BatFold the New 2012!

Batfold: The New 2012

by Origami Luke
Author’s note: Years ago, with the help of many Super folders like me, we wrote an Origami story, unlike any story the EU has come to know. This story was titled “Batfold”. Batfold told the tale of young orphan Tommy (Because I couldn’t come up with any names other than Tommy, and that’s too confusing because Origami Yoda also had a main character named Tommy) The story had awful grammar, as I didn’t understand proofreading. Yet, it told a unique story, even making a sequel! That had bad grammar too, but we also had the help of stooky sauce. A third story was being made, basically fully retelling injustice, the DC game that came out that same year. Sadly, it wasn’t finished but was still posted by accident (I hope). I soon left the Origami Yoda fan base, and no one has heard from me on my site, nor OY’s site. UNTIL NOW. If people enjoy this story, I will make more, and maybe even come back.
WELCOME TO THE NEW 2012! This is meant to resolve any plot holes Batfold had, and is now able to introduce new characters. If all goes well, we can even have crossovers with other stories, like The Fold of the Rings and Origami Yoda! I will give a modern spin, and keep everyone’s names… except for our main character, Tommy. Rather than Tommy, it shall be… Thomas!

Bullying… bullying never changes. Bullying can be verbal, or physical, but it never changes. Bullying always go on at Kanger Elementary. Kids being pushed into lockers, food being shoved into faces, but it’s all the same, and, like I’ve said, bullying never changes.

Purple nurples, Texas twisters! Oh, the horror! SWIRLIES! Kanger needs a hero… and I am the one that they deserve.

Chapter 1-Thomas, Thomas Wade

By Thomas

My name is Thomas, Thomas Wade. Born under my Mom and Dad, Chuck and Lizzy Wade. Heard their names before? Most likely you have, as they were the ones that made the restaurant Citizen Wade’s soup and meat. Their slogan was: Banned in fifteen countries, not banned in college student’s tummies. A dumb slogan, I know, and their restaurant was only banned in twelve countries. I have dark black hair (Seriously, as dark as you can get) and natural “peach” skin. At the age of three they adopted a baby brother named Hansel. Hansel, although being two grades below me, always was the more energetic and quicker than me. He has dark brown hair and is as pale as you can get he wears glasses often, but he doesn’t need them. Our dad built us a tree house when I was four. Soon after, my mom and dad both died of food poisoning. Their butler, Mr. Whogley now takes care of Hansel and I, while his grandson, CJ comes and plays with us.

CJ has light brown hair and green eyes. He is friendly but questions safety often.

Everywhere Hansel and I go we hear about how good our parents where. How they “Shaped our city” Yet this place is smaller than ever. We have 2 neighborhoods, a school that goes up to the end of high school, a town hall, and next to a Citizen Wades, there stand Wade enterprises. People always think that I will be the one to go off and own it. But the president right now is Johnathan Mordecai, and he has made great changes to the company. His son, Joe Mordecai stutters often and is a grade ahead of me, his dirty blond hair and his glasses seem to disturb me… how he somehow keeps his glasses clean and his hair wavy makes me jealous.

After my parents died I started reading even more comics. I especially love Batman. I’ve also become a huge fan of Origami too, I made an origami Bruce Wayne finger puppet because I feel like he is very similar to me. I always keep him in my pocket during school.
Oh… I forgot to talk about school. I go to school at Kanger School. It goes from Pre-K to 12thgrade. I’m a seventh grader, and I don’t have many friends. The only friends I have is this boy in 9th grade named JC, nice dude that wears glasses and has dirty blond hair, his two sisters Phred and Emily, Emily has really straight brown hair and pretty blue eyes… What? No, I don’t have a crush on her! Phred has brown curly hair, perfectly stays curly all the time like Frieda from Peanuts, She constantly plays outside and is really sunburnt all summer. Carrying on… my brother, Hansel, and Riley. The principle, Trisha Spheniscidae, is pretty mean and is jealous of how successful my Mom and Dad were. Class was normal, Joe was getting shoved into a locker, Riley high fived me, and Hansel, to say goodbye, made a fake vomit noise. I watched as Principle Trisha was pulling Hansel’s ear and taking him to her office. While walking to class, JC nudged me.

