Universe: An Origami Yoda EU Saga Story

by SWF12








Let us begin…

by Malcolm


Alright… This is a story about a threat none of us have ever seen before. And by us, I mean EVERYONE. Yeah, everyone. Here’s how it all began…




So, us Rebels were having a party because of our victory against Isaac, but then Chippy suddenly said, “I gotta go. Bye, guys.” and off he went. Then I got a message on my phone. Then I excused myself and raced after Chippy. The message said:


“Meeting, come quick!”



I wondered what this was all about…





What the message was about

by Tommy


Why did I send it? Well, because we were going to need help. I called everyone I knew, and told them to meet outside at the MMS soccer field. They all came. Then I began. “I have called you here because I have learned of a threat that proves capable of destroying our army.” said Foldy-Wan. “Oh, crud…” muttered Malcolm. “Nostrul!” yelled Kellen. I even thought I heard someone talk like Soapy. “Guys, look, if we work together, we can defeat him or her, or whoever it is.” Then Malcolm said, “I think I know who can help..” and he had a sly grin on his face.




The Fellowship RETURNS!

by Peter

We were all relaxing, and then who other then Malcolm comes running at us. “Guys… We need your help. All of us.” he said. “Who’s…us?” I asked. Malcolm pointed, and I saw them. The McQuarrie gang, and some other kids who had helped Tommy and his friends. So, we agreed to help.



Asked for Assistance

by Noah

So. Yeah, you all know me from the Skyfolders universe, but I crossed universes into this one. Me, Eggbert, and Galem were hanging out, playing with our puppets Luke Skyfolder, Qui-Gon Fortune, and Origami Eeth Koth, respectively. Then who comes up but Malcolm. “Guys! We have a problem! We need your help!” “Don’t worry,” I said. “We sent out a message to the entire SF community.” Five minutes later, a message popped up: “We’re in.”

Note from SWF12: This is the first part. More SF’s WILL BE MENTIONED!




“It’s (gonna be) a TRAP!”

by Malcolm


So. What were we to do? Well, the only thing we COULD do was…

A MEETING! (Cue awesome music here. Perhaps the trumpet doing *DUUUUUUUN* is good for this.)


Setting: Outside my house

Time: About 10:00 AM

People: Everyone (I’m not gonna bother putting everyone’s names, it’s way too much.


Here’s how it went:

Me (Malcolm): So, what do we do?

Tommy: Well, it’s pretty obvious. We need to make a trap to defeat this enemy.

Peter: How about we split up? I’ll take the Fellowship with me! For.. Oh, crud! I actually FORGOT the name of the country in The Hobbit!

DT: Middle-Earth.

Peter: Thanks.

Me: I’ll take the SuperFolders.

Tommy: I’ll take the Rebellion!

Chippy: I’ll take my group of rebels!

Chopper (made by me, see REBELS: THE SPARK IGNITES for more info): *Grumble, beep, beep, chirp.*

Me: Shut up, Chopper. You’re going with them, no matter what.

Well, that was enough for him to go inside.

Me: Remind me to shut him down one day.

Harvey: If Anakin were Vader again, I’d think he’d call him a worthless piece of junk.

Me: I think someone else said that…

Harvey: Whatever!

Kellen: So.. Hey, Noah, want to come with us? Maybe having 2 of Luke is a good thing.

Noah: Sure.

Eggbert: I think I’ll come as well. Tommy may need Qui-Gon to help Foldy-Wan.

Tommy: I suppose that could do me well. Foldy-Wan agrees too!

Me: Guys, I intercepted a transmission! I know where the enemy base is!

Everyone else but me: Where?

Me: You’ll never believe this…. THE QWIKPICK! You know, the one by the power plant in… What’s the name?

Tommy: I believe it was “Crickensburg”.

Me: Whatever the name, we’re going there!

All of us: FOR FREEDOM!









  1. SuperFolder JC

    Oooooooh yeah!!!! I’m SO excited to read this!!!

  2. About time you said something about this! XD Also, I’m glad someone ACTUALLY NOTICED IT WAS UP!

  3. The End of the Beginning is upon us. Coming February 2015, the final chapter THAT. WILL. SHOCK. YOU. ALL. THE. WAY. TO. CHINA!


  5. chippy slusher

    Wooooot! Amazong!

  6. This is cool, but who is Isaac? And who is this “enemy”?

  7. Isaac is the villain in REBELS: THE SPARK IGNITES, which is on my site. He is named after the actor who plays the Inquisitor, and, fittingly, has a Inquisitor puppet. And the enemy? You’ll find out soon… I’m not giving out a spoiler.

  8. Ah, so the Enemy is a mystery villain? Clever…

  9. This is a exclusive hint: HE (Yep, a boy) is someone you would NEVER expect.

  10. I love someone-you-would-never-expect villains!

  11. Can I be in this story?

  12. Sure! Which puppet do you want? It can ONLY be a custom one.

  13. what do you mean by custom?

  14. can i be in it? my character(and real) name is richard. puppet is nightwing (from batman).

  15. A 100% custom puppet. It CANNOT be an already-existing one. Sorry.

  16. Hmmm… I never though of adding DC or Marvel or stuff like that in here… Perhaps the team could use reinforcements.

  17. is there already a person being Agent Callus?

  18. If there is I want to be either Kir Kanos or Darth Reavan

  19. Yay!! Thanks 🙂

  20. Yay!!!!! Half-Day at school!



  23. can’t wait for this story!

  24. Are you including any non-Star Wars universes? If so I have a few ideas for such.

  25. I included Fold of the Rings. So, yeah! But not for now. Maybe for…..THE SEQUEL! That’s right, I am doing a sequel to this IF it does well! And so far, it looks like it is!

