BatFold the New 2012!

Batfold: The New 2012

by Origami Luke
Author’s note: Years ago, with the help of many Super folders like me, we wrote an Origami story, unlike any story the EU has come to know. This story was titled “Batfold”. Batfold told the tale of young orphan Tommy (Because I couldn’t come up with any names other than Tommy, and that’s too confusing because Origami Yoda also had a main character named Tommy) The story had awful grammar, as I didn’t understand proofreading. Yet, it told a unique story, even making a sequel! That had bad grammar too, but we also had the help of stooky sauce. A third story was being made, basically fully retelling injustice, the DC game that came out that same year. Sadly, it wasn’t finished but was still posted by accident (I hope). I soon left the Origami Yoda fan base, and no one has heard from me on my site, nor OY’s site. UNTIL NOW. If people enjoy this story, I will make more, and maybe even come back.
WELCOME TO THE NEW 2012! This is meant to resolve any plot holes Batfold had, and is now able to introduce new characters. If all goes well, we can even have crossovers with other stories, like The Fold of the Rings and Origami Yoda! I will give a modern spin, and keep everyone’s names… except for our main character, Tommy. Rather than Tommy, it shall be… Thomas!

Bullying… bullying never changes. Bullying can be verbal, or physical, but it never changes. Bullying always go on at Kanger Elementary. Kids being pushed into lockers, food being shoved into faces, but it’s all the same, and, like I’ve said, bullying never changes.

Purple nurples, Texas twisters! Oh, the horror! SWIRLIES! Kanger needs a hero… and I am the one that they deserve.

Chapter 1-Thomas, Thomas Wade

By Thomas

My name is Thomas, Thomas Wade. Born under my Mom and Dad, Chuck and Lizzy Wade. Heard their names before? Most likely you have, as they were the ones that made the restaurant Citizen Wade’s soup and meat. Their slogan was: Banned in fifteen countries, not banned in college student’s tummies. A dumb slogan, I know, and their restaurant was only banned in twelve countries. I have dark black hair (Seriously, as dark as you can get) and natural “peach” skin. At the age of three they adopted a baby brother named Hansel. Hansel, although being two grades below me, always was the more energetic and quicker than me. He has dark brown hair and is as pale as you can get he wears glasses often, but he doesn’t need them. Our dad built us a tree house when I was four. Soon after, my mom and dad both died of food poisoning. Their butler, Mr. Whogley now takes care of Hansel and I, while his grandson, CJ comes and plays with us.

CJ has light brown hair and green eyes. He is friendly but questions safety often.

Everywhere Hansel and I go we hear about how good our parents where. How they “Shaped our city” Yet this place is smaller than ever. We have 2 neighborhoods, a school that goes up to the end of high school, a town hall, and next to a Citizen Wades, there stand Wade enterprises. People always think that I will be the one to go off and own it. But the president right now is Johnathan Mordecai, and he has made great changes to the company. His son, Joe Mordecai stutters often and is a grade ahead of me, his dirty blond hair and his glasses seem to disturb me… how he somehow keeps his glasses clean and his hair wavy makes me jealous.

After my parents died I started reading even more comics. I especially love Batman. I’ve also become a huge fan of Origami too, I made an origami Bruce Wayne finger puppet because I feel like he is very similar to me. I always keep him in my pocket during school.
Oh… I forgot to talk about school. I go to school at Kanger School. It goes from Pre-K to 12thgrade. I’m a seventh grader, and I don’t have many friends. The only friends I have is this boy in 9th grade named JC, nice dude that wears glasses and has dirty blond hair, his two sisters Phred and Emily, Emily has really straight brown hair and pretty blue eyes… What? No, I don’t have a crush on her! Phred has brown curly hair, perfectly stays curly all the time like Frieda from Peanuts, She constantly plays outside and is really sunburnt all summer. Carrying on… my brother, Hansel, and Riley. The principle, Trisha Spheniscidae, is pretty mean and is jealous of how successful my Mom and Dad were. Class was normal, Joe was getting shoved into a locker, Riley high fived me, and Hansel, to say goodbye, made a fake vomit noise. I watched as Principle Trisha was pulling Hansel’s ear and taking him to her office. While walking to class, JC nudged me.

“What, man?”
“I need you and Hansel to sit with me at lunch.”

“Reasons.” He holds up a box that says: ‘The suits’

“JC, I am not doing the ballerina play again!”  JC laughs.

“Ha-ha,” JC moves up to my ear, “Never mention that monstrosity ever again.”

Lunch comes, and today is “Taco Tuesday!” The tacos aren’t normal meat. It’s very clear that it isn’t. Boy, I hope it’s not horse meat like in the shows that Hansel watches. I sit down at JC’s table in the far corner of the cafeteria. Hansel of course joins.

“What do you want JC?” He takes out that box again.
“Show me your Bruce Wayne origami.”
“How do you know I have it?” JC has never been to my house before.
“I sense that you have it.” I nod my head and take him out.

“I’m OriBruce Wayne, Owner of Waterbomb enterprises.” JC looks through his pockets, his glasses shining. He takes out an origami Lucius Fox.

“My name is Oricias Fold. And I have a proposition for you.” JC opens the box. Inside is an origami Batman suit, complete with the cape and mask, along with a robin, complete with his face and rainbow cape.”We need you to discover something, Mr. Wade. Someone is trying to do something awful in this school and I need you to discover it. This can be a one-time thing, you in?” I thought, and ate, and thought.

“Fine. What do I do?” I asked.

“Like the comics in Batman, you just need to solve what is going on and report to me.”

“Now, you pick your origami hero, Tom.” I pick up origami Batman because I have OriBruce. It makes since, obviously!
“Here’s your Robin, Hansel.”

“Introducing the Dynamic Recycling Duo!” JC laughs.
“Batfold and…” I nudge Hansel.
“Foldbin?” “That’s a… um… okay, name?” I say.

Chapter 2 Batfold and Foldbin’s first night out!

By Hansel

JC trained us to fend for ourselves with an origami Henri Ducrease, the whole time I kept asking “Why us?” and I really… really had to use the bathroom. Thomas has watched all the batman movies because he has nothing better to do, and he stared at the origami Henri with a smug look on his face. Finally, he said what bothered him:

“Hey, JC, I know that you’ve watched each Christopher Nolan Batman Movie, so shouldn’t you know that Henri turns evil?” A sweat forms on JC’s brow.

“Why, no! I totally forgot that!” He looks around and laughs, “Get back to training!”
“I got a bad feeling about this,” I murmured, and I start punching a Joker approved laughing punching bag. After finishing our training, JC sat us down.
“Hansel, can I trust you?”
“About what?”

“With this,” He hands me a bag of Mentos, “Tonight, a cola truck is coming to Kanger TONIGHT, and I got a feeling that jerks are going to steal it.”
“And you want us to… Sabotage the raid?” Tom asks.

“Yes. And, bring me back anything you find… Oh,” He hands Tommy 5 boomerangs with Mentos in the middle, “you now have a “Batarang, of sorts. I call it the Mentorang! Great name, right?”
“Yeah…” I murmur.

“It’s a good name, JC,” Tom says, but there was a feeling of dishonesty in his voice.

“Good! Well, now you are ready. Don’t forget your recycled duo!” I almost forgot Foldbin and I grabbed two little masks that heroes use to battle like a cape crusader. Right before I left the door someone grabbed me by the shoulder.

“Hansel and Foldbin,” It was CJ, “Keep safe out there man, don’t get hurt.” He holds up an origami Alfred.
“Yes master Pleatson, keep safe.” His finger puppet nods his head. And is placed back into his pocket. I take out Foldbin and he nods his head.

I run out with the mask on and I’m holding Foldbin.

“Why are you wearing that dumb mask, Hansel?”
“We are detective bully fighting heroes, right? Just put it on.”
“Fine, and we are only heroes this one time, and besides that, why are you using the dumb finger puppet also?” He puts on the mask while he is saying that

“Hey, man! You’re the dude that carries around an origami Bruce Wayne at school and at home!”
“Let’s just get this done.” He holds up Batfold, “And don’t screw anything up.”  Finally, we get to the back of the school, where the cola is being shipped into. We climb up the tree that’s there and we stake out for a couple hours… Man, I could use a steak… Mm… steak… I’m really hungry. Then we hear a noise. Well… more like BatFold and Tom heard a noise while I was having a dream of eating a steak burger. There were five people, all with bags, and masks. Similar to the short-lived Beware the Batman series, one had a pig mask, and another had a frog mask. Another had a jester mask, along with some girl like figure hugging him with a mask like a female jester, and last but not least, a Batman mask. The Batman mask dude held a finger puppet, along with every other one. One had a Joker origami face, bodiless, but the face is a finger puppet, the woman of the operation had a Harley Quinn mask, the Pig mask, and the frog had normal goons, but I just can’t make out the finger puppet the Batman mask had.
They opened the truck and started to put cola bottles into the bag.
“Oh Sir J! This is probably our second cola score this year and we already seem to know what to do!” The Girl says.

“Oh H… Be quiet. We need to continue.” The bag in his hand is full to the brim with twentyish cokes from the school. I watch and watch and I even asked Tom ‘when are we going to fight them?’ because the suspense was killing me. He doesn’t move a muscle or say anything.

Finally… I have had enough. I take his Mentorang and throw it at the Jester’s bag midway through his sentence of: “Think of all the money we can get for selling this at recess! We will be rolling in the-”
“FLOOR WITH… ERM… Um… Cola? All sticky and gross.” I say as I jump down. The Cola bomb goes off and the jester and his crew start fighting me. BatFold and Thomas jump down kicking the Pig mask and the face making him weep all the way home. He punches the frog mask in the gut rather than turning it into a prince the frog runs away crying. The Batman mask’s finger puppet is clearly a Bane puppet.
“I will break your back!” He screams a wild threat as I kick his back and he falls to the floor. The Jester and his “girlfriend” run away. Batfold in hand, he picks up the last person laying on the concrete. The batman mask. He reveals the mask.

It’s an unknown boy.

A kid who isn’t from here.

He isn’t my age, but Thomas’s.  Thomas then asks, “Who are you?”
“My lips are sealed.””Where did you get this origami?”
“I folded this one.”
“ Give me the Bane.”

“Give me the Bane!” Thomas’s Fist goes into a grip, about to punch him. The kid flinches.

“Here.” He gives the Bane. A weak small model, “Please! Let me go!” he screams. “I’ll take the mask and your puppet. Run home.” The kid makes a break for it. Thomas, turned around, looks back. The kid also stops and looks at him.

“Wait, who are you?” The kid whimpers.

“I’m Batfold!” He holds up his origami finger puppet and makes a big smile. The kid runs and runs.

“Gosh. That felt good to say that. Let’s do this again sometimes, Foldbin!” and we start to walk on home.

Chapter 3: The News.


So, my best friends, Thomas, and Hansel, went on a trip last night. They want to do more missions, but according to Hansel, JC wasn’t at school today. I texted him, but his Mom responded, rather than him:
“Hey man, why weren’t you at school today?”


“This is JC’s Mom, he went out last night and didn’t return, I thought he was at your house.”
“No… I saw him leave the house, with his origami Henri Ducrease on his finger.”
“Henry Ducrease? Oh my gosh… not this again. I have to go, thank you CJ.”
Again?! Huh? After making some Kool-Aid, I ran straight upstairs to Thomas, his door closed, I knock.
“Thomas! I’m coming in!” I hear struggling from the other side of the door.
“Thomas! Stop!”

“CJ, Help!” I kick the door open, on the floor he is fighting against a girl in a cat mask.

“OH MY GOSH,” I scream, I take the jug full of Kool-Aid and pour it on the girl.

“Mmm. Cherry! Give me back OriBane’s mask!” The girl looks up at me, “You!” Her green eyes pierce through my soul, “You have the mask, do you?” I froze as if Mr. Freeze shot me with his Ice Ray. I don’t know what to say, but I mumble:

“What happened to Henri Ducrease and JC?” She looks back at me, she fully understood me. Her eye twitches, a sign of she knows something.

“It is you! Tell me where it is!”

“Never! In fact, I don’t know.”

“Fine, I will tell my group on you guys, so be warned!” She runs off. I start to clean up the Kool-Aid because I don’t want Dad to get mad. Thomas wipes himself off.