“What, man?”
“I need you and Hansel to sit with me at lunch.”

“Reasons.” He holds up a box that says: ‘The suits’

“JC, I am not doing the ballerina play again!”  JC laughs.

“Ha-ha,” JC moves up to my ear, “Never mention that monstrosity ever again.”

Lunch comes, and today is “Taco Tuesday!” The tacos aren’t normal meat. It’s very clear that it isn’t. Boy, I hope it’s not horse meat like in the shows that Hansel watches. I sit down at JC’s table in the far corner of the cafeteria. Hansel of course joins.

“What do you want JC?” He takes out that box again.
“Show me your Bruce Wayne origami.”
“How do you know I have it?” JC has never been to my house before.
“I sense that you have it.” I nod my head and take him out.

“I’m OriBruce Wayne, Owner of Waterbomb enterprises.” JC looks through his pockets, his glasses shining. He takes out an origami Lucius Fox.

“My name is Oricias Fold. And I have a proposition for you.” JC opens the box. Inside is an origami Batman suit, complete with the cape and mask, along with a robin, complete with his face and rainbow cape.”We need you to discover something, Mr. Wade. Someone is trying to do something awful in this school and I need you to discover it. This can be a one-time thing, you in?” I thought, and ate, and thought.

“Fine. What do I do?” I asked.

“Like the comics in Batman, you just need to solve what is going on and report to me.”

“Now, you pick your origami hero, Tom.” I pick up origami Batman because I have OriBruce. It makes since, obviously!
“Here’s your Robin, Hansel.”

“Introducing the Dynamic Recycling Duo!” JC laughs.
“Batfold and…” I nudge Hansel.
“Foldbin?” “That’s a… um… okay, name?” I say.

Chapter 2 Batfold and Foldbin’s first night out!

By Hansel

JC trained us to fend for ourselves with an origami Henri Ducrease, the whole time I kept asking “Why us?” and I really… really had to use the bathroom. Thomas has watched all the batman movies because he has nothing better to do, and he stared at the origami Henri with a smug look on his face. Finally, he said what bothered him:

“Hey, JC, I know that you’ve watched each Christopher Nolan Batman Movie, so shouldn’t you know that Henri turns evil?” A sweat forms on JC’s brow.

“Why, no! I totally forgot that!” He looks around and laughs, “Get back to training!”
“I got a bad feeling about this,” I murmured, and I start punching a Joker approved laughing punching bag. After finishing our training, JC sat us down.
“Hansel, can I trust you?”
“About what?”

“With this,” He hands me a bag of Mentos, “Tonight, a cola truck is coming to Kanger TONIGHT, and I got a feeling that jerks are going to steal it.”
“And you want us to… Sabotage the raid?” Tom asks.

“Yes. And, bring me back anything you find… Oh,” He hands Tommy 5 boomerangs with Mentos in the middle, “you now have a “Batarang, of sorts. I call it the Mentorang! Great name, right?”
“Yeah…” I murmur.

“It’s a good name, JC,” Tom says, but there was a feeling of dishonesty in his voice.

“Good! Well, now you are ready. Don’t forget your recycled duo!” I almost forgot Foldbin and I grabbed two little masks that heroes use to battle like a cape crusader. Right before I left the door someone grabbed me by the shoulder.

“Hansel and Foldbin,” It was CJ, “Keep safe out there man, don’t get hurt.” He holds up an origami Alfred.
“Yes master Pleatson, keep safe.” His finger puppet nods his head. And is placed back into his pocket. I take out Foldbin and he nods his head.

I run out with the mask on and I’m holding Foldbin.

