A Nightmare on Fold Street (Rated E: For Everyone)

* Made the Cover for fun! ^.^ *

Halloween Special

A Nightmare on Fold Street

By SFHansel AKA Dark Knight

Math with Rabbski

By Tommy

Me, Kellen, and Harvey were in 2nd period, Math. Rabbski who is now the Math teacher, was teaching a lesson until she tripped.

“Dang it! I will have to call a janitor about this desk! Tommy! Come help me with this!”

“Aww Man!” I groaned.

“Yeah, teacher’s pet!” screeched Harvey. The classroom roared with laughter! I was so red!!! I went over the desk and tried find out why the cabinet in the desk kept sliding open. I was able to find what was causing it. It was a piece of paper. But, not any piece of paper. It was a folded piece of paper.

“So? Did you find the problem?!” asked Rabbski.

I answered “yeah,” and lifted the folded paper or origami, “This thing was wedged between the sliding parts of the cabinet.”

“HOLY CRAP!!!! IT’S IMOSSIBLE!!! THAT THING WAS DESTROYED MANY YEARS AGO!!! WE’RE ALL DOOMED!!!!” Rabbski ran out and to the teacher’s lounge.

“That was weird.” Said Kellen.

“Hey, Kellen. Didn’t your dad go to the same school with Rabbski?” I asked.

“Yeah…” answered Kellen.

“Then maybe he knows about this.” I said, “maybe we should ask him about this.”

Harvey’s Comment: LOL!!! It’s hilarious how she ran!!!

Tommy: Eh….


By Kellen

Tommy, Sara, and Harvey came to my house after school to ask about the Origami that Tommy found. We asked Dwight but as soon as we showed him the puppet, he shouted “GET THAT CURSED THING AWAY FROM ME!!!” When Tommy, Sara, and Harvey got there, I asked my dad to come in the room. I recorded the conversation with my recorder.

Me: Hey dad, do you know about this? *Shows him Origami*.

Dad: *Spits out coffee, almost chokes* Where did you get that?

Tommy: I found it at school wedged between the cabinet in Mrs. Rabbski‘s desk.

Sara: We came here to see if you knew anything about it.

Dad: Sigh… I’m not sure if I can.

Kellen: C’mon dad!

Dad: Sorry, but no. I can’t tell you about that cursed piece of crap!

End of Conversation.

Harvey’s Comment: First Rabbski, and now him? We need answers!!!

Tommy: I know Harvey. I know…


By Sara

The teachers were going to have a meeting. I had a feeling that they would talk about the puppet. I mean, they all went to the same school! They HAVE to know something! When Rabbski wasn’t looking, Kellen slipped his recorder in Rabbski’s purse. When A few minutes later, Kellen asked the sub to go to the bathroom. The plan was to run into Rabbski, make her drop her purse so, that Kellen could grab the recorder. He came back waving it in his hands. At lunch, we gave our Library passes to the school’s disciplinarian and went to the Library. We pressed the play button. This was the conversation:

Rabbski: I have terrible news… Tommy found the puppet that we buried years ago!

Lunch Man Jeff: Which one? The Mario Brothers? Sonic? Link?

Rabbski: No, you hippie! Origami Freddy Krueger!

The room is filled with silence.

(New Principal) Mr. Angleberger: You mean my worse creation yet?! WALKMAN NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Howell: You just had to watch “A NightMare on Elm Street” with us!

Mr. Angleberger: SOR-RY! I wanted to see my first Rated-R movie! 😛

Everyone in the room besides Mr. Angleberger: -_-

Rabbski: Those kids can’t find the casefile we made years ago!

Mrs. Calhoun: If they do, they will unlock the true secrets of McQuarrie!

Mr. Angleberger: And they can’t know about me being Dwight’s –


Rabbski: UGH! What’s that noise?

Everyone turns to chalkboard.

Rabbski: *GASP* I- It’s you!

????: Aww… Miss me Lulu?

*A Big Smooching noise *

Mr. Howell: HEY, PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

*Punch Lands*

Mr. Angleberger: You… You’re the one who dared me to make Freddy!

????: Shut it Tharp!


????: I’ll catch you guys later!

End of Conversation.

Harvey’s comment: Wait… Why did the mysterious dude call Mr. Angleberger “Tharp” and KISSED RABBSKI?!

Tommy: I don’t know… But, we have to find that casefile!!!