“Who was that person?” I ask.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, I just want to continue training.”
“I guess you don’t care, but JC didn’t come home last night.”
“He didn’t come home, his mom had his phone.”

“Why? I thought he had some test today.” Then he had a face of ‘oh my gosh I just realized why he didn’t come home last night’.

“No wonder he wanted me to return him the mask! No wonder he wanted some sort of reward! It’s because he is… um… Starting a collection of masks? Maybe he went to Big Pat’s all night mask store. I need to find him so I can give it back to him.”

“Big Pats All Night Mask Store?! That smelly place?”  “Yeah! Let’s check.” So we went off to Pats lame mask shop. It had it all, pig masks, frog masks and even vampire masks! I just wished they used Febreeze’s Ivy scent regularly. Thomas, wearing a hoody, and I wearing my caddy clothes we walk in. He walks around the place and finds a masquerade mask in the shape of Batman’s logo. He tries it on and buys it.
“Hey, um, have you seen someone that goes by the name JC?”
“Why, no, I actually haven’t … the only person that has been in here other than me was a boy wearing a Dallas Cowboys hoody with dirty blonde wavy hair.”
“That’s… Joe.””Yeah, the kid had a stutter. Poor bro.” We run straight out of the place. I hold up my origami Alfred “Master OriWayne, where to next?”

“We are heading for music lessons.”
“What? Oh Master OriWayne, I didn’t know you were taking piano lessons!”

“What? No… I am going to talk to Joe.” We get to Kanger, and we knock on the door, it opens up, and we walk to music lessons. He opens the door.”Hey, Joe. I came to listen to your music.””Oh! Um… Okay!” He starts to play Jingle bells and he sings along with it, off key. The lessons end and Joe starts to talk with us.

“Hey, man… Um… How are you?”
“Fine,” I say. I do all the talking because Joe is frightened of Thomas. “Have you seen JC?”

“Yeah, he is at my home. He spent the night with some of my friends and watched the house while we went and bought some snacks.”
“I need to see him… Please take us to him.” We go to his house. It looks small and normal for a house, nothing like Thomas’, although his dad is the boss of a big corporation right now. Inside is nothing special either, he has his own room, and that’s where we found JC. He is distracted, building a giant pit in Minecraft. “JC?” Thomas says he nudges him. “JC?” A harder nudge and he snaps out of it.

“Hey, man! What’s going on?”

“JC, your mom wants you home, like, right now,” I say
“What?!” He looks at the clock, “OH NO.” He runs on home.
“Thank you Joe, we have to get going.”
“Okay bye!” He says as he gets on his PS4. We join JC, and we go to his house. His Mom gives him a hug and he said that he forgot to tell her that he was spending the night at Joe’s house.”JC, I got to talk to you,” Thomas says. They go upstairs.
Chapter 4 -The Chit-Chat

By Thomas

We go upstairs, and he sits down. I pull out the mask.
“Here you go.”
“Oh thank you!”
“Well, my job is done.”
“No, I need to give you something.” He takes out a gift card to Best Buy.
“Take it and use it as you please.” I hand it back to him.

“I don’t want it.”
“Wait, you’re not going to insist for me to have it?”
“No. I just have another thing you guys need to do.” He takes out a flyer,                          “Tomorrow is going to be the Science fair. I need you to study the kid’s projects, in case one could be potentially dangerous.”
“Alright. But I want 1 bag of Buncha Crunch.” I say. I tell him goodbye and I go to the bathroom. Through the vent I hear him say something, it sounded distorted, so here is what I got.
“Yes… them … I um mean ready to… um… help with the Science Fair.” I shrugged it off and went home, I told Hansel and I called up JC’s sister Emily. ”Hey, Emily!”
“What Thomas?”
“Get to my house, quick, and bring any origami JC may have folded!”
“Alright.” She comes over with a Talia al Ghul finger puppet, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. It’s clearly shaped like Batman the animated series. Clothing is fully black except for a silver belt, but her hair is folded to look like the dark knight, and her eyes are light green like in the Arkham series.

“What do you want?” She asks.
“Do you want to go to the science fair with Hansel and I?” I ask.

“Really? You have me over just for this?”
“Yeah” “Well, where does the origami come in?”
“JC asks us to use them.”
“Has he gone origami crazy again?”
“Oh no! That means he is turning flat out insane!”  “No, he wouldn’t do that!”

“Yes, he would!”

“I know JC, he would never do that!”
“I was born when JC was 3! I know JC would do this!”
“Fine. You know what, you are right. And I’m not going to fight you. Let’s stop chit-chatting and let’s get to making a plan.” We sit down at a table and we are looking for ideas.
“Maybe we could fold normal origamis, and keep them in our pockets with tape recorders, and then we can deliver back to JC.” Hansel says”No, don’t do this. Please! You’re just going to please JC for his play-”
“Gosh, if I knew you were going to go all crazy, we shouldn’t have invited you. Hansel, continue please.” Hansel shakes his head and Emily bails.

“Alright. So…”

Chapter 5 – The Plan and Execution of the said plan

By Hansel

Our plan was to both go to school the next day and look at the projects. We will lie and tell the kids that we are taking notes for a school report in science for extra credit. Which is what I’ll do, so I can be more legit. If we see a group of kids huddled, we will barge in and try to fit in. Since Thomas is so charismatic, he can talk to legit anyone. He will carry a tape recorder and if anything is going on he will turn it on. I’m carrying my phone so I can record videos, and when kids talk for too long I can play some cookie clickers. CJ actually decided to join us. So he will tell us in English the science fair thingies in a simpler fashion.

The next day I almost forgot my glasses because I was so excited. Another adventure! Yippee! We walk into the cafeteria and there it was, a huge banner saying “Kanger’s School’s Science Fair!” My friend, Leo, is a roboticist. He loves robots and he has been really fascinated with this new 3D printer that the Science room has. He constantly tells me about this robotic 3D arm that can transform. Each time he talks he has this sort of gleam in his eye. He claims his arm is full proof and he thinks he will get accepted into Virginia’s High school for the Talented near McQuarrie Elementary. Hey, if he makes this he should get a noble prize! The Science fair is normal; Volcanoes, Models of neutrons. There wasn’t that good of ones. Joe and a group of his friends were there.

“Hey, man!”  I say as I high five Joe.
“Yo! What’s um…?” He sees Thomas and makes a weird face, “Up? You see those judges over there?” He points to the three judges standing at Leo’s place.


“Well, they are going to see Leo’s project. I hope he wins…” He slurs the word wins, and he watches.
“Record this Hansel, please?” Thomas asks. I take out my phone and start recording.

“Introducing the 3D hand! It’s a 3D printed arm like a glove made of plastic! Inside this is little computer chips with buttons on them. Now watch.” He places it on him, and he types something on the computer. “I am now going to turn my hand into a hammer!” He presses a button, and it transforms. Oohs and aahs go across the room. “Now, for defense, I will make it a small shield.” He presses another button, and the bright orange crusty looking cover now expands slightly as a shield. More oohs and ahhs fill the area. “And it’s simple to remove too! Just watch.” He presses a button to make it come off and it doesn’t.
“What?” He presses again.
“This doesn’t make any since! Dad told me I can just take it off with this button… but it’s…” He groans.
“Tightening!” He passes out.

Chapter 6: The News and the Change.


Hansel ran over to help his friend, who was being carried away. He ran after the ambulance all the way to the hospital. I said I will meet them there, and Thomas ran after Hansel.

“Hansel, wait!”

I place a USB into the computer and download the files for this, afterwards, I go and use the bathroom, and, when I walked out into the hallway, Joe, and his friends were standing there… laughing.

“And he was all like ‘OH MY HAND!’”  Joe screams.

“Yeah and then he is like ‘it’s tightening’!” This girl says.

“Idiot, he should’ve tested it on another person so he can see the changes we made!” Joe says. They still haven’t noticed me. But wait. They did this to Leo? What kind of bullying is this?

“Maybe this will scare Batfold out of his socks… Or do I mean Thomas? By your description, Jacob, that’s clearly Thomas. Maybe he will get so scared, he will go into hiding and Dad will fully have the business. Man, Ra’s Al Fold seems to have them tricked.”

“Hey!” I scream.

“Oh no. We have a listener gang. You know what to do.” Jacob, this burly kid takes out a baseball bat. I run. I run and I run. Straight to the hospital. I get on the floor and I hear Leo scream.

“What? If they take it off, I may lose my dominant hand? And it’s so tight, my arm practically can fall apart?” Leo asks. If only he knew.

“I will be made fun of! That school doesn’t understand! I am a cyborg! People should start call me DeeToo! I’m a monster!” He gets up and runs. Behind him, he gets out a finger puppet. In the middle of the hallway he slowly turns around.

“I am PleatFace,” The origami ClayFace says, “And this is Robo-hand!” He runs off.

“Come back Leo!” We all had a shaken up night. Late at night I went to Thomas’s room.

“Hey, Thomas… Um…”
“You know how I went to the bathroom after you all ran off?”

“Well, Joe and his gang were laughing all over how Leo’s arm got stuck. They said that they caused it!”
“That doesn’t make since!”
“He said that he knows you are Batfold, and he wants this to be a warning in a way to scare you out of not inheriting Citizen Wayne’s corporation!”
“Never! This can’t happen! He is too much of a poindexter!”

“That’s the role that he plays! He has been using this role for so long, but his little groupies are the ones that know who he really is.”
“He really is insane. I’m going to do something about it.”

“He mentioned something about a Ra’s al Fold…”

Chapter 7: OH NO

By Thomas.

The next day, I went to CJ’s room. He wasn’t there, I searched around and couldn’t find him. His window was opened and a note was left on his bed.
“Taken to the storage room. Meet me at 10:00 PM. ~Orijoker, Goons, Sink-Fold-Bane, and Harley Blintz” Shoot! Shoot shoot… SHOOT! I have only been scouting once! But what would Batman do? He has been solving mysteries that end up to a fight scene… So maybe that’s what I should do! I should have time to prepare. But then… I heard a knock on the door.”Who could that be at this hour?” I ask myself. I open the door. It’s Emily.

“Hey, JC ran off.”

“Again? Where?” I ask.

“He said he is going to look for his Pokémon cards in the storage, but I couldn’t find any trace of him. The door wasn’t even opened.” It came to me now. Henri Ducrease in Batman Begins worked under Ra’s Al Ghul… JC is Ra’s Al Fold! He has been wanting me to test his people, the people that were at the truck raid where the people that JC was with. The people that left to go “Shopping”! He told OriJoker/ Joe to get somebody to not make Leo’s arm retract, but to constrict… That must mean… His arm CAN be fixed! Someone can hack into it and fix up his arm, Leo was in such a fit of rage he didn’t realize it.

“JC is Ra’s Al Fold!” I scream.

“Yeah, that’s what I was trying to tell you yesterday.”

“I think he wants to meet me at 10:00 PM at the huge storage place.”

“Ok. Phred and I want to help.” How did I not realize Phred’s curly hair?

“Phred doesn’t know what to do!”

“She’s taken Karate classes.” She kicks Hansel in the face. His origami “Pleat Grayson” comes out of his hand. He falls to the floor.

“She’s in the team,” he grumbles. I quickly fold her an origami Batgirl and I hand it to her.

“Welcome to the team, Phred. I promise I will make a better Batgirl for you.” We walk into the basement.

“Okay, so what we want to do is walk in and take out each person one by one. So there where these goons, oriJoker, Sink-Fold-Bane, Harley Blintze, and Ra’s Al Fold. 5 people. We currently have four on our team. We are all okay with hand to hand combat, so… we should just bombard.” I say.

“But what if Leo comes into the picture?” Hansel asks.

“I think CJ had a USB with all of the computer data, someone good with computers, change the code to retract that constrict, please,” Emily gets up and fixes it. It takes her and hour to do it but she completes it.

“If Leo comes. We should hold him down and plug the USB into his arm. Then we should press the button.” I say.

“Alright. What weapons will we use?” Emily asks.

“Fists. We know hand-to-hand combat.”

“Oh ok.” She responds.

“Now let’s get training!”

Chapter 8- The Final Fight.

