop and get OrigVenom repaired before he fully becomes a pile of dust in a puddle of my insides.”
    Right then, a boy with blue hair in overalls appeared, following a butterfly. Ezra could faintly hear the butterfly say something like, “You need to find your special one! Everyone has a special one!” Ezra squished the butterfly jokingly and:
    “Pesky bee.”

    I’ll be posting the alternate (and hopefully better) versions of the epilogue and second epilogue later.

  15. Your old chapters are just fine. We won’t be using the alternates.

  16. Okay meesa dude. Just…uh…replace all things Tilly with Samantha and make her an extra chapter from her point of view. Bye. 😛

  17. Okay, I updated the acknowledgments, because now I realize my original version was pretty cheesy, and don’t you say the original acknowledgements were good enough, cuz I’m UPDATING IT ANYWAYS.
    Also can OrigVenom have a sequel if it’s a one-shot? Just wondering.

    The Acknowledgements
    Thank you all for this story! I would’ve never have got here to creating an actual MOU story (technically a one-shot though XD), if it wasn’t for people like Mega, CD, Jar Jar, basically all the mods since they confirmed my story, and a lot more! Oh, and did you guys know that the mods have “secret plans” for the MOU? Yeah, and they are [bleep], [bleep] [bleeping] [bleep], and [bleep] [bleeps] [bleeeep].
    Haha! Did you think I’d actually reveal them? I don’t even know the secret plans! No one does except for the mods! They just mentioned them. Anyways, uh, this is getting long, soooo….thanks to JC and SF Jawa for creating this website itself, and also thanks to SF Noah for, well, y’know, having to deal with ME through this whole process.
    And, uh, yeah! I’m done. Show’s over. Go home. Watch Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 3 and stuff. I don’t care.

  18. Also you can cut off the part about me talking about those secret plans you guys have.

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