“Why are you wearing that dumb mask, Hansel?”
“We are detective bully fighting heroes, right? Just put it on.”
“Fine, and we are only heroes this one time, and besides that, why are you using the dumb finger puppet also?” He puts on the mask while he is saying that

“Hey, man! You’re the dude that carries around an origami Bruce Wayne at school and at home!”
“Let’s just get this done.” He holds up Batfold, “And don’t screw anything up.”  Finally, we get to the back of the school, where the cola is being shipped into. We climb up the tree that’s there and we stake out for a couple hours… Man, I could use a steak… Mm… steak… I’m really hungry. Then we hear a noise. Well… more like BatFold and Tom heard a noise while I was having a dream of eating a steak burger. There were five people, all with bags, and masks. Similar to the short-lived Beware the Batman series, one had a pig mask, and another had a frog mask. Another had a jester mask, along with some girl like figure hugging him with a mask like a female jester, and last but not least, a Batman mask. The Batman mask dude held a finger puppet, along with every other one. One had a Joker origami face, bodiless, but the face is a finger puppet, the woman of the operation had a Harley Quinn mask, the Pig mask, and the frog had normal goons, but I just can’t make out the finger puppet the Batman mask had.
They opened the truck and started to put cola bottles into the bag.
“Oh Sir J! This is probably our second cola score this year and we already seem to know what to do!” The Girl says.

“Oh H… Be quiet. We need to continue.” The bag in his hand is full to the brim with twentyish cokes from the school. I watch and watch and I even asked Tom ‘when are we going to fight them?’ because the suspense was killing me. He doesn’t move a muscle or say anything.

Finally… I have had enough. I take his Mentorang and throw it at the Jester’s bag midway through his sentence of: “Think of all the money we can get for selling this at recess! We will be rolling in the-”
“FLOOR WITH… ERM… Um… Cola? All sticky and gross.” I say as I jump down. The Cola bomb goes off and the jester and his crew start fighting me. BatFold and Thomas jump down kicking the Pig mask and the face making him weep all the way home. He punches the frog mask in the gut rather than turning it into a prince the frog runs away crying. The Batman mask’s finger puppet is clearly a Bane puppet.
“I will break your back!” He screams a wild threat as I kick his back and he falls to the floor. The Jester and his “girlfriend” run away. Batfold in hand, he picks up the last person laying on the concrete. The batman mask. He reveals the mask.

It’s an unknown boy.

A kid who isn’t from here.

He isn’t my age, but Thomas’s.  Thomas then asks, “Who are you?”
“My lips are sealed.””Where did you get this origami?”
“I folded this one.”
“ Give me the Bane.”

“Give me the Bane!” Thomas’s Fist goes into a grip, about to punch him. The kid flinches.

“Here.” He gives the Bane. A weak small model, “Please! Let me go!” he screams. “I’ll take the mask and your puppet. Run home.” The kid makes a break for it. Thomas, turned around, looks back. The kid also stops and looks at him.

“Wait, who are you?” The kid whimpers.

“I’m Batfold!” He holds up his origami finger puppet and makes a big smile. The kid runs and runs.

“Gosh. That felt good to say that. Let’s do this again sometimes, Foldbin!” and we start to walk on home.

Chapter 3: The News.


So, my best friends, Thomas, and Hansel, went on a trip last night. They want to do more missions, but according to Hansel, JC wasn’t at school today. I texted him, but his Mom responded, rather than him:
“Hey man, why weren’t you at school today?”


“This is JC’s Mom, he went out last night and didn’t return, I thought he was at your house.”
“No… I saw him leave the house, with his origami Henri Ducrease on his finger.”
“Henry Ducrease? Oh my gosh… not this again. I have to go, thank you CJ.”
Again?! Huh? After making some Kool-Aid, I ran straight upstairs to Thomas, his door closed, I knock.
“Thomas! I’m coming in!” I hear struggling from the other side of the door.
“Thomas! Stop!”

“CJ, Help!” I kick the door open, on the floor he is fighting against a girl in a cat mask.

“OH MY GOSH,” I scream, I take the jug full of Kool-Aid and pour it on the girl.

“Mmm. Cherry! Give me back OriBane’s mask!” The girl looks up at me, “You!” Her green eyes pierce through my soul, “You have the mask, do you?” I froze as if Mr. Freeze shot me with his Ice Ray. I don’t know what to say, but I mumble:

“What happened to Henri Ducrease and JC?” She looks back at me, she fully understood me. Her eye twitches, a sign of she knows something.

“It is you! Tell me where it is!”

“Never! In fact, I don’t know.”

“Fine, I will tell my group on you guys, so be warned!” She runs off. I start to clean up the Kool-Aid because I don’t want Dad to get mad. Thomas wipes himself off.