By Thomas

The time comes for us to battle these bullies… or sickos. We ride our bikes to the area. All of us wearing masks, we sneak into the big storage depot. It’s pitch black and scary. Then the lights come on. There CJ is, strapped up and tied to a chair. Out comes Joe with a finger puppet of the Joker.

“Hah! Tsk tsk. It seems that your friend knows a little too much… Thomas.”

“Joe! I thought we were cool! You don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, but Tom… It just wouldn’t make it fun. I guess this is the time when the BatFold gets shredded. Better be glad that no one else had to get hurt because of you.”

“You’re never going to hurt me or my,” I snap my fingers, and my friends rise up, “Friends.”

“Fine. Jenna and Harley, Jacob and Sink-Fold-Bane, Goons, and… JC with Ra’s Al Fold… Rise.” He lets out a loud laugh. They all get up.  I hold up my Batfold.

“My friends and I are the heroes that Kanger deserve! We will destroy you! Go team go!” We start to run towards the middle of the area, and we start to throw punches with our puppets on our fingers. Emily and Joanne punch each other in the face at the same time. They fall over and pass out. I’m fighting both JC and Joe.

“You know, I thought you guys would give more effort,” I say.

“I was just trying to see if my group knew who to take on you guys at the truck raid,” JC says. Phred and Hansel are fighting OriBane and I realize they aren’t going to win. I run around JC and Joe and I kick Jacob on the leg, he falls over and his little bag puppet Bane falls off his hand.

“Thanks, Thomas,” Hansel and Phred say. Then their heads get clonked together.

“What?” I ask Phred and Hansel pass out. JC and Joe versus Me and Batfold.

“I guess the Bat is in the cage!” Joe screams. I ran behind a crate. “Batty, Batty, let me wake you up with my bat!”

“Wait, JC, why are you doing this?” I ask JC. I know I was risking of blowing my cover.

“You know, Thomas… I don’t know… I guess it’s just the Origami. I have these phases and I realize… it’s not me doing this… It’s the origami.” I hear him fall to the floor and I hear paper being torn… I made him realize what he was doing! Yes!

“You know, I’m just going to go home.” JC opens up the door and he walks home.

“POOP!” I scream. JC, tired, looked back into the place.  “Oh and by the way, some kid with a clay like arm is running here.” Oh no, he’s coming! I run straight up to Joe and I punch and kick.
“Ouch! I’m going to need modeling clay on my face after this beating, “he faints. In comes Leo.

“I’m a monster! I am so MAD. I had such good dreams for the future and this ruined it! My arm looks like a crab!” I’m already tired, but I still walk up to Leo, because that’s what Batman would do.

“Leo! It’s on the inside is what counts!” I go in for a hug and he breaks down into tears.

“I can never be normal!” I shove the USB into the slot.

“Life has changed for the worst! I feel like the thing!” The arm beeps “Download complete, controls changed.” I go out of the hug and I press the button. It slides straight off. It’s all pale because his arm and hand have lost all circulation. In fact, I wonder how often he passed out. He sure did just now. Eventually, everyone woke up on my side.
“Is JC better?” Was the first thing Emily and Phred asked?
“Yay!” They ran all the way home. I untied CJ, and Hansel woke up too.            “Well, we did it, guys. We’ve solved the mystery!” Cheers and a huge ice cream fiesta followed.

The End

My Plan for the Future

By Joe.

I swear I will change JC back to my side and when I do, we will come back stronger than ever. I just hope we don’t get anyone new. I can’t believe I’m stuck in therapy. Dad says that by the time your older Thomas, we will all be living in the Bahamas. Yet, I will continue to torment you. However, the one thing we promise we won’t do is tell everybody in school, unless they join my side. Just as long as you don’t tell anybody that I stutter on purpose. Goodbye and Good Riddens.

  1. Thanks for the mention, Luke. However, I think you might be better off working with the New EU, as the old one (this one) is no longer being used.

  2. Oh! sick! okay. I will also post it on that.

  3. You know what? I think I should stay a little longer to help Stooky. Let’s do this, guys.

  4. Please send me a request 🙂

  5. I put my email on here, and I realized that I shouldn’t so I deleated it.

  6. I am hereby giving you permission to copy and paste my story on the new eu!

  7. Woohoo!

  8. origamiluke100

    Kanger middle school… Odd… The one school in a whole neighborhood. Have you tried Wade’s soup, JC? Anyways, this is the wrong place… same year, though…

  9. This is a good sorry, but it did NOT age well.

  10. OrigamiLuke1002

    Hey! So, I’ve lost my old account email, but it’s really me, OrigamiLuke100. I’m not fully returning, however, I got to agree with Supreme Leader Skywalker.
    This was made in 2015. At the time of me writing it, I was in 7th grade. I’m in the 11th grade now. It totally didn’t age well. There are grammatical, spelling, and story structure issues all over the place.
    If I was to rewrite it, I’m not sure what exactly I’d do. I know for a fact I would:
    -Not name him Thomas (What a dummy decision on my part, it would mix up everyone.)
    -Not give silly titles to the chapters. If I was to do that, it would be like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, where the titles are, in a way, a summary of the chapter. Chapter 7, for example, is titled “OH NO,” where I would’ve titled it something like “A friend turned enemy.”
    -Be serious, somewhat. Now, of course, I wouldn’t go all DCCU, and make everything gritty and real. I would rather do it like the MCU, where it’s serious yet silly. It’s a mistake for early writers to think the only way a story could be serious, is if it’s all sad and depressing. No! You can write a serious story and still have the occasional humor.
    -Exclude so many exclamation marks. The exclamation mark, in my opinion, should be used sparingly. When a reader is reading something like this, which has ~152 exclamation marks, it gives off the feeling that I am YELLING EVERYTHING!!! And that could draw readers away.
    -Improve on characters. Characters like Thomas must be somewhat complex as the character he’s based on, Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne and Thomas share similar backstories, with parents being gone and whatnot. I think if Hansel and Thomas’ story was to begin at the funeral, and that’s what causes Thomas to realize just what this world he lives in is, he will go home and shut himself off. People will find him odd, an outcast after his parents passed away. So, he turns to Comics and whatnot. At the beginning of school, it’s clear he’s different than he was at the end of last year.
    -The 3D printed Clayface thing was really neat. Could’ve been improved on, however.
    Simply put, it could be improved on. If the new admins would ever want to see a rebirth version (Which would be hilarious), I’d consider it.
    I’m extremely glad to see this site going on, and it feels great to see both new and old faces.

  11. OrigamiLuke100

    Also, I’ve gotten started on a new story, however, I’m not even sure if it will be posted on here or posted ever.

  12. Call me SLS.

    Also, technically they’re still accepting OYEU Legends stories, as long as they’re before the events of the last chronological OYEU Legends book. Except there’s one problem: the OYEU is currently on hiatus.

  13. OrigamiLuke100

    I’ve started on a new Batfold. This plans to fix most problems I have with this. It’s going to be an origin story. This is no longer canon to the “Batfold canon” as I’ve now called it. This Batfold story will hopefully have improved characters, story, and make it more down to earth.
    By down to earth, I’m talking removing the clay face arm character, and a few other things to prevent it from getting too crazy.
    Thomas isn’t the character’s name anymore. It’s now Alan Wade.
    I don’t know when Ill finish it, or if it’s ever posted here. If it is: I hope y’all enjoy it. If not, oh well. It’s a good writing exercise for me.

  14. You know, we were almost completely ignoring the OYEU Legends in the months before you came back.

  15. OrigamiLuke100

    I do hope that legends do make a return. I remember some members were writing things like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, and that we had a whole other site for this. I love Fold of the Rings and the MOU. It’s neat to see whole new characters and, in a way, builds the world of the OYEU.

  16. Oh the OY Legends will return…

    once they start doing OYEU stories again. I’m gonna be submitting Foldo: A Star Wars Story. It takes place between books 2 and 3 of the original Origami Yoda series, and it follows Sara and Amy meeting together for the first time. I’m about to spoil the whole plot for Foldo right now. I hope you don’t tell anyone.

    P.S. This will only makes sense if you’ve seen Solo.

    The prologue happens when Sara is in fourth grade. She’s a year away from meeting Tommy, and she has a crush: Jacob. Yes, the Jacob that wielded Papertine in the regular OYEU stories. But one day Jacob moves to Noah’s family, who, at that time, live far away from McQuarrie. Sara is heartbroken that he left, and she enlists into military school. Yes, military school. For some reason a fourth-grader is enlisting into a military school. Remember, these are the OYEU Legends, not the normal OYEU, so anything could happen.
    It then cuts to fifth grade. Sara is only a few months from meeting Tommy for the first time, and she is still in military school. After training one day with her captain, Beckett (yes I’m so unoriginal that I use the same name as the actual movie character), Beckett says to get away from the military camp. Beckett then, for some reason, asks a few other military captains to take her away becuase she was “thinking about deserting.”
    She meets a fellow fifth-grader named Amy in the prisoner cell, who doesn’t live so far away from McQuarrie, and when she was shipped to military school, she got separated from her crush, who is Lance. Yes, Lance appears a few times in this one. Though they start out antagonistic towards each other, they soon come up with a plan to escape from the military camp. As Beckett, his friend, Blu, and Beckett’s girlfriend, Vanessa, are about to escape the camp also in a stolen car, Beckett feels bad for Sara and Amy and lets them into the backseat of the car, where we DON’T get an awkward shower scene, becuase we don’t wanna see Sara and Amy naked in a bathtub.
    Then it cuts to between Darth Paper Strikes Back and The Fortune Wookiee.
    Beckett and his gang are planning to raid a train which carries a couple gallons of unstable gasoline which can make a 20-year-old car from the late 1980s go around the whole United States in one day (remember, again, these are the OY Legends). Sara and Amy team up one more time with them for the heist.
    Suddenly, a few cosplayers with stormtrooper helmets on attack Sara and Amy and Beckett and the gang. These are early followers of Supreme Leader Coke. Yes, he is exiting in this one. As the train starts speeding, the stormtrooper cosplayers throw Vanessa off the train and into a nearby river. I know. Kinda dark. 😬 Suddenly, a bunch of Boy Scouts see the battle going on. The Boy Scouts, seeing the stormtroopers, think that if they put on stormtrooper helmets themselves, they will blend in with them, only to attack the troopers from the inside. One of the Boy Scouts has brought along a bunch of weird-looking stormtrooper helmets for an unknown and very random reason, and the Scouts put them on. They call themselves the “Cloud-Riders.” The leader of the Boy Scout group’s name is Enfys Middleton.
    Beckett’s gang think that the Cloud-Riders are with the stormtrooper cosplayers, and then one of the real stormtrooper cosplayers throws Blu onto the train-tracks. Right before it happens, Rio gives some advice to Sara, and he says, “Die together, not alone, kid,” before getting thrown onto the tracks and then killed offscreen.
    As Sara mourns Blu, Amy reminds her about the gasoline, and they go into the train compartment where it is located and secure the gallons of gas. As the Cloud-Riders close in on the stormtroopers, Beckett mistakes them for heading for him, Sara, and Amy, so he tells Amy to come and fight the troopers with him while Sara is supposed to JUMP from the train with the gasoline in her hands. Beckett and Enfys duel while Sara is both carrying the very heavy gallons of gasoline while being mercilessly chased by the troopers. Sara, who is starting to give up, drops the gas onto the ground, which causes most of the train to explode. The stormtrooper cosplayers don’t survive, while Beckett, Sara, Amy, Enfys, and half of the Cloud-Riders survive. Wow. How lucky. 😛
    Beckett scolds Sara for losing the gasoline. He has to now pay his debts to Yajath, who is the leader of a group of middle school bullies called the Crimson Dawn.

    My note: SF CrimsonDawn’s real name is Yajath.

    The trio see Yajath’s fancy yacht in the distant, floating in the middle of the lake where the stormtrooper cosplayers killed Vanessa. They go to the yacht, where for some reason, Sara sees Jacob working for Yajath, who gave him a temporary tattoo on his arm, of the Crimson Dawn symbol, like how Dryden Vos branded Qi’ra in Solo. Yajath wields an origami Dryden Vos.
    Beckett makes a deal with Yajath, who tells him and his gang to find a gas station on the same street where the Quikpick is located, which is run by a gas station owner named Sam. Sam loves Star Wars and wields an origami Quay Tolsite. Yajath insists that Jacob goes with Beckett and the gang.
    Later, Beckett says that in the explosion of the train, he lost the stolen car from earlier in the book. Jacob says he knowns another underage guy who has a stolen car.
    It then goes back a few weeks before, when the ending of Darth Paper Strikes Back was only a few days away. Kellen is seen getting bullied for not being “cool enough” and having “cheap clothes.” Kellen cries in the corner of his bedroom later that day, where he decides to become cooler. Then…he puts a blue cape on.

