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DCOU Announcements

In keeping up with our own sort of Hall H, I feel like it’s necessary to talk a bit on the state of the DCOU, and, unlike DC at San Diego Comic Con, we’re really here!

As everyone knows, the first DCOU story “Batfold” was released last October. Recently, we had Hades’ “Folders of Tomorrow” release as our first One Shot, introducing Lampert’s School for the Future Athletes of America. You may be seeing Daniel Anderson in a Main Line Story soon.

But I know what you’re thinking:

Where’s the Mainline stories?

The city of JuteFruce has three schools: Kane, Shuster, and Lampert… and they’re being torn at the seams, or should I say ‘creases?’

… Bad crowd, huh?

Well anyways, all three of them have their own issues, but I am proud to show off the full Fold one slate, with some little hints on the plots of each.

We saw Alan Wade and Batfold in Batfold fight the OriJoker and solve who poisoned his parent’s soup that led to their demise. Now, it’s time to hear about what’s going on at Shuster’s boarding school.

A crumple in the image of a student occurs in Superfold – Our second story in Fold One! (Written in a collaborative effort by M3ga and some members of the council)

A new crease in the school causes a tear in Alan’s ideas in Batfold: Novick Detention (written by OrigamiLuke100).

At Lobdell academy in Iocana city, CJ Whogley makes some friends… and enemies. He must learn how to “fold in” in Tin Titan’s: Go! (Written by Jar Jar Pleats)

Past and Present fold over into one piece in Wonder Folder (Name is still in the works) (Written by Supreme Leader Skywalker)!

Lightning fast speed and a cool attitude form a messy origami swan of sorts in The Fold (Written by SF Noah)!

This paper gets soaked in Aquapleat! (written by SF Hades)

A summer camp on a college campus with many dorms get origami crazy in Green Creaser (Written by SF Camster)!

Concluding our first fold, many villains fold together to fight the new Justice Pleats in… Justice Pleats (Written by various superfolders)


Start expecting new stories soon!

Also, if you have oneshot ideas or general ideas for the DCOU email at

Anyways, that is all of the news I have for you today! Crease!


Still a tough crowd, huh?











DCOU announcement

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to this whole new WordPress layout, so please give me a minute to like, figure this out and stuff! (Back in my day, it was all gray and blocky!)

So, I know most users in here are sitting, staring at the top right-hand corner next to the “Origami Yoda: the expanded universe” and wondering “What? What’s the DC origami universe?”

Well, fellow reader, I am proud to announce it: Welcome to the DCOU.DCOU

It’s self-explanatory. In a similar manner to the Marvel origami Universe, the DCOU is a set of stories set in the same universe as Tommy’s, Dwight’s, Clark’s, Dove’s, Jacob’s, and every other character in the OY novels, the OYEU and the MOU.

Here’s the current plan, that I, Peyton/OrigamiLuke100, the spearhead of this new line came up with:

  • Each story in the DCOU will release on a similar schedule as the MOU, however, the DCOU stories release after each Fold of the MOU occur. You know that little down period after Fold One, where we all sat in the MOU discussion board and asked “When’s the next story coming out?” and “Is the OYEU dead?” Yeah, not anymore.  Now, there will be a flow of more stories for you to read (and write!) A little bit before Fold 2 begins with the Imperfect Iron Fold, the first story, Batfold: Rebirth, will kick off the DCOU. We will wait until after Fold 2 is finished (Or nearing completion) to continue.
  • A simple timeline would be like this: Batfold – Fold 2 kicks off – Fold 2 wraps up – DCOU Fold 1 continues – DCOU Fold 1 wrap up – Fold 3 kicks up

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s so different about the DCOU?
Well, to start, there’s DC characters rather than Marvel Characters, so, there’s Batman, Superman, that kind of stuff.

Next, there’s a “darker” theme to most* stories. We have a few lighter tone stories as well.

Also, there are a few different schools, all of which have origami finger puppets. I’m not going to tell you which school has what, but, I’m going to let you theorize to your heart’s content!

  • Kane – A public school where bullying is common.
  • Shuster – A boarding school with a great band team and award-winning newsletter.
  • Carter -An all Female High School private high school.
  • Nodel – A school for 6-12 graders. Because they want to be different, the school is split into 7 different Hogwart like houses: The Red House, the Green House, the Orange House, the Yellow House, the Blue House, the Indigo House, and the Purple House. People are selected into the house by doing a 100 problem quiz that involves personality questions and situations.
  • Lampert – This is a high school for athletes.

Yeah, they are pretty easy to figure out.

So, we have roughly 3-4 stories figured out. We have one completed. So, you know what that means!

  1. Everyone can suggest a character name to be used in the story. We aren’t talking about minor roles, such as a lunch lady or something. I’m talking about major characters that could appear in multiple stories. Villains, heroes, anyone!
  2. We NEED writers! We have a few for some stories, but, if you send an email to asking for a story, we will most likely have one. You email us, me or another mod will get back in touch with you, and we will go from there. It’s first dibs, though. If someone gets Pleat Arrow before you and wanted Pleat Arrow badly, I’m sorry.
  3. We also need folders and illustrators! If you are interested in folding for covers, or even drawing images, we are so down for that. Once again, just email us at, and we will get in touch with you.

Well guys, that’s it. Thank you all for reading this! Peace!