“Who was that person?” I ask.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, I just want to continue training.”
“I guess you don’t care, but JC didn’t come home last night.”
“He didn’t come home, his mom had his phone.”

“Why? I thought he had some test today.” Then he had a face of ‘oh my gosh I just realized why he didn’t come home last night’.

“No wonder he wanted me to return him the mask! No wonder he wanted some sort of reward! It’s because he is… um… Starting a collection of masks? Maybe he went to Big Pat’s all night mask store. I need to find him so I can give it back to him.”

“Big Pats All Night Mask Store?! That smelly place?”  “Yeah! Let’s check.” So we went off to Pats lame mask shop. It had it all, pig masks, frog masks and even vampire masks! I just wished they used Febreeze’s Ivy scent regularly. Thomas, wearing a hoody, and I wearing my caddy clothes we walk in. He walks around the place and finds a masquerade mask in the shape of Batman’s logo. He tries it on and buys it.
“Hey, um, have you seen someone that goes by the name JC?”
“Why, no, I actually haven’t … the only person that has been in here other than me was a boy wearing a Dallas Cowboys hoody with dirty blonde wavy hair.”
“That’s… Joe.””Yeah, the kid had a stutter. Poor bro.” We run straight out of the place. I hold up my origami Alfred “Master OriWayne, where to next?”

“We are heading for music lessons.”
“What? Oh Master OriWayne, I didn’t know you were taking piano lessons!”

“What? No… I am going to talk to Joe.” We get to Kanger, and we knock on the door, it opens up, and we walk to music lessons. He opens the door.”Hey, Joe. I came to listen to your music.””Oh! Um… Okay!” He starts to play Jingle bells and he sings along with it, off key. The lessons end and Joe starts to talk with us.

“Hey, man… Um… How are you?”
“Fine,” I say. I do all the talking because Joe is frightened of Thomas. “Have you seen JC?”

“Yeah, he is at my home. He spent the night with some of my friends and watched the house while we went and bought some snacks.”
“I need to see him… Please take us to him.” We go to his house. It looks small and normal for a house, nothing like Thomas’, although his dad is the boss of a big corporation right now. Inside is nothing special either, he has his own room, and that’s where we found JC. He is distracted, building a giant pit in Minecraft. “JC?” Thomas says he nudges him. “JC?” A harder nudge and he snaps out of it.

“Hey, man! What’s going on?”

“JC, your mom wants you home, like, right now,” I say
“What?!” He looks at the clock, “OH NO.” He runs on home.
“Thank you Joe, we have to get going.”
“Okay bye!” He says as he gets on his PS4. We join JC, and we go to his house. His Mom gives him a hug and he said that he forgot to tell her that he was spending the night at Joe’s house.”JC, I got to talk to you,” Thomas says. They go upstairs.
Chapter 4 -The Chit-Chat

By Thomas

We go upstairs, and he sits down. I pull out the mask.
“Here you go.”
“Oh thank you!”
“Well, my job is done.”
“No, I need to give you something.” He takes out a gift card to Best Buy.
“Take it and use it as you please.” I hand it back to him.

“I don’t want it.”
“Wait, you’re not going to insist for me to have it?”
“No. I just have another thing you guys need to do.” He takes out a flyer,                          “Tomorrow is going to be the Science fair. I need you to study the kid’s projects, in case one could be potentially dangerous.”
“Alright. But I want 1 bag of Buncha Crunch.” I say. I tell him goodbye and I go to the bathroom. Through the vent I hear him say something, it sounded distorted, so here is what I got.
“Yes… them … I um mean ready to… um… help with the Science Fair.” I shrugged it off and went home, I told Hansel and I called up JC’s sister Emily. ”Hey, Emily!”
“What Thomas?”
“Get to my house, quick, and bring any origami JC may have folded!”
“Alright.” She comes over with a Talia al Ghul finger puppet, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. It’s clearly shaped like Batman the animated series. Clothing is fully black except for a silver belt, but her hair is folded to look like the dark knight, and her eyes are light green like in the Arkham series.

“What do you want?” She asks.
“Do you want to go to the science fair with Hansel and I?” I ask.