    Back to the main story! They go into the local QuikPick, where, in the back of the store, they find Kellen playing poker while wielding an origami Lando Calrissian. Kellen is confused to see Sara and Amy with a few strangers (A.K.A. Jacob and Beckett). Kellen and Sara play a card game. If Sara wins, she gets Kellen’s stolen car, which he calls,“The Falcon.”
    Sara loses, but Kellen decides to help a friend out anyway, and decides to join Beckett’s crew for the mission to the gas station. Cassie is there. She wields Origami L3 and has a secret crush on Kellen which doesn’t blossom until Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus.
    While driving to the gas station, Cassie has a talk with Jacob, saying that dealing with their crushes can be hard. Jacob decides to disguise himself as an adult who needs some gasoline to fix his car. While looking for jackets in the back of the Falcon, where Kellen stores all his capes and jackets, she encounter Sara. Sara and Jacob have a big ol’ make out session before Beckett interrupts them and says they’ve arrived at the gas station.

    We then see another flashback, which is almost as sad as Kellen’s. Amy, who is in fourth grade, is an origami-making machine, but is afraid that she will be ridiculed by people for liking origami, who everyone at her elementary school thinks is a “boy thing.”

    Now back to the main story one last time! No more flashbacks!
    Amy then decides to tell Sara her origami secret, as long as Sara keeps it secret. Sara promises to keep it private and Amy folds an origami A New Hope-style Han Solo for Sara. But Amy made a mistake, and Han Foldo’s whole body is black instead of just his vest. Sara then wraps a cute little paper Solo-style jacket over Han Foldo’s black “undershirt.” Amy folds an origami Chewbacca for her to wield, but makes a mistake once again and gives Chewie a Sol-style bandolier and not a regular bandolier. Cassie, entering the gas station with Sam and Jacob, sees a bunch of homeless people working at the gas station, and not getting much of a sladfy for their hard work. Jacob then kills Sam and rips Origami Quay Tolsite in half. Cassie doesn’t feel bad for Sam but feels bad for Origami Quay Tolsite, so she folds Origami Quay Tolsite into an Origami Qi’ra for Jacob. Jacob accepts, though Qi’ra is a girl, not a boy. As Beckett, Sara, and Amy secure the gasoline, Cassie tells the homeles people that Sam is gone, and that now they are free. Cassie starts a homeless people revolution with them in the parking lot of the gas station, and in all the chaos, a police officer rips Cassie’s L3 in half, and the cop tasers Cassie. Kellen becomes angry and, in a fit, carries Cassie and L3 to the car, where Beckett and the gang escape with the gasoline.

  17. OrigamiLuke100

    Neato! excited to read it.

  18. I’ll post the rest of the plot later.

  19. Okay, here’s the rest of the plot:

    As Kellen drags the unconscious Cassie into the car, the cop tries to taser Kellen. The cop semi-fails, and Kellen is stuck with a wound mark on his arm, like how Lando’s arm got injured in the midst of the droid revolution in Solo.
    As Kellen mourns Cassie, Sara says that they could plug her brain into an outlet in the car (don’t try that at home, kids) until Cassie has enough energy to wake up from being unconscious. Kellen reluctantly agrees with the plan, and Cassie’s mind is applied into the Falcon. Suddenly, it starts to rain, and a blockade of police cruisers appear to fight the Falcon. Eventually the crew make it out of the blockade alive, but then a herd of police dogs appear, replacing the space monster that chased the Millennium Falcon in Solo, and as they drive and drive and drive through the streets of Roanoke and escape the dogs, Beckett says to Sara, “You did it.”
    Sara asks Jacob what Beckett means, and Jacob says Sara drove the Kilometer Run in 12 parsecs. Then Amy holds up the Fortune Wookie and says “Only if you round down!” The rest of Beckett’s crew laughs, not knowing what she means at all. Oh, except for the wounded Kellen. He doesn’t laugh because when Sara made the Kilometer Run, she really scratched and beat the Falcon, as she is a sixth-grader and doesn’t know how to drive. Oh, and also because he’s injured and Cassie is basically dead.
    They go to a junkyard with a medium-sized lake in the middle of it, where they are to meet up with Yajath on his yacht. Suddenly the Cloud-Riders appear to confront Beckett, who tried to kill Enfys back on the train when they were dueling. Sara makes a bluff that if Enfys tries to kill any of them, Kellen will pilot the Falcon to run over all the of the Cloud-Riders.
    Kellen, who is recording the “Chronicles of Kellen Campbell and Origami Calrissian,” his own e-book, hear this, and Kellen is about to take off without Beckett and his crew when Cassie suddenly wakes up. Kellen plugs her out of the car outlet and kisses her. The couple then drive away.

    All OY fanboys: THIS HAPPENS?

    Me: Yep. And before Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus, when things become official between them.

    Beckett, who is mad at Sara for triggering Kellen, ignores Sara and goes up to Enfys. Enfys, who contemplates killing Beckett right then and there in her head, calms down and walks away from Beckett and Sara and the others, saying “let’s discuss this all over drinks.”
    They go to the local bar, where Enfys explains how they became the Cloud-Riders and why Beckett mistakenly thought they were hunting him and Sara and Amy down back when the train heist happened. Enfys also says that before the main events of Foldo: A Star Wars Story, the Crimson Dawn was kind of a nuisance to the former Boy Scout troop turned Cloud-Riders.
    Enfys and Jacob and Sara talk, and Sara says that he will get “some of that good ol’ cheddar cheese later today.” As Sara talks away, Enfys asks Jacob what Sara meant. Jacob simply says, “He’s gonna help you.”
    Yajath arrives and Sara gives him the gasoline on his yacht. Yajath reveals his true motives: the gasoline is fake, and he had an inside man all along: Beckett. Beckett reveals he has the real gasoline, and forces Amy to hold the canisters of gas for him. Beckett then kidnaps Amy and the two escape the yacht. Jacob comes out of nowhere and Yajath tries to convince him to be on his side, but they are interrupted by Sara, who duels with Yajath. Jacob also fights alongside Sara. Yajath then strikes Sara down to the floor and says Jacob is faking this all, and that he’s really on his side. Right after he finishes his sentence, Jacob stabs Yajath in the neck, killing him. Jacob says for Sara to go down and rescue Amy, and that she will catch up with him after that. Sara reluctantly agrees, makes out with Jacob one last time, and then leaves in a hurry to rescue her old friend, Amy.
    As Sara catches up with Beckett and Amy, Beckett is about to duel with Sara, when Sara suddenly gets out a blaster, tells Beckett the gasoline canisters that Amy’s holding are the real fakes, and she shoots Beckett. As Sara goes up to the dying Beckett, he says that Sara made the right choice by shooting him. Beckett dies and Sara just cries there for a couple minutes.
    Jacob then turns on a hologram using Yajath’s Crimson Dawn ring, and the true leader of Crimson Dawn appears and takes off his hood, revealing himself: Arthur, a high school student wielding an origami Darth Maul. Jacob lies and says Beckett stole the real canisters of gasoline. Arthur says Jacob will meet up with him at McQuarrie later that week and that they will find out how to “deal with the traitor Beckett and his lonesome gang of fools.” Arthur turns on his plastic lightsaber as the hologram closes. Jacob then goes to the window of the Yacht, where Sara just looks up at Jacob. Sara understands that Jacob has a new life as a leader of Crimson Dawn alongside Arthur, and Sara and Amy walk away.
    The next day, they head to the parking lot of McQuarrie, where Kellen is playing an outdoor game of poker. Sara is about to punch Kellen in the face, but Kellen, who is happy that he and Cassie are a couple and wants to stay happy, hugs Sara to avoid her punching him. Sara and Kellen start playing poker, and Sara wins, winning the Falcon. A frustrated Kellen just stands there and Sara and Amy admire their new car, the Falcon. Sara then remembers Beckett saying something about a teacher at McQuarrie Middle looking for smugglers for hire. Sara says that Han Foldo and the Fortune Wookiee would make perfect smugglers. Amy says that when she’s in public, she wants Sara to wield her origami puppets. So Sara wields the Fortune Wookiee and Han Foldo. As that happens, God sees Sara and Jacob from Heaven and grants them the ultimate dream: he fixes Han Foldo, giving him a white undershirt and a black vest like in A New Hope, and he fixes the Fortune Wookiee’s bandolier.
    Sara enters the school with Amy. Later, at lunchtime, Sara decides that the time is ready. She goes up to Tommy and the gang, and they see the Fortune Wookiee for the first time. Then the book ends. Yep. The last scene of Foldo: A Star Wars Story is the part of The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee where Tommy and the others see the Fortune Wookiee for the first time.

    There would maybe be origami instructions for Solo-style Han Foldo and Solo-style Chewbacca after the last scene. Maybe. I would much prefer there to be a “bonus scene” included after the end of Foldo’s last scene, and this would be it:

    [Kellen, wearing bathrobes, come out of the bathroom in his house and stares at the fourth wall, breaking it.]

    [Kellen puts on a Deadpool mask.]

    Kellen: Go home. It’s over. Nothing else to see. Also, Cassie dumped me because I tried to see if I could get Rhondella back. Oh well, we’ll be a couple again in the sixth book. Oh, and Jabba the Puppett’s gonna be in the sequel.

    Also, I’ve already wrote this VERY LONG plot summary for Foldo: A Star Wars Story, so you know what? Let someone else write the story itself. I already did AAAALLLLLL this. And I don’t wanna sound snooty, but at least give me some credit for the story…or maybe label me as the author of the story or something, since I created it in the first place. I dunno. There could be a disclaimer at the beginning saying how someone else was the real one who wrote the official version of Foldo, and that I just created it and wrote the whole plot summary and bonus scene for it.

    (And at least a small bit credit should be given to Mega3, who created the title “Foldo: A Star Wars Story.”)

  20. OrigamiLuke100

    If you don’t want to write it, you have a good start. I urge anyone to write, man. Give it a try. You have a set idea, now you just gotta build it up.

  21. As in me write it? But I’ve already come up with a very detailed plot description and a Deadpool-style bonus scene. Also, later tonight I will post all the character descriptions and a more detailed description of the prologue scenes in Solo where Sara is in fourth grade. I’ll even show a few scenes for Foldo that O’ve already written down.

  22. I’m saying that you should write about it.
    Basically, what you have right now is a chapter summary for each chapter, how they go down, what goes down in it. You have the characters planned, you have everything planned. Now you just have to put those ideas into words and dialogue and details.
    Let’s take your beginning part, for example:
    You wrote: “. She’s a year away from meeting Tommy, and she has a crush: Jacob. Yes, the Jacob that wielded Papertine in the regular OYEU stories. But one day Jacob moves to Noah’s family, who, at that time, live far away from McQuarrie. Sara is heartbroken that he left, and she enlists into military school. Yes, military school. For some reason a fourth-grader is enlisting into a military school. Remember, these are the OYEU Legends, not the normal OYEU, so anything could happen.”
    So, start off the story with just that. Hop straight into it!
    The OY books followed the common “Origami Yoda and the-” Sequence. the upcoming batfold story is going to have each chapter based on the title of a Batman comic (Batfold’s secret files and origins, Batfold Incorporated, etc.) Because your story is based off of Solo: A star wars story, maybe the titles could be a play on the soundtrack? The soundtrack is basically the story chapters of a movie (Chapter 0 is called the adventures of Han, Chapter 1 is Meet Han, chapter 2 is Corellia chase, so on and so forth.) So maybe this prologue could be called “The adventures of Sara.” Which describes her joining the military school in great detail.
    Talk about the putrid stench of the bathrooms, just how disgusted Sara is all for some boy. maybe describe certain events that unfold while she’s there.
    There’s sara, alone, reeking because she had to scrub the toilets with a toothbrush. She realizes that she needs to escape, but she doesn’t have the guts nor the motivation to leave.
    I don’t know, just spewing ideas out right now.