By Mike

At lunch, I sat next to Kellen. I could tell that they were talking about something. Kellen told me everything. Then, when Tommy tried taking out the Origami, uh, Freddy Kragle, he found nothing.

Tommy: Someone must have stolen it!

Harvey: But whom? The only horror movies I have heard about were The Purge, The Conjuring, and that new one, Annabelle!

Sara: It must be one of the staff!

Me: But who?

Dwight: ZZZZZZZ!!!

Harvey: Is he seriously snoring?!

Dwight: AAAHHH!!!

Tommy: What’s wrong Dwight?


Harvey: What?!

Dwight: *Gasp* *Wheeze* I was having a dream… And… AND… A ORIGAMI FREDDY KRUEGER ATTACKED ME!!!!

Kellen: Describe it to me! I’ll try to see if it’s the same one Tommy found.

Dwight: He had a dark brown fedora… A Dark Red and Green sweater all ripped up…. Blood on the claws… And had a bleached white face with red dots on it…

Tommy: That is really different from the one I found!

Sara: I looked up the Freddy you described, and I got “A NightMare on Elm St. Remake, 2010”

Kellen: Whoever is wielding that variation of Freddy, must be a student.

Me: But, who?

*Lights go out*

Random Student: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

*Lights come back*

Tommy: ???!!!! DWIGHT?!

Dwight was all scratched up.

Sara: Let me see the scars!

Dwight shows her his hand.

Dwight: Owww! Careful!

Sara: Sorry… Hmm…. These scars are tiny…

Kellen: What could have done this?

Tommy : The real question, WHO?

Harvey’s comment:  What the Fett?! This is getting weirder and weirder!

Tommy: What do you mean? YOU weren’t there when the lights went off!

Where I was

By Harvey

Setting: Bathroom

When: 10/3/14

What: I had just finish eating lunch. I went to the bathroom to wash up. I heard screams come from the lunchroom. I raced to see what happened. But, I was stopped by some dude in a red and green sweater. He was holding up a puppet that was colored to match his sweater. But, he had a brown fedora, the same face how Dwight described it, and he has staples taped to the puppet. The stapled were covered in blood….

????: Tell your friends to keep away from the file or else…

He jumped and left.

Tommy: Hmmm…

Who’s who and what’s what

By Tommy

We took Dwight to the nurse. Then, we went to History. Mr. Tame wasn’t there. It was some dude with the Freddy puppet I had originally found!

???: Hello kids… My name is-

*CRASH* Another dude, younger, crashed through the door and attacked ???. He had the 2010 Freddy. They fought one another, landing blow for blow. ??? landed the younger kid on the ground, and his fedora fell off. It was Mr. Tame!

“You come and try to take my reputation?! Now I am back, and your nightmares will be your demise!”

Suddenly, Mrs. Rabbski busted through the door. “YOU WANT THE #$@$ing FILE?! COME AND GET IT!” She held a lighter to a file and lit it. Original Freddy jumped for her, but disappeared along with the file before he reached her. The younger dude was revealed to be Zach. :/ To make a long story short, Rabbski told us to keep doing our work and to forget the whole mess.


Coming Soon: Fold-day the 13th: Curse of Jason Ver-crease

Date: Whenever the next Halloween contest is. 🙂

  1. Well, this is nice 🙂 Never watched a horror film. And you can’t PAY me to do it until I want to.

  2. What’s nightmare on elm street about?

  3. Lol. 😛

  4. … Go to Google, enter the Movie Title, and find the WikiPedia Page. It will tell you what basically happened in the film.

  5. Is Tom… DWIGHT’S DAD?????

    You wrote a real book once, right?

  7. Yep….

  8. Thanks, TheDarkKnight, but what if my parents bust me?

    Just give me a summary.

  9. Summary:
    A group of teenagers are terrorized by “Freddy Krueger”, an evil being from another world who gets to his victims by entering their dreams and killing them with gloves that have knife blades attached to each finger.
    Do you also want his Origin?

  10. No. Thank you very much.

  11. I have a idea for a reboot. Freddy Krazy-gluer. You know, Freddy Krueger, Freddy Krazy-gluer? Heh heh heh.

  12. Lol

  13. Harvey could krazy-glue him back together!

  14. Couldn’t you make a sequel this year? I like the story.

  15. Maybe…

  16. Hi everyone

  17. Anonymous Buddy why’re you talking like Spider-Man? Or should I say…Spider-Fold.

    Also, the new principal is Tom Angleberger? *laughs*

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