“Really? You have me over just for this?”
“Yeah” “Well, where does the origami come in?”
“JC asks us to use them.”
“Has he gone origami crazy again?”
“Oh no! That means he is turning flat out insane!”  “No, he wouldn’t do that!”

“Yes, he would!”

“I know JC, he would never do that!”
“I was born when JC was 3! I know JC would do this!”
“Fine. You know what, you are right. And I’m not going to fight you. Let’s stop chit-chatting and let’s get to making a plan.” We sit down at a table and we are looking for ideas.
“Maybe we could fold normal origamis, and keep them in our pockets with tape recorders, and then we can deliver back to JC.” Hansel says”No, don’t do this. Please! You’re just going to please JC for his play-”
“Gosh, if I knew you were going to go all crazy, we shouldn’t have invited you. Hansel, continue please.” Hansel shakes his head and Emily bails.

“Alright. So…”

Chapter 5 – The Plan and Execution of the said plan

By Hansel

Our plan was to both go to school the next day and look at the projects. We will lie and tell the kids that we are taking notes for a school report in science for extra credit. Which is what I’ll do, so I can be more legit. If we see a group of kids huddled, we will barge in and try to fit in. Since Thomas is so charismatic, he can talk to legit anyone. He will carry a tape recorder and if anything is going on he will turn it on. I’m carrying my phone so I can record videos, and when kids talk for too long I can play some cookie clickers. CJ actually decided to join us. So he will tell us in English the science fair thingies in a simpler fashion.

The next day I almost forgot my glasses because I was so excited. Another adventure! Yippee! We walk into the cafeteria and there it was, a huge banner saying “Kanger’s School’s Science Fair!” My friend, Leo, is a roboticist. He loves robots and he has been really fascinated with this new 3D printer that the Science room has. He constantly tells me about this robotic 3D arm that can transform. Each time he talks he has this sort of gleam in his eye. He claims his arm is full proof and he thinks he will get accepted into Virginia’s High school for the Talented near McQuarrie Elementary. Hey, if he makes this he should get a noble prize! The Science fair is normal; Volcanoes, Models of neutrons. There wasn’t that good of ones. Joe and a group of his friends were there.

“Hey, man!”  I say as I high five Joe.
“Yo! What’s um…?” He sees Thomas and makes a weird face, “Up? You see those judges over there?” He points to the three judges standing at Leo’s place.


“Well, they are going to see Leo’s project. I hope he wins…” He slurs the word wins, and he watches.
“Record this Hansel, please?” Thomas asks. I take out my phone and start recording.

“Introducing the 3D hand! It’s a 3D printed arm like a glove made of plastic! Inside this is little computer chips with buttons on them. Now watch.” He places it on him, and he types something on the computer. “I am now going to turn my hand into a hammer!” He presses a button, and it transforms. Oohs and aahs go across the room. “Now, for defense, I will make it a small shield.” He presses another button, and the bright orange crusty looking cover now expands slightly as a shield. More oohs and ahhs fill the area. “And it’s simple to remove too! Just watch.” He presses a button to make it come off and it doesn’t.
“What?” He presses again.
“This doesn’t make any since! Dad told me I can just take it off with this button… but it’s…” He groans.
“Tightening!” He passes out.

Chapter 6: The News and the Change.


Hansel ran over to help his friend, who was being carried away. He ran after the ambulance all the way to the hospital. I said I will meet them there, and Thomas ran after Hansel.

“Hansel, wait!”

I place a USB into the computer and download the files for this, afterwards, I go and use the bathroom, and, when I walked out into the hallway, Joe, and his friends were standing there… laughing.

“And he was all like ‘OH MY HAND!’”  Joe screams.

“Yeah and then he is like ‘it’s tightening’!” This girl says.

“Idiot, he should’ve tested it on another person so he can see the changes we made!” Joe says. They still haven’t noticed me. But wait. They did this to Leo? What kind of bullying is this?

“Maybe this will scare Batfold out of his socks… Or do I mean Thomas? By your description, Jacob, that’s clearly Thomas. Maybe he will get so scared, he will go into hiding and Dad will fully have the business. Man, Ra’s Al Fold seems to have them tricked.”

“Hey!” I scream.

“Oh no. We have a listener gang. You know what to do.” Jacob, this burly kid takes out a baseball bat. I run. I run and I run. Straight to the hospital. I get on the floor and I hear Leo scream.

