Jar-Jar Pleats and the Halloween Humdinger



Chapter 1
By Tommy
It was the best of days, it was the worst of days at McQuarrie.
Yoda still hadn’t returned, and Dwight was always just sitting around either moping, looking at a new puppet while saying “geronimo” (I guess we’ll find out what that means later) and seeing how many sheet music renditions of “Eye of the Tiger” he could stuff into a small wooden box marked “hope chest”.

On the other hand, Kellen had made a 3D model of Willy the Walking Waffle out of an actual waffle and some lengths of wire, James Suervo had somehow gotten more people to join the LuckyYucky club despite the fact it didn’t exist anymore, and I was writing a new graphic novel much more exciting than “snail-cowboys”. Thing were pretty slightly-better-than-normal.

But of course… something happened.

Harvey’s Comment: Of course something will happen! Have you not been paying attention to ANYTHING?

Chapter 2
The Booger and the Envelope
by Tommy
It was, of course, almost halloween, which can make a regular, unassuming person dress up in the most unusual things you have ever seen.

So imagine what it did to Dwight.

Yes, Dwight, unarguably the weirdest student enrolled in any school system ever (well, in tandem with that Micah kid), came to school…

…dressed up as a booger.

Yes, a booger.

And he wasn’t just wearing a small tan sphere or something like that, no. His entire upper body (save his face and arms) was encased in the booger suit. And he had smeared vaseline all over it as well, which kind of worried us…

Then came the pumpkin. Dwight produced the largest plastic halloween pumpkin in the western hemisphere, which was, on first glance, just filled with more copies of “Eye of The Tiger”. But on closer inspection, we could see an envelope sticking out.
Dwight had no idea where it had come from, so we shall investigate…

Chapter 3
The Letter’s Contents
Author Unknown

In the School of McQuarrie of a misty day
A Sovereign puppet shall be folded of an infamous student
Surname of Pleats shall make him Posthumous
Never was there a puppet so annoying in its provenance

Chapter 4
The investigation begins
By Harvey

Well, after reading that little piece of crypticity, I knew immediately that it was a modified Nostradamus quote. Michel de Nostredame was a fortune teller in (REST OF PARAGRAPH DELETED BY TOMMY FOR EXTREME BORINGNESS)

Anyway, using my insane skills of deciphering, I figured out that what it meant was: On a foggy day, some weird or bad kid will make a puppet with the last name of Pleats, which will somehow shred him, and it’s annoying. Boo-yah.

Kellen’s Comment:
Umm… Dwight just made a Jar-Jar Pleats…

Chapter 5
The Infamous Puppet
By Kellen

Ok… that prophecy was uncanny…

But first, there are some things you need to know.
Dwight definitely didn’t write that letter. His punctuation is not that good, and neither is his handwriting. And he didn’t read it with the rest of us either. He just went back to his “Eye of the Tiger” stuffing.

And immediately after…
…He makes a Jar Jar Pleats and IMMEDIATELY starts annoying everyone with it.
I’m glad Harvey is good now, or we would NEVER hear the end of his “hoax” speech…

Anyway, getting out of the flashback here…
Today is Halloween.
It is foggy today.
Dwight annoys Zack Martin with JJP. Zack rips up JJP.
Just like the letter said it would.

So anyway… could this be a yoda prophecy from afar?

I guess we’ll never know…


  1. chippy slusher

    That name for this is perfect! Thanks!

  2. Sure!

  3. chippy slusher

    oh, did you get my e-mail concerning the wiki?

  4. SuperFolder AustinC

    Amazing story!

  5. what is “eye of the tiger”?

  6. A song from the movie “Rocky”.

  7. Nice story, Chippy!

  8. Thank you!

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