  23. I’ll post the first chapter tomorrow afternoon then, considering me having school.

  24. OrigamiLuke100

    As I begin working on the Rebirth Batfold, I realize just how much my writing has improved. This community is what made me love writing, and I’m glad to return to it. I finally have a style.
    I wish Legends was split into two different parts, one with Origami Yoda stories that are no longer a part of the OYEU, and another for schools that never interact with McQuarrie Middle, or Kirby and Wheeler High, so they could be seen as a canon thing.

  25. What was the point of Dwight and the Laser again? And how come everyone saw it as a masterpiece except for a few people? It was only, like, five paragraphs long!

    Anyways, on with chapter one of Foldo, the Adventures of Sara…




    P.S. This will not be like any other OYEU story because the book cover with the origami puppet of Han Foldo will come after the Solo-style opening crawl and opening sequence, like how the Solo logo wasn’t revealed in Solo until after the crawl and opening sequence.
    Oh, and any words that might make my comment awaiting moderation will be spelled out, okay? And when they actually write Foldo for me using my manuscript, then it would be nice if they retyped the spelled-out words as regular words. Now on with the show…

    Sara tried to start the engine of the stolen car. She had just stole some precious hyper-unstable gasoline from a group of thugs on Main Street.
    Sara tried to start the engine. Then again. Finally, it turned on.
    “I don’t know how to drive this thing! What am I doing!” she yelled as the car suddenly started driving off into the night.
    Sara put a Cassie into the car’s VHS slot. It started playing her and her’s boyfriend’s favorite song.

    A few minutes later, Sara stopped driving. She saw the entrance of the sewer system. When Sara was in second grade, her mom got very sick. Then Sara decided to work for a criminal gang located in the sewers named the White Worms. They weren’t so nice, but at least they paid Sara so that one day she could give her mom the right amount of money for medications. Don’t worry, she’ll be cured by the start of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.
    Sara saw the White Worms leader named Maddox yell at a group of kids for playing chess near the entrance. Maddox held up his Moloch origami finger puppet. The children laughed. Then Maddox threatened to hurt them with his staff, so they left in a hurry.
    As Maddox walked away, I nervously went into the entrance. I saw Jacob. I ran up to him and kissed him. I said, “Do you know what I JUST DID?” she asked Jacob. She got the canister of gasoline out of her back pocket and handed it to Jacob. “For safe keepings,” she said. Jacob then kissed Sara instead of her kissing him. They both laughed and—Wait, why am I reading all this? This is getting kinda inappropriate, so, uh, let’s move on to the next scene…
    Moloch came up to the couple and said, “A canister of hyper-unstable gasoline? Hmm. Very good. Give it. Now.”
    Sara said, “We’ll never give it to you! We’re using this for our own private purposes!”
    “If you want the money to get your mother some medicine, I’ll have to give this to the boss.”
    Sara grabbed Jacob’s hand and ran out of there. “Let’s go!” she said as she and Jacob went into the car that Sara stole.

  26. I like it. I noticed that you suddenly changed perspective at this point: “As Maddox walked away, I nervously went into the entrance. I saw Jacob. I ran up to him and kissed him. I said, “Do you know what I JUST DID?” she asked Jacob. She got the canister of gasoline out of her back pocket and handed it to Jacob. “For safe keepings,” she said. Jacob then kissed Sara instead of her kissing him. They both laughed and—Wait, why am I reading all this? This is getting kinda inappropriate, so, uh, let’s move on to the next scene…”
    I understand it was for a joke, however, on the first time reading it, I noticed that it just kind of shot out of there. Was it from Sara’s diary? Was it the narrator as Sara? Typically a writer will pick a perspective and stick to it.
    The fourth wall break, although funny, could eventually get tiresome at times and should try to be avoided unless this story isn’t meant to be taken seriously, rather as a comic such as Deadpool, in which he addresses the audience as though they are a character in itself.

  27. Keep going at it! You can definitely improve throughout this process, we all believe in you.
    Also, Dwight and the Laser, from what I can determine, seems to be a late April Fools Joke.
    Most readers back then probably found it to be stooky because at the time other, longer stories were coming out, such as Fold of the Rings and the week of papertine. I guess readers wanted something short and sweet.

  28. I’m not going to be doing many fourth wall breaks in Foldo. There are gonna be a couple, but not too many that it gets repetitive. In Deadpool 2, the fourth wall breaks were mostly funny, but after a while they got repetitive. I won’t do too many. I promise.

    Also, the narrator in Foldo is actually a main character in it. The reveal of who the narrator is will come at the end of the book. Oh, and the narrator’s identity is not Sara, if you’re wondering.

  29. Oh, and thanks for the response on why Dwight and the Laser was created.

    Here’s chapter 2:

    P.S. I already wrote chapter 2 and posted it in this comment section, but it’s “awaiting moderation” for some reason. I swear, I didn’t put any bad words into it! 😨
    Anyway, on with the show (again)…

    Virginia Street Chase

    “You can have any family you want!” Sara said as she and Jacob headed for the adoption port in their car. “I know that you didn’t really like that foster family you’re supposed to be send to later today. I can see it in you.”
    “Well, at least that one kid Noah was nice,” said Jacob, reasoning. “Also, what are you? Charles Xavier? Can you read my mind now or something?” Jacob put his arm around Sara’s shoulders.
    They were reaching the port when Jacob looked behind the car. She patted Sara’s shoulder. Sara looked behind the car with Jacob. They saw Maddox in his car, driving down the road towards them.
    Then, when Sara and Jacob faced coward again, they saw a police office on his motorcycle! They nearly bumped into him.
    “What the?! Kids driving cars?! I’m reporting this!” He said.
    “Nope!” said Sara. “Have a tiny bit of our good ol’ cheddar cheese instead!”
    Sara threw a teeny-tiny bit of the gasoline at the officer. The gas went into the officer’s face. The officer coughed. He said, “I guess I’m poisoned now. How ‘fun.’ Now I’ll have to go to the doctor’s office and I’ll probably die in the next few months.”
    Maddox sped up his car. Sara then said, “Oh gosh! Jacob, cover your head!”
    Sara turned the car sideways as it screeched down a very narrow tunnel.

    Sara and Jacob huringly went out of the tunnel. They were at the adoption port.
    But the car was wrecked and still parked sideways in a thin tunnel. 😡
    “Oh, well,” Sara said. “With enough cleaning, it would’ve looked nice.”
    The couple went into the tunnel.


    Maddox got out of his car. His pet hound was sniffing out any traces of Sara or Jacob. Suddenly the hound barked.
    “What is it, boy?” Maddox said. The hound had found an unconscious police officer on the floor, with a weird gas coming out of the officer’s nostrils.

  30. Time for chapter 3! It’ll be a short one though.

    Adoption Port

    As Sara and Jacob entered the adoption port, Sara suddenly saw Rebolt, a White Worms member, and a few other White Worms members, searching for her and Jacob. Sara then grabbed Jacob’s hand and made both herself and him run up to the register.
    The adoption register looked down at them.
    “What’s this?” the adoption register said.
    “Take this,” said Sara, handing the canister to her. “It’s a canister of real hyper-unstable gasoline. Worth hundreds of dollars. In exchange, let us go through the gate.”
    “The adoption register looked at Sara and Jacob. Then the canister. Then Sara and Jacob again. She finally took the canister.
    “You may go,” she said.
    Sara and Jacob then went to the glass gate, which slid open. Sara casually went through the gate, and waited a few seconds for Jacob, but then…
    “Sara! SAARA!” Jacob said.
    The adoption register closed the gate between them. She then yelled out onto the speaker, “WE HAVE A CODE RED! I REPEAT, A CODE RED!”
    “JACOOOOOB! NO NO NO!” Sara said. But it was useless. Rebolt and his goons had already left with the captured Jacob. Sara suddenly just…went onto the floor and sobbed for a few minutes.

    After that, Sara suddenly saw a message play behind her. It was a…a military school commercial playing on a screen in the middle of the adoption port. The commercial said the military school was located in Maryland.
    Sara said, “If I went to that military school…I could earn money…and after that I can go back here to Roanoke…and…and I could rescue Jacob from those thugs.”
    Jacob went up to the military school register office, which was across the street from the adoption port.
    “What branch would you like to be in?”
    “I’m…I’m a driver. Pilot branch, please.
    “Your name?”
    “Any last name?”
    “My mom’s last name is pretty corny…”
    “Okay, let’s give you a new one. What about…”
    The registration officer looked at a poster underneath his desk showing the Flash and Aquaman. He looked at the Flash’s lightning bolt on the chest of his suit.
    “…Bolt? Sara Bolt?”
    “Okay, that’s kinda good, I guess.”
    “Okay, Sara Bolt. You’ll be ready to fly in no time.”

  31. So, I’ve noticed that some people do not like long stories in this community (For example, I’ve seen comments saying “It’s good but it’s kind of long…”)
    So, when I began writing Batfold Rebirth, I realized something, it’s already shaping up to be one of the longest OY legends stories.
    To start, chapter one already has 3,000 words. The Fold of the rings 1 has 4,000 and Iron fold has 10,000. I worry that if I write it like I have with my other works, it’s going to be more than 10,000 words. I hope that’s fine with most people in this community.
    Its not even done (Still on 1st chapter), so we have a lot more to go.

  32. I guess that makes two of us, because Foldo is gonna be a little bit long.

  33. Time for chapter 4! It’s literally titled “1 Year Later.”

    1 Year Later

    Sara flew across the battlefield and landed in a muddy part of the trench.
    She saw the recon tanks trying to defeat enemy fighter jets.
    “GET OUT OF THAT DITCH AND START SHOOTING AT THE ENEMY, KID!” said Captain Beckett, who scolded Sara. Sara replied, “Yes, sir,” and started shooting at many enemy troopers. She saw Captain Beckett use his blazing twin guns to wipe out a lot of enemy troopers.
    “Keep up the good work, crew!” said Beckett. “We’ll win this battle in no time!”
    “YEAH!” shouted everyone. Every single trooper in Sara’s recon squad then started shooting many times at the enemy. Suddenly, a few dropships appeared.
    “Oh no!” shouted Amy, a fellow trooper. “Those are dropships from the enemy!”
    “SHOOT AT IT, DUMMIES!” Beckett yelled. Everyone started shooting at the dropships. Suddenly, a group of cargo jets came out of nowhere and shot down all the enemy dropships.
    “HAZA! Now it’s time to finish off the rest of ‘em, crew! Let’s go!” Beckett said proudly to his men. Everyone then finished off the enemy by shooting at the remaining soldiers.

    Sara and Amy were walking down the trench. That night, they had won the battle. The enemy retreated like little babies. Sara and Amy saw their friend and fellow trooper, Henry.
    “Hi Henry!” shouted Sara. “Hi!” he responded as Sara and Amy walked away.
    Suddenly, Beckett appeared, walking right next to them.
    “Oh, uh…Beckett!” said Amy. “We did great out there, didn’t we?”
    “Yeah, sure, kid,” said Beckett, sounding like he was in a rush. It also looked like he was.
    “Listen, if you ever get the chance to escape this place, take it.”
    Beckett then went up to his fellow trooper captains, Vanessa and Rio.
    Sara said, “Wait a sec…Beckett, why are you talking about deserting the military camp?”
    Amy gasped. She said, “Oh, now I get it. They…they’re not real military captains. They’re fakes. They’re probably criminals who are trying to sneak in here to get something.”
    “Well said, young Amy,” said Beckett.
    Sara replied, “This is nothing to joke about, Beckett. You’re a traitor and a fraud. So are your little friends behind you, Vanessa and Rio.”
    “What?” said Rio, who became sweaty. “That’s not true! Now get back to your posts, troopers!”