“What? If they take it off, I may lose my dominant hand? And it’s so tight, my arm practically can fall apart?” Leo asks. If only he knew.

“I will be made fun of! That school doesn’t understand! I am a cyborg! People should start call me DeeToo! I’m a monster!” He gets up and runs. Behind him, he gets out a finger puppet. In the middle of the hallway he slowly turns around.

“I am PleatFace,” The origami ClayFace says, “And this is Robo-hand!” He runs off.

“Come back Leo!” We all had a shaken up night. Late at night I went to Thomas’s room.

“Hey, Thomas… Um…”
“You know how I went to the bathroom after you all ran off?”

“Well, Joe and his gang were laughing all over how Leo’s arm got stuck. They said that they caused it!”
“That doesn’t make since!”
“He said that he knows you are Batfold, and he wants this to be a warning in a way to scare you out of not inheriting Citizen Wayne’s corporation!”
“Never! This can’t happen! He is too much of a poindexter!”

“That’s the role that he plays! He has been using this role for so long, but his little groupies are the ones that know who he really is.”
“He really is insane. I’m going to do something about it.”

“He mentioned something about a Ra’s al Fold…”

Chapter 7: OH NO

By Thomas.

The next day, I went to CJ’s room. He wasn’t there, I searched around and couldn’t find him. His window was opened and a note was left on his bed.
“Taken to the storage room. Meet me at 10:00 PM. ~Orijoker, Goons, Sink-Fold-Bane, and Harley Blintz” Shoot! Shoot shoot… SHOOT! I have only been scouting once! But what would Batman do? He has been solving mysteries that end up to a fight scene… So maybe that’s what I should do! I should have time to prepare. But then… I heard a knock on the door.”Who could that be at this hour?” I ask myself. I open the door. It’s Emily.

“Hey, JC ran off.”

“Again? Where?” I ask.

“He said he is going to look for his Pokémon cards in the storage, but I couldn’t find any trace of him. The door wasn’t even opened.” It came to me now. Henri Ducrease in Batman Begins worked under Ra’s Al Ghul… JC is Ra’s Al Fold! He has been wanting me to test his people, the people that were at the truck raid where the people that JC was with. The people that left to go “Shopping”! He told OriJoker/ Joe to get somebody to not make Leo’s arm retract, but to constrict… That must mean… His arm CAN be fixed! Someone can hack into it and fix up his arm, Leo was in such a fit of rage he didn’t realize it.

“JC is Ra’s Al Fold!” I scream.

“Yeah, that’s what I was trying to tell you yesterday.”

“I think he wants to meet me at 10:00 PM at the huge storage place.”

“Ok. Phred and I want to help.” How did I not realize Phred’s curly hair?

“Phred doesn’t know what to do!”

“She’s taken Karate classes.” She kicks Hansel in the face. His origami “Pleat Grayson” comes out of his hand. He falls to the floor.

“She’s in the team,” he grumbles. I quickly fold her an origami Batgirl and I hand it to her.

“Welcome to the team, Phred. I promise I will make a better Batgirl for you.” We walk into the basement.

“Okay, so what we want to do is walk in and take out each person one by one. So there where these goons, oriJoker, Sink-Fold-Bane, Harley Blintze, and Ra’s Al Fold. 5 people. We currently have four on our team. We are all okay with hand to hand combat, so… we should just bombard.” I say.

“But what if Leo comes into the picture?” Hansel asks.

“I think CJ had a USB with all of the computer data, someone good with computers, change the code to retract that constrict, please,” Emily gets up and fixes it. It takes her and hour to do it but she completes it.

“If Leo comes. We should hold him down and plug the USB into his arm. Then we should press the button.” I say.

“Alright. What weapons will we use?” Emily asks.

“Fists. We know hand-to-hand combat.”

“Oh ok.” She responds.

“Now let’s get training!”

Chapter 8- The Final Fight.

By Thomas

The time comes for us to battle these bullies… or sickos. We ride our bikes to the area. All of us wearing masks, we sneak into the big storage depot. It’s pitch black and scary. Then the lights come on. There CJ is, strapped up and tied to a chair. Out comes Joe with a finger puppet of the Joker.

