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Welcome to Superfolder Central! (FOR PARENTS)

Parents, this site is an unofficial website based on the Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angleberger, and is meant to be a place for children to learn the basics of writing stories. We consider ourselves an educational resource, as we’ve been growing and teaching since the site’s establishment in April of 2012.

Our site was started by two members of the Origami Yoda fanbase: Adam and Josh. Although they are more commonly known on the site by their SuperFolder names, Jawa and JC. The site was originally called Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe, as users only wrote unofficial stories based solely in the Origami Yoda universe – as seen in the “Origami Yoda EU” and “Origami Yoda: Legends” sections of the site. However in 2018 we expanded to include our own original works based on Marvel and DC superheroes, and renamed the website to SuperFolder Central. The stories on this site are free, voluntary fan works inspired by the works of Tom Angleberger.

We among the moderation team, have deemed the stories on this site it’s own sub-genre of fiction, called “Puppet Fiction.” Puppet Fiction usually makes use of intellectual properties, such as the Marvel Universe, Star Wars, or Percy Jackson by making those characters finger puppets that other human characters, usually students in schools, use as stand-ins for who they are. We think that what Tom Angleberger had started with Origami Yoda has made it accessible for children to learn how to write engaging characters, drama, and plots.

They say to “write what you know,” and that’s what we do here. Most of us are in school, and the school setting allows for engaging stories – from the Origami Guardians of the Galaxy uncovering a time capsule put at the school years before, to the Origami Justice League falling apart due to one friend’s mess-up. We aim to put lessons in our stories too.

Members of the moderation team have written novel-length stories entirely for free, and have created “origami universes” that are 1.) kid friendly and 2.) upwards of a 100 thousand words in length, our longest being the Marvel Origami Universe, which spans three sagas (called “Folds”), and contains a total of around 200 thousand words.

And this is not just thanks to us, but the aspiring authors that come to the site and contribute as well! Users, mainly ages 11-16, have written stories upwards of 10-16 thousand words.

We wish to be transparent entirely with the operation of this site:

This is a 100% Free Resource. Nothing on this website involves money of any kind. We are not selling your child any product, we’re not scamming them out of credit card or debit card information. We’re earnestly, and freely trying to teach people how to improve the art form of story-telling.

Recently, we bought a plan to remove advertisements on the site, as we do not wish for users to accidentally navigate to anything that could be harmful. The moderation team, back in 2012, were all between ten to twelve years of age, and now, between eighteen to twenty, we know how harmful this can be to both the child and the parent. We want to create a safe space for users.

This leads on to another topic: Superfolder Central is Safe. The Mod Team is constantly patrolling the site to make sure there’s no spam, no creeps, and nothing harmful or inappropriate. If we see bullying in the comments, we stop it. If we see something that looks suspicious, it is dealt with accordingly. This site is a safe space for children to come in, have fun, write stories, and get feedback. We have a set of rules featured on the homepage for this reason, and we make a large effort to follow and enforce them. (no profanity, for example.)

Feedback is something we do here, usually through email interactions with the users. We’re searching for a more open and free way of doing this, but usually we receive emails with a google doc. Usually, site moderators like Peyton or Noah will go through the story and edit the story, removing grammatical errors, then, we also go back and give feedback to the users, on how to improve their storytelling. Some of us here are English Majors that write for fun, and we find this to be really helpful while obtaining our degrees.

Finally, we would like to include a couple more elements of legitimacy via these screenshots.

The first shows a link to our site on Tom Angleberger’s main website, and the other photo is where the “OYEU” (Origami Yoda Expanded Universe) is mentioned in Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue‘s acknowledgement. We are also mentioned in an article on the official Star Wars website, which can be found here.

Finally, we’re here to help YOU. If you have any concerns or comments, please contact us at Thank you, and welcome to SuperFolder Central!

– The SFC Mods,
AKA, “The Council”

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