    Vanessa pointed her blaster to Sara’s stomach. Beckett pulled it out of Sara’s way. He said, “Let the kid talk.” Beckett then added in a desperate move to change the subject, “What are your talents, kid?”
    Sara said, “Well, I’m a driver. And I’m a flyer. Used to drive old rusty cars when I was younger. More naive. I’m gonna be a pilot…best in Virginia.”
    Beckett said, “Huh. Well I guess you can’t fly your way out of this.”
    Beckett turned around and walked up to two other military captains. “These two troopers—Sara and Amy—they’ve gone rogue! They’re contemplating deserting the base!”
    Both of the captains looked at Sara and Amy, giving them dirty looks.
    One of them said, “Not today, you’re not.”
    The two captains put handcuffs on Sara and Amy. “Don’t trust him, he’s the real traitor!” said Sara. As the pair took Sara and Amy away, Beckett said, “Don’t trust a word they say!”
    Beckett then smiled and turned around, looking at Vanessa and Rio. “Let’s steal one of those roomy cargo jets and get out of this stinkhole.”

  34. Time for chapter 5!

    Flying With Pooh

    The two captains dropped Sara and Amy into a muddy pit and closed the see-through door.
    “Ooh, should we watch them get devoured by the monster?” one of them said.
    “THE MONSTER?!?” screamed Sara. “There’s a MONSTER in here with us?”
    Suddenly, something terrible came out of nowhere and tried to attack Amy: a living Winnie the Pooh teddy bear. “WHAT THE HECK?!” Sara said. She added, “Why is Winnie the Pooh attacking my friend? My childhood is ruined!”
    Sara then lunged at Pooh and started punching him in the face. “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep!” Sara said, and the living Winnie the Pooh doll became half-unconscious.
    “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” yelled Pooh. Pooh then scratched Sara across the face with his claws. Sara got up and kicked Pooh in the face. “Ouchie!” he said, falling backwards onto the ground.

    “I know that’s not really a living Winnie the Pooh doll,” Sara said to Pooh. “I know either someone’s in there or this Pooh doll is remote-controlled.”
    The living Winnie the Pooh doll said, “I’m just Pooh.”
    “Wait, you’re real? Or is this our imagination?” Amy said.
    “I’m real,” he said. “I always get startled when visitors come into my territory, so I try to maul them.”
    “That’s a silly thing to do!” Sara replied.
    “Why thank you,” Pooh said, smiling.
    “Uh…can you help us get out of here, Pooh?” said Amy.
    “Sure. But only if you let me free, too. 10 years ago, these mean man captured me from the Hundred Acre Wood and trapped me in here. Oh, and they made me the monster that I am today.”
    “Aww, you’re not a monster,” Amy said. She then remembered the scratch marks on Sara’s face. “Well, not completely a monster. We’ll get you outta here…but only if you do the same with us. We’ll get each other out of here.”
    Pooh nodded and said, “I have a plan.”

    The two military captains looked down. They saw Pooh feasting on two skeletons.
    “Ah. Well, now the two deserters are gone,” said one of the captains. “Henry’s gonna be super depressed that his best friends Sara and Amy are gone. Let’s tell him later. Much later.”
    Suddenly Pooh…burped. He burped so loudly that the see-through roof on top of the pit literally fell over. “Uh-oh,” said both of the captains at the same time.
    Pooh jumped out of the pit, followed by Sara and Amy.
    “But…but the skeletons,” said one of the captains.
    “Those were the carcasses of two unlucky victims of Pooh from the past,” Sara replied.

    Meanwhile, Beckett, Rio, and Vanessa were in the cockpit of the cargo jet. Rio grabbed the steeeing wheel. “Let’s fly!” he said happily.
    Beckett then saw Sara and Amy waving goodbye to Pooh. Pooh then went his seperaye ways from Sara and Amy.
    “Those two…,” said Beckett, sighing. “Their hearts were in the right place, but we couldn’t just get caught.” Beckett said, “Rio, lower the jet a little bit. We’re letting the kid and her sidekick Amy onboard.”

  35. I know, it’s pretty ridiculous that a living Winnie the Pooh is in this, but this is the OY Legends, after all. 😛

  36. Heard you finished the first chapter of Batfold Rebirth. 👍

  37. And if you’re wondering how one single burp from a stuffed bear can literally make a ceiling fall over, then I’ll tell you a little secret:
    Pooh swallowed one of the grenades Amy had stored in her pocket.

  38. OrigamiLuke100

    Yessir, I have!
    So, the story starts out with a newspaper clipping: The parents of Alan Wade, CEOs of “Citizen Wade: Soup and Meat” are dead. They died of food poisoning due to some bad meat. Now, Alan Wade is left alone, without a cause. All he has is his George Clooney Stunt Double Butler, Mr. Whogley. No one thinks anything of it, food poisoning is common, however: The Presence believes something much sinister happened, something that involves the take over of the company, and a ton of different delinquents being involved in it. A new kid has been cleaning the streets of the city of JuteFruce, and his name is “Batfold.” Who is Batfold? What is going on in this town and Kanger?
    I’ll be taking many things from this story, such as Thomas’ parents are dead from Food Poisoning. I do not know yet if I want a robin (Which may have a better name than foldbin, such as Origobin or something. Not sure yet,) Because Alan doesn’t have a stepbrother. I’m thinking of making Mr. Whogley’s grandson be Origobin, and when Origobin goes back to school in another town after the first semester, that’s when the first spinoff “(origami pun of Teen titans) happens.

  39. Time for…chapter 6!
    Any spelled-out words should be retyped as regular words when they copy and paste Foldo’s chapters or whatever to make it an actual OYEU Legends story.

    A Few Days After Darth Paper Strikes Back…

    Sara was talking to Amy in the halls of McQuarrie Middle School. “So, like, me and Tommy went to Mabry Mill two days ago. Kinda awkward since he’s my boyfriend and my mom was there. We talked about how Tater Tot is such a J-E-R-K over chocolate chip pancakes. It was nice.”
    “Cool. Well, remember how a few months before we started going to McQuarrie, we quit Beckett’s gang in favor to live a normal life?” Amy replied.
    “Beckett called. He wants us to go on ‘one more heist’ with him and his crew.”
    “Oh God no.”
    “C’mon, Sara. He may have framed us back at the military camp, but he’s a good guy. He was like an almost father figure to you, and he rescued us from the military camp later on, remember?”


    “Why are you rescuing us from the camp, Beckett? You’re the one who framed us for thinking of deserting the military camp,” said Sara.
    “You could say I had a change of heart, kid. You and your friend Amy are good people. We just couldn’t get caught back at the camp. But we knew that your hearts were in the right place.” Beckett then pat Sara on the back and left to check on Rio.
    Sara then looked down at the floor. Looks like she had a father figure now.
    Vanessa walked in on them. “You two okay? Sorry for…uh…pointing my gun to your stomach, Sara. I was just trying to protect Beckett. I thought you were acting a little bit too hostile around him.” Then she gave Sara and Amy two trays of oatmeal. “Eat. You two look like you’re starving.” She then left to check on Beckett and Rio. Sara and Amy heard them joking around in the cockpit of the jet.
    And a mother figure.


    Later that day, Sara and Amy entered Beckett’s cargo jet.
    “Rio, you ready to fly?” said Beckett. Rio replied, “Yeah, boi! Let’s get this thing going!”
    Rio turned on the engine of the jet and the jet flew into the air.
    “So where’s this heist taking place, Vanessa?” Sara asked Vanessa.
    “Oh, well, you see, there’s this train carrying five gallons of precious hyper-unstable gasoline. We’re gonna get it.”
    “This heist is gonna be rough,” said Amy. “It’s me and Sara’s first one in a few years.”
    “Yeah, it’s probably gonna be rough,” said Sara. “I can…feel something bad coming. For all of us. I have a bad feeling about this.”
    “Me too,” said Amy.
    “Well, I’ll wish you two luck,” said Vanessa, who walked away after that.
    “What kind of a gang are we?” asked Sara.
    She then suddenly saw Beckett come out of nowhere and sit next to her. “A family.”

  40. Time for chapter 5!

    A Day After Darth Paper Strikes Back

    Sara was talking to Amy in the halls of McQuarrie.
    “Yeah, me and Tommy talked about how much Tater Tot is a J-E-R-K. And over chocolate chip pancakes, which are Tommy’s favorite.”
    “Well, guess who I got a call from before school today?” replied Amy.
    “WHAT?!” said Sara. “Him? I thought we quit his crew a few months before we came to McQuarrie!”
    “We did, but he says since we’re ‘maturing and aging every day,’ we should go on ‘one more heist’ with him after school. C’mon, Sara. He cares about us. He’s like our father figure. Let’s go on that heist. So does Vanessa. Remember? He rescued us from the camp all those years ago!”


    “Why did you rescue us, Beckett?”
    Beckett sighed and said, “Listen, kid. Your heart was in the right place when you realized we were fakes back at the military camp. We just couldn’t get caught. And your friend Amy’s heart was also in the right place. This isn’t a trick or anything. I promise.”
    Beckett then stood up. “I’m gonna check on Rio and see if he’s goofing off while piloting this thing.” He left for the cockpit.
    Looks like she had a father figure to look up to.
    Then Vanessa came up to them, carrying two trays of oatmeal. “You two look like you’re starving. Have some of my homemade oatmeal. Sorry for us framing you back there. And I’m deeply sorry for pointing that gun at you, Sara.” She left.
    And a motherly figure, also.


    Sara and Amy entered the jet. As it closed its doors, the jet took off.
    Vanessa went up to Sara and Amy. She said, “So there’s this train. It’s carrying a whopping shive gallons of hyper-unstable gas. We’re basically gonna steal the gallons and get out of there. That’s…pretty much it. Pretty simple, really. It’s gonna be one of our lesser heists.”
    As Vanessa left for the cockpit, Amy talked to Sara.
    “I have a bad feeling about this,” Amy said. “This is our first heist in ages.”
    “I know,” Sara said. “I’m kinda venous if we’ll screw this up or not.”
    “What kind of a crew are we?” Sara said.
    Beckett appeared suddenly OUT OF NOWHERE and said, “A family.”

  41. That chapter summary does put a smile on my face.

  42. Oh God, the first time I posted chapter 5 it awaited moderation so I made a new version of chapter 5, but now both versions of chapter 5 aren’t awaiting moderation. I would prefer you guys using the first version of chapter 5 for Foldo.

  43. OrigamiLuke100

    I’m making Batfold:Rebirth really separate from OY and the OYEU, and the MOU. The MOU takes place in NY, the OY/OYEU takes place in Virginia, this story takes place in California. The chances of Alan ever being made aware of these kids is slim to none.
    I notice in this one that I just overloaded the story with Villains, really far out villains: origami versions of Bane, Joker, Catwoman, Clayface, kind of has that spiderman 3 problem. I think this time, I’m going to narrow it down to two: Poison Ivy (Who will be the main force that leads Batfold to the Joker) and the Joker. I got a feeling you guys will enjoy Jessica Zinnia, head of the environmental club.
    The story is going to be a mystery first and foremost, disguised as an origami story. Batman is a detective, so why should his origami counterpart be solving mysteries as well?

  44. Will Posion Ivy seduce Batman 😛

  45. OrigamiLuke100

    Most likely lol

  46. Our readers are getting older every year

    Time to get a little edgy

  47. OrigamiLuke100

    Well, let’s see… back in 2015, I was in 7th grade. Now, It’s 2018 and I’m in 11th.
    The story, hopefully, won’t be edgy persay. I just know it won’t be like, “Oh man he died!” Each thing will have a cause and effect.

  48. OrigamiLuke100

    For example, I don’t plan on users to exactly meet/get to know Alan until a few chapters later. You hear great things about him, maybe a story about him winning a dance off or something, but you don’t actually meet him until chapter 3/4. You hear all this great stuff, now let’s see if he lives up to it.

  49. Hey Guys! After much thought, I’ve decided to post the first chapter to Batfold:Rebirth.
    Although long (3,000 words) I hope you guys enjoy reading it.
    Future Unknown for Wade Enterprises? Who will gain possession of the Company After the Unexpected Death of the Two Founders?
    By Charlie Dixon
    On Sunday, June 10th, 2018, within mere hours of each other, both Adam and Lizzy Wade passed away due to food poisoning, thought to be from contaminated food from their restaurant chain. They had a booming business spread over sixty countries, running their soup and meat restaurant “Citizen Wade.” However- where does the company go to next?
    Well, due to Alan Wade being a Sophomore in high school, there’s no way he’s ready to take on the company. He’s the one biological child that they had.
    Currently, Jonathan Mordecai, Adam Wades’ college buddy, is leading the company, and we think he will do just fine. However, time will tell.
    So, what do you, the fellow reader, think? Do you think Mordecai will be able to carry on the legacy Adam and Lizzy Wade created? Will Alan be able to take up the company later in life? We will host an editorial segment next week, dear citizen.