“Hah! Tsk tsk. It seems that your friend knows a little too much… Thomas.”

“Joe! I thought we were cool! You don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, but Tom… It just wouldn’t make it fun. I guess this is the time when the BatFold gets shredded. Better be glad that no one else had to get hurt because of you.”

“You’re never going to hurt me or my,” I snap my fingers, and my friends rise up, “Friends.”

“Fine. Jenna and Harley, Jacob and Sink-Fold-Bane, Goons, and… JC with Ra’s Al Fold… Rise.” He lets out a loud laugh. They all get up.  I hold up my Batfold.

“My friends and I are the heroes that Kanger deserve! We will destroy you! Go team go!” We start to run towards the middle of the area, and we start to throw punches with our puppets on our fingers. Emily and Joanne punch each other in the face at the same time. They fall over and pass out. I’m fighting both JC and Joe.

“You know, I thought you guys would give more effort,” I say.

“I was just trying to see if my group knew who to take on you guys at the truck raid,” JC says. Phred and Hansel are fighting OriBane and I realize they aren’t going to win. I run around JC and Joe and I kick Jacob on the leg, he falls over and his little bag puppet Bane falls off his hand.

“Thanks, Thomas,” Hansel and Phred say. Then their heads get clonked together.

“What?” I ask Phred and Hansel pass out. JC and Joe versus Me and Batfold.

“I guess the Bat is in the cage!” Joe screams. I ran behind a crate. “Batty, Batty, let me wake you up with my bat!”

“Wait, JC, why are you doing this?” I ask JC. I know I was risking of blowing my cover.

“You know, Thomas… I don’t know… I guess it’s just the Origami. I have these phases and I realize… it’s not me doing this… It’s the origami.” I hear him fall to the floor and I hear paper being torn… I made him realize what he was doing! Yes!

“You know, I’m just going to go home.” JC opens up the door and he walks home.

“POOP!” I scream. JC, tired, looked back into the place.  “Oh and by the way, some kid with a clay like arm is running here.” Oh no, he’s coming! I run straight up to Joe and I punch and kick.
“Ouch! I’m going to need modeling clay on my face after this beating, “he faints. In comes Leo.

“I’m a monster! I am so MAD. I had such good dreams for the future and this ruined it! My arm looks like a crab!” I’m already tired, but I still walk up to Leo, because that’s what Batman would do.

“Leo! It’s on the inside is what counts!” I go in for a hug and he breaks down into tears.

“I can never be normal!” I shove the USB into the slot.

“Life has changed for the worst! I feel like the thing!” The arm beeps “Download complete, controls changed.” I go out of the hug and I press the button. It slides straight off. It’s all pale because his arm and hand have lost all circulation. In fact, I wonder how often he passed out. He sure did just now. Eventually, everyone woke up on my side.
“Is JC better?” Was the first thing Emily and Phred asked?
“Yay!” They ran all the way home. I untied CJ, and Hansel woke up too.            “Well, we did it, guys. We’ve solved the mystery!” Cheers and a huge ice cream fiesta followed.

The End

My Plan for the Future

By Joe.

I swear I will change JC back to my side and when I do, we will come back stronger than ever. I just hope we don’t get anyone new. I can’t believe I’m stuck in therapy. Dad says that by the time your older Thomas, we will all be living in the Bahamas. Yet, I will continue to torment you. However, the one thing we promise we won’t do is tell everybody in school, unless they join my side. Just as long as you don’t tell anybody that I stutter on purpose. Goodbye and Good Riddens.

  1. Thanks for the mention, Luke. However, I think you might be better off working with the New EU, as the old one (this one) is no longer being used.

  2. Oh! sick! okay. I will also post it on that.

  3. You know what? I think I should stay a little longer to help Stooky. Let’s do this, guys.

  4. Please send me a request 🙂

  5. I put my email on here, and I realized that I shouldn’t so I deleated it.

  6. I am hereby giving you permission to copy and paste my story on the new eu!

  7. Woohoo!

  8. origamiluke100

    Kanger middle school… Odd… The one school in a whole neighborhood. Have you tried Wade’s soup, JC? Anyways, this is the wrong place… same year, though…

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