  26. Origami

  27. Can I be in it? I want a Creaseo (Greedo) puppet! My name will be sam (boy)!

  28. and the villain will be tommy!

  29. I knew it! ( or I thought maybe it was Dwight or Malcolm ). I think my guess for that has been removed.

  30. Alright, I’ll give you this. It’s NO ONE from the McQuarrie gang. That narrow it down?

  31. Btw my recent comment was just a guess.

  32. I know. Sorry about the delay of Part 3, I will get to it, eventually. Sorry if I keep you waiting, guys.

  33. oh. I know what you’re talking about now. But why would HE be it?

  34. Contest idea: write a Starigami Wars: Scoundrels chapter! It can feature ANY origami smuggler,crime lord,bounty hunter,thief ,thug,or something else,good or bad, from the Star Wars galaxy. Email chapters to cheeseisthegreatest77@gmail.com.

  35. My contest or the story?

  36. Thanks ! Maybe you can post it so more people will see it?

  37. supposed to be aN origami EU saga story.

  38. Coming in feb? Its march! Are we going to have to wait a WHOLE year?

  39. No, he thought he would finish chapter 3 by this February.

  40. I apologize. I’ve had a lot to deal with like school, and other games I’m online.

  41. It’s OK SWF12! I can definitely relate…

  42. *sighs* Alright, since this is going to be a while before I update, I should reveal the villain.




    -I’m not telling my identity. You can find out, when this pesky writer gets to it.-


    I am not pesky, whoever you are! Agh, I hate that guy! He just hacked me! Luckily I was able to-


  43. I do that stuff al the time…

  44. >:D I hacked into the website and found SWF12 Typing in the enemy! The enemy is-

    *Computer Turns off*

  45. *Turns back on*

    I forgot what it was! D:

  46. well that’s a friendly thought.


  48. can I be in it? name: Mark Type :hero/super hero Origami: Quickwing powers: super speed and best archer (bows and arrows) *NOTE THIS IS COMPLETELY MADE UP/CUSTOM CHARECTER!*

  49. Sounds cool! Once I get to finishing this, sure!

  50. I’m sorry! Life happens sometimes XD

  51. I found a error, you spelled crickenburg wrong. And its at the quikpick, right? IS IT LYLE OR DAVE OR MARLLIA OR JERMERY?

  52. Sorry, yes, no, no, no, no, in that order of questions.

  53. just wondering, what is taking so long?

  54. I’ve been busy doing other stuff. Sorry.

  55. can i be exra? my name is sfofcoolness. (thats my oy.com username.)

  56. Maybe… I’m kinda off schedule more then I expected, so I actually may finish this in the summer.

  57. thanks!(sfofcoolness here) is the villain caroline?


  59. Add me please
    -SF Herobrian53 (Call me Brian in the story.) and Boba Fod (I’ll use Boba F. instead of my OY.)

  60. Due to me losing my admin, I can no longer finish this story. I may move this story elsewhere, but it will not be finished here. I apologize for the lateness and everything, but I’ve been busy.

  61. Once apon a time, SWF12 said he would post the ending of the story on February…

    Half a Year Later:
    Squirrels! Save us!

  62. Also, can I be in the story?
    My name: Will
    Origami Character: Bib Fortuna
    Grade: 6
    Status: Mr Howell’s “Teacher Pet”

  63. I am now retiring from this. Thus, unfortunately, I cannot continue the story, however you are welcome to finish it, OY EU admins, in your own way. I’m sorry for making everyone wait so long. I hope you can forgive me. May the Force be with you, always.

    Also, JC, why have you not told anyone about me retiring yet? I told you to do it 😛

  64. “I am now retiring from this. Thus, unfortunately, I cannot continue the story, however you are welcome to finish it, OY EU admins, in your own way. I’m sorry for making everyone wait so long. I hope you can forgive me. May the Force be with you, always.

    Also, JC, why have you not told anyone about me retiring yet? I told you to do it :P”
    I am working on a project right now, but when I finish it, I want to do this. It sounds legit.

  65. I’m officially retired from origamiyoda.com as well. There will be things about this soon.

  66. No, Ive been away for months, but something big is on the horizon, so expect something!

  67. No, I’m not leaving, its just that I am making a new story. Continuation of a story.
    Idk. Its like a “New 7.22 x 7.22

  68. Captain Britain Fan

    Could I be in it with origami Darth Malgus

  69. Captain Britain Fan


  70. You’ll have to ask someone else now. I don’t have admin, even after JC promised he’d give it back. I can’t continue the story. Maybe someone else can… Sorry, everyone.

  71. Thats ok SWF12. Heh, i’ll finish it on my blog. Idk who the revealed character is, though…

  72. Alright, I think I’ve decided to cease production with it and hand it to you. Go have fun with it. Also, I might as well say… The mystery villain was… Malcolm! That’s right, Malcolm would wield the Grand Inquisitor puppet and probably have two (you can name them, Mc) henchmen, one male and one female, wielding the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, respectively. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Just make sure to give me credit 😉 Heh heh. Now you go have fun. I’m pretty much done with this kind of stuff. Making room for life.

    PS: I did this so you have my agreement on this. Heh heh.

  73. Okay, just so you know I changed a few things of the story and will finish of course. I’ll post when its done!

  74. Is it okay if I give Harvey a Kylo Ren and Sara a Mara Jade (Dark Side)?

  75. Nevermind. Btw, its on my blog if you want to check it out…

  76. I’m completely re-writing what I did, so check out the link again in a few months for the new version.

  77. Okay, I did the remastered edition. I didn’t like what I did with it, so I completely re-did what I did. I also added some of the characters requested in the comments, and stayed more true to what you asked of me. Thank you for letting me continue the story.

  78. Where is part two?????????????????????

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