    -Charlie Dixon

    Chapter 1: Batfold’s Secret Files and Origins
    By “The Presence”
    You probably will never know my name. I do not want you to know my name, what I do, or my connections to anyone. This is a collection of writings, voice recordings, newspaper clippings, and interviews that I’ve managed to piece together to form a cohesive collection of stories. I personally do not enjoy Citizen Wade’s meat or soups, not enough salt for me. Alan Wade, if he’s being real, isn’t some nobody. I don’t know anymore. This feels like a breakthrough for me, some code is broken, and I now must share it. Well, I don’t have to, however, this could blow a case wide open if I had enough info, that is.
    To begin, Alan Wade is but one of the many kids with different sets of skills. He excels in all of his classes, he- wait, why should I tell you this when I could show you this?
    Here’s a report card that I found in his home dumpster:
    Name: Alan Wade
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10th (Sophomore)
    E201 Advanced English: 93
    H200 AP World history: 95
    S548 Forensic Studies: 98
    S623 Intro to police: 92
    M203 Geometry: 94 ———- (Math is his hardest topic, he has to be in academic.)
    S202 Chemistry: 96
    E839 Engineering: 99
    A301 Working with paper: 100

    Now, of course, I can see you asking “But Presence! This proves absolutely nothing!” Actually, bucko, it does: Alan Wade is incredible. Now, of course, I can’t find his other report cards, and all the advanced, honors, and then the one academic class probably doesn’t help my case, but you must trust me when I say that he’s smart. Teacher comments prove the same thing, that he’s smart. I could only find three, however, they fit the bill.

    Mr.Nolan (A301: Working with Paper): Alan is a smart student, mister and misses Wade. He rarely, if ever, gets paper cuts. He puts in the work needed and beyond, he’s even managed to teach kids how to fold little finger puppets! It’s neat and all, he’s liked amongst his peers.

    Ms. Oldman (S623: Intro to Police): Alan knows the police code. If this is a field he decides to go into, he won’t be sitting around, eating donuts and drinking coffee. He will be out slicing and dicing, cutting and bashing. He knows justice, and if he takes policing next year, he will have a greater sense on how to deliver it.

    Dr. Keaton (S202 chemistry): He knows how to make things. This is both true for this and engineering, which I teach both. You guys have raised him right.

    You guys have raised him right. Yeah, I guess you did. However, it sucks you two died. All because they had some bad meat, just a case of “oops! I ate some raw cow and now I’m dead” syndrome. There is no “Joe Chill” case. There is no shooting in an alley, just a case of bad luck, right?
    I’m telling you now that I believe they were killed. Do I have the proof? Well, no, I just started this.
    However, I feel like it’s true.
    If you want a face to the name “the Presence,” then chief, I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s a no from me. Confidentiality. I mean, just imagine a dude with a bowler hat. That’s all you need. I’m any face, any shape, I just have the bowler hat.
    I’m friends with Alan, well, as much “friends” as you can be with one of the richest kids at school. I don’t sit at lunch with him, but I’m in every class with him, that’s why I’m called the Presence, I’m present at every event. My three other friends will be assisting me in this journey, however, they’d prefer it if I didn’t exactly specify what their names are. They think I’ll slip up eventually and our names will come about. That won’t happen, man, I promise. Anyways, their names are: “The Voice,” “The Source,” and “The Hand.” Apparently, I wasn’t invited to the name deciding event they hosted, even though we all agreed that meetings happen at my house, during our Star Wars RPG event! Golly, no respect! I see how it is. Anyways, at our meeting at my home last week, this happened:
    “Chief,” I asked the Voice, “Why those three names?”
    “Dude, have you never read anything remotely DC?” He asked, pushing his glasses up.
    “Yeah, I have, but I don’t see how these go together.” The Source put his head in his hands, mumbling “Oh my gosh.”
    “Dude, you know the Presence is an actual character in DC, right?” The Source asked.
    “No chief, I didn’t,” That’s embarrassing on my part.
    “Well, he has three other parts of him, he’s like, the creator of the DC universe. A simple look at the Wikipedia page of ‘The Presence’ will tell you about the four different forms of the Presence, which is the Voice, the Hand, and the Source… There’s also someone called Wally, however, we all agreed to not choosing him.” The Source said. He had a lot of knowledge when it came to DC comics’ films, novels, and comics. He named the chapters of this.
    “Well, The (REDACTED)’s name is Wally.” The Source said. That was true, (REDACTED)’s name was Wally. I mean, it’s a bad idea to risk it. We can’t be known, as you’re already aware.
    “Makes sense, I didn’t think of that, my bad. So, I guess we outta assign roles for each other?” At the time, I already assigned the Source with his role as DC historian. He would be responsible for tracking any references to the comics, the films, and who would make these awesome titles, amirite?
    “I know what I’m doing,” The Source said, “however, I can’t think of the point in N- I mean the Voice and the Hand.”
    “How good are you, Voice, with transcripts?” I asked.
    “Transcripts?” he asked.
    “Transcripts, where you write down the word for word script of what happened in a video, or audio recordings, rings a bell?” I asked. Man, I needed to start this game soon, that air of tenseness and boredom is so annoying.
    “No.” The Voice said, “Listen, man, I didn’t choose this name, (Redacted) did.”
    “Yo, yo, yo! His name is the Source! You call him that, man. Also, it would work! You doing transcripts would work! The Voice should understand how to transcribe voices!”
    “I mean, I can talk better than all of you. 100% in communication skills, right here.” the Voice said.
    “Okay. The Voice is responsible for both interacting and transcribing.” I said.
    “Then what do I do?” The Hand asked.
    “You, uh… you hand Alan and other people stuff.”
    “So what you’re saying is that I’m your courier?” He asked.
    “Listen, I’m trying to fit the names that you all chose.”
    “I did take a spinner for Twister, and it was first come first serve.” The Source said.
    “So that’s the source of all that confusion? Get it?” I nudged him on the shoulder, “Eh, get it? Just a little name pun.” I went back to the group, “Anyways, are we all fine with that?” The Hand sighed. Everyone else nodded, “Alrighty then.”
    While my main focus should’ve been on being the GameMaster for the Star Wars game, I was focused on other things, one of which was what was Alan Wade doing?
    Alan Wade had just lost his parents four weeks ago. After the funeral, he hasn’t been seen anywhere in Jutefruce, California. I don’t think he went to the surrounding city of Burbank, or Iocana either. I know for a fact he wouldn’t take a trip up to Weisinger Harbor. California is too big, man. Anyways: a couple days after they passed, a wooden plank with painted letters saying “Please do not come to Wade mansion until:” and there was no date for when we can come. I guess he’s gonna give us a two-week notice for when we can come over?
    I got his report card from their dumpster, which was outside of the gate, by the way. It wasn’t me jumping over the gate, I’m too big to do that.
    Here’s the main problem with him just, you know, disappearing: I cannot make progress with this. It’s July 13th, school starts in a month and three days. He hasn’t been seen.
    Alan is an only child. He doesn’t have anyone else except the butler, Mr. Whogley. Mr. Whogley has a grandson, CJ, who will typically come over for the first semester and then leaves after Christmas.
    I don’t see much of Mr. Whogley, he tends to be the one that drops Alan and CJ off and stays at the mansion, cleaning up.
    Before they died, the Wade family would host a party for Alan’s class at their house a few days before the end of the summer. They had a massive pool, a hedge maze, a movie theater. It was pretty neat, however, I can’t imagine being the only kid in a huge home like that. It would be sad, sitting around in massive, open spaces.
    When I visited Freshmen year, Alan was the life of the party. That year, it was Hawaiian themed. Me, the Source, the Voice, and the Hand all went. We all dressed in Hawaiian shirts, with the Hand dressing up exactly like Grandpa Max from Ben 10. When we all entered the home, “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole was blasting on speakers all over the house and outside. Alan Wade stood at the entrance, holding a stance in which he clasped his hands together. He wore a black and yellow Hawaiian shirt with little Batman logos on it.
    “Welcome to Wade Mansion, uh-” He couldn’t remember our names, I looked over at them, “Alan, this is (Redacted), (REDACTED), and (redacted).”
    “Oh! And who are you?”
    “(REDacted), of course.” Alan snaps his fingers, “Duh, of course! Please enjoy the party. We have “Minions” on in the theater.”
    “This is the second year in a row you’ve played that.” The Voice mentioned. He had a knack for using his voice for stuff like this, saying the stuff you’re not supposed to say, but we’re all thinking it.
    “I’m quite aware.” Alan mentioned with a smug smile.
    Alan has always been charismatic. He knew his way with words, and the little smirk that he does after each sentence just shows he knows the right thing to say.
    The whole party we stood in the back of the room. People were wandering around, drinking punch, or soaked because they’d just jumped into the pool. Mr. Whogley saw us standing aroun, and walked over.
    “Master (redacted), (REDACTED), (Redacted), (REDacted), would you like me to do anything?” Whogley could pass for George Clooney’s stunt double. He had the grey hairs, but dye it black and he would look twenty years younger.
    “No sir, we’re fine,” I said. He frowned at me.
    “Well, you guys are standing in the back doing nothing. I could at least order you a pizza, or maybe some Wade soup made by our chefs?” He asked.
    “No thank you, I’m fine,” I said, however, my three friends had different ideas.
    “We’ll take a pizza!” The Hand said, pointing at the Voice. The Source waved, “Can I get a meat and cheese soup, potato sticks sprinkled into it?” Whogley wrote their requests down on a notepad and walked away. I turned to them.
    “Guys! Don’t make the old man work!” I shouted.
    “Dude, look at how swole he is! He should be in the next Marvel movie, not cleaning and taking 14 year old kids’ requests for how they want their soup!” The Hand exclaimed. I sighed because I knew he was right.
    We waited for our food, which was hot on arrival. The Source chugged his soup down. I had a slice of pizza. We sat at a table near our corner, watching everyone bop around and dance.
    “So,” the Source began, “This soup tastes different than the soup by my house.”
    “Really?” I asked.
    “Yeah, it’s like, it has more flavor to it. It’s saltier. It’s like the original recipe, I guess.” I nodded at his explanation. I never liked that stuff. I’m sure I’d grow to love the ramen when I go to college in three years, however, now is not that time.
    The floors were sticky. People had spilled water, punch, rice somehow, and soup. They didn’t care, they were just enjoying themselves.
    Everyone was dancing with Alan, when suddenly everyone’s favorite class clown, Conrad Mordecai, lands face first on the dance floor. Everyone started to crack up at it.
    However, we weren’t laughing.
    I don’t see the point in it, he does these silly tricks, and everyone praises him. Even Alan was laughing at it.
    “Uh, s-s-sorry guys, I didn’t mean to d-d-drop all of my ‘shwag’ on you all.” A mass amount of “Ooooos” was heard in the crowd.
    “Oh yeah, Conrad? You want to go?” Alan asked.
    “Sure, l-l-let’s break it d-down!” Conrad was the son of the Vice President of Wade Enterprises. Conrad never liked Alan. That was made clear from when we entered into Pre-K. He always felt jealous of Alan, as though Alan was basically the company. He couldn’t wrap his head around that that’s just how it is.
    He stood up, looking around the circle that formed around Alan and him, and they started to, well, break it down. They danced back and forth to some loud wave music. Alan did a backflip. Conrad did a sick robot. They continued to dance until Alan did a front flip, somehow kicking Conrad in the process. Conrad fell backward. People watched, thinking that Conrad was going to do a smooth “oh man I’m dead but look I got back up” move, I mean, the bass drop coincidentally occurred as he hit the floor, however, he landed with a thud and didn’t get back up. Alan motioned for the DJ to stop the music, and Alan ran over to Conrad.
    “He’s out cold,” Alan said. I got out of my chair to get a better look. Alan continued to shake him, but suddenly, he got into action. He pointed at me, “You, call an ambulance.”
    “Me?!” I shouted.
    “Yes you, you goobert, call an ambulance.” Alan then pointed at this kid named Noah.
    “As for you, get some water. Just go to the kitchen, get a glass, fill it with water. That’s it.”
    “Alan Wade, how do you know all this?” This other kid named JC asked.
    “Basic First Aid camp, man.” Alan kept Conrad’s head up. I dialed 911. At the time, we were all panicking, however, Alan remained calm. That’s when I noticed something about him: Alan Wade is cool, not just personality wise, but he’s cool under pressure.
    I gave the address, and in lickity split, the JuteFruce hospital got a new customer: Conrad Mordecai.
    The party ended shortly after, just because everyone was so shaken by it. We all left early because we didn’t know the full grasp of the situation.
    So, back to today. Alan’s parents are gone, and the house is nearly empty except for him and Whogley.
    There’s some mystery behind what happened after that day, however. For some reason, Mordecai didn’t leave the company. In fact, he was happier than ever to be working again, because quote “I have a purpose for coming in every day now.” That purpose being: covering for Conrad’s speech impediment, which got worse after the fall, and covering costs for tutoring and food.
    However, I never saw Conrad again. Nor did anyone else. He was never mentioned by Jonathan, and after the Wade family deaths, Jonathan Mordecai posted a post using twitlonger, which didn’t even mention his son:
    It is with great sadness that Citizen Wade’s Meat and Soup’s creators and CEOs Adam and Lizzy Wade recently passed away on June 10th, 2018. We here at Citizen Wade’s Meat and Soups enterprises are saddened by the announcement, however, we believe in the mission statement: To provide good food and good feels. Do not be upset over this, as we shall continue; we shall survive. Jonathan Mordecai, the new CEO at the request of Adam Wade, has already made strides in creating Citizen Wade a safer place. We wish the most luck for their son, who needs time to himself.
    Keep eating meat and drinking soup.
    -Johnathan Mordecai, CEO.

    I’m not even sure if Alan is aware of this post. I don’t think they’ll let him own the company afterward. Calling it right now: it’ll be Conrad, if he’s not severely hurt, he’ll take over the company. Alan Wade will be forgotten, and the Citizen Wade origin will not be known except on the Wikipedia page for it.
    But, at the same time, I’m not sure. There’s a part of me that believes Alan does have what it takes to be the CEO of the company, however, he has no direction. He’s smart and responsible, but does he really have the chops to do it?
    I need to get in touch with him. I need to get in touch with everyone he’s associated with. I feel something is brewing, but, I just can’t quite put my tongue on it.
    There’s some person running around lately, throughout the entire town, with some origami finger puppet that is too hard to see at night. I have no idea what it is, however, The Voice believes it’s an origami Batman. He’s started calling it Batfold around the group. It’s kind of stuck. The Source thinks it’s Alan, but I don’t think he’d be that crazy. I mean, what kind of teen plays around with finger puppets? That’s kiddy stuff.

    The Presence’s comment: I’m going to start doing comments with other people, such as the Voice, and hopefully Alan himself, if he’s comfortable with that. I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll make him aware of this?

    The Voice’s comment: Bro, why should you? He doesn’t need to know. Also, Alan Wade is totally Batfold, you can’t stray me away from that thought. I tell you what, I’ll go and interview JC.

    The Presence’s comment: Do it! No guts, no glory.
    The Voice’s Comment: Watch me.

  50. Wow that was long
    And I LOVE OT

  51. Jar Jar Pleats

    Just looked at this for the 1st time in A WHILE and looked at the comments.

    ……Winnie the Pooh? Wha…since whe…color me confused…

    Don’t worry, didn’t read comments, but I do think these should be on a Google doc or something private, you know? To avoid spoilers n stuff?

  52. I saw Christopher Robin
    So I decided to put him in there
    Originally it was an actual bear

    But I decided to go with something more kid-friendly. 😅

    Oh and I’m just doing this randomly so I’m putting it here. 😛

  53. OrigamiLuke100

    I think that’ll be the only sneak peek I’ll do. I have a google doc in which I work on this. Maybe when I decide the Chapter list, I’ll post that as well.

  54. Yeah, just read new Batfold chapter. Amazing! You asked 4 my opinion so I will tell you that sometimes the use of that, the, and they are used in the wrong places. I can’t name a single spot, it’s throughout. But it’s looking very VERY promising! My best advice would be to read it aloud to yourself and see if any sentences don’t make sense as they’re spoken, that should help.

  55. This is Jar Jar Pleats, I’m anonymous for some reason…

  56. Thank you for the feedback, Jar-Jar! Yeah, I’m planning on rereading it a few times over before posting it. I also do a physical printing of it, so I can sit and make marks with a red pen, English teacher style. Commas, transitions, and that Oxford comma are my three main struggles for me that when you read it out loud you see the issues with.
    I’m not going to post any more of the story, mainly because I don’t want to be spamming and also because I don’t want to spoil it before it comes out.
    Thank you again for reading it!
    Also, have you tried seeing if you’re logged into WordPress? Are you on your phone?

  57. Here is the original version of the Flying With Pooh chapter of Foldo:

    P.S. I modified this version of the Flying With Pooh chapter by taking out the “Sara and Amy teaming up with the bear” part due to it being too cheesy in my opinion.

    Flying With Pooh

    The two captains dumped Sara and Amy into the pit.
    “What are we going to do?!” Sara yelled. “We need to get outta here!!!”
    Something big and bulky went right past Amy.
    “Sara, I think I found the beast that those two were talking about.”
    A big brown grizzly bear came out of the shadows. It roared loudly. “GRRRRAAAORRR!!!!”
    Sara said, “Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez, is that a real bear?!”
    “Yeah, I think so!” said Amy. “We need to get out of here!”
    The bear went up to Amy and scratched her right in the face.
    “RRRAAAARRRGH!!!” the bear said. Sara threw a grenade at it. The bear swallowed the grenade.
    Suddenly, all three became silent. Sara said, “What happens now? Does the bear explode or something?”
    Then a grande-shaped clump of poop came out of the bear’s butt.
    Sara became disgusted and Amy barfed…and she barfed right on the bear itself. The bear became angry.
    “DID YOU MAKE IT ANGRIER?!?” Sara yelled. Amy noefuvsly nodded as the bear ran towards it.

    Suddenly, right when the bear was about to maul Sara like a wampa, there was a rumbling noise.
    “Wait a second…what was that?” Sara asked.
    The bear burped a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG burp due to swallowing that grenade.
    The bear burped so loudly that the lid of the pit started to crack. Then the lid of the pit literally collapsed in front of Sara and Amy and the bear.
    After a few seconds of standing there, Sara and Amy and the bear ran out of the pit as fast as they could and they went for freedom.

    Rio grabbed the steering wheels of the cargo jet. “Let’s get flying!”
    Beckett looked out the window of the cargo jet. He saw Sara and Amy parting ways with the bear, which ran away towards the nearby swamp and into the wild.
    Beckett sighed and said, “At least their hearts were in the right place when they tried to arrest us for being fakes. Let’s give ‘em a ride. Rio, lower the jet!”

    Meanwhile (again)…
    Sara said, “Uh, I have a few friends out there who could help us get away from this camp.”
    Amy just stared at Sara, thinking she was lying. Of course, Sara WAS lying.
    Then Sara saw Rio lowering the cargo jet.
    “I told you I had friends!”
    “But isn’t that Beckett and his gang inside of that cargo jet? I think I can see Rio in the cockpit. Why are they helping us?”
    Sara smiled at her turned and said, “Let just go on there, scold Beckett for letting those military captains arrest us and throw us in that pit, and hope it’s not a trap.”

  58. I just posted the original chapter but it’s awaiting moderation

  59. Okay it’s not awaiting moderation anymore

  60. Luke, what did you mean by “you don’t need to write it, just build it up?” Should I email it to Noah? That technically means I’m writing it despite my hard work on Foldo.

  61. Hold on, where did I say that?

  62. Earlier in this comment section. When we were first discussing Foldo and then I shared the first chapter with you.

  63. I guess, if I said that which I’m not denying it is this:
    When you are writing something, you shouldn’t feel as though you are “writing” it. You should try building the story from the ground up. If we are talking about Foldo, I guess rewriting Solo isn’t what you want to do, just build the story from the ground up. That means get your basic ideas ready and then build it up.

  64. “build it up”

    Your whole speehc made sense except for the “build it up” part. What does that mean?! Email it to Noah? I’m not good with emails?! I’m a 10-year-old! I’m not sure there were many 10-year-olds back in your day on this site!

  65. Uhhhhhh
    I was 10-12 back in my day, as in 2012-2015. Yeah, “build it up” is a hard concept to grasp.
    Writing a story is a gradual process, you have to decide what you want to do, you have to prewrite it, and know what’s needed. How do you build up a house? You build it brick by brick. In a similar way to building a house, you have to build your story: Brick by brick, chapter by chapter. You should research how to write a chapter: Decide how it happens, when it happens, where it happens. and How it happens. Which characters are involved? What are their relationships to other characters?
    When I say Build it up I do not mean:
    -Font size
    -Emailing it to Noah
    -Making a google doc
    I urge you to, however:
    -Write an email to noah.
    -Make a google doc/ word doc to have your stuff collected in one place and not being on a site like this, where an admin can come and delete comments.

  66. But I’m super bad at emails
    I swear I am

  67. I’ll make a google doc
    I just don’t know how to email anything to anybody
    I literally can’t learn at it

  68. Oh, I understand. I could talk to Noah maybe?

  69. Like, this is how one of my email-learning messages turned out:

    My dad: Okay click this.

    [A pop-up appears.]

    Me: This?

    [Clicks on pop-up.]

    [A bunch of pop-ups appear on the screen.]

    My dad: 😑

    Also don’t make Noah email me becuase then I won’t be able to respond!

  70. No No No, what I’m saying is I ask Noah if you have permission to write Foldo, so you don’t have to worry about composing an email.

  71. And I swear I’m not trying to use you by making you ask Noah.

  72. To help get a better feel for batman (and also a hint of a sequel I have planned), I’ve been playing all the arkham games except for origins. Really fun and well made!

  73. Remember me, Luke. Please.

  74. OrigVenom Official Melody (I made this for fun, it’s not actually gonna be in OrigVenom) || Together We Stand

    [Pre-Chorus 1]

    Together we stand

    [Chorus 1]

    This is no kid’s show
    It’s full of beatings
    Clark Largent’s not gonna save you
    And neither is Cal

    Went insane, he did
    Talks about owls
    He loves them
    And Spidey’s gone too, ha ha

    New neighborhood web-slinger
    Protecting the streets
    While Cal’s in the sheets

    A new villain rises
    The “ultimate” threat
    And we can’t let it win, so…
    Oh yeah…
    Together they stand…

  75. Y’know…
    This story has really grow, hasn’t it… 🙂

  76. I know I’m not the person you want to talk to, but we haven’t really talked since MOUDP1. So, What’s Up?

  77. I’m sorry I haven’t made time for you, CD. It’s just…life can be stressful, and two months ago I was getting in a little bit of trouble with the mods and people like Jar Jar and Howard the Doodle left and right. Under this happy and humorous disguise of mine hides an ashamed and disgraced face…

    Also, OL100, just, um…I’m sorry for everything you saw that included me. Every unnecessary link to another website, every toxic argument, every inappropriate comment, I’m just so sorry, and yeah, I know you were the one who banned me, buddy, but it’s alright. I deserved it. I promise not to do anything again…including cussing out a mod (haven’t done that yet, though, and never will), especially JC. Speaking of JC, why did he suddenly appear right after I got banned and—oh, I see…JC must be really disappointed in me…ahhh…😅

    So, uh, OrigamiLuke100 (and CD!), what do you guys wanna talk about?

  78. I didn’t ban you. I do not know how. The only way I know how to ban someone is on Minecraft, and that’s through /ban SLS.
    Wait- OH shoot! oh no uhhhhh /unban SLS

  79. For a second I thought you accidentally banned me 😅

  80. I made a meme out of that…

    The only way I know how to do that is through /ban Justin Bieber
    OH SHOOT! oh no uhhhhh /don’t unban Justin Bieber

  81. Anyways OL100 if you’re tired that’s fine (on my side of the country it’s seven but it’s ten on your side)
    See ya tomorrow
    I’m going to eat dinner now

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