Writing Blog #2- Hades

Hey gamers! This is a follow up to my last post, The Site is Being Archived!… What Does That Mean? – An Update, which you can read with the click of the link. Anyways! Updates, people, updates!

First, any misconceptions? Well, a few. Certain members of the community who have been struggling to get their stories done say that me and Peyton don’t need these stories. And quite frankly… we do. To keep things lightly, most of the council is inactive with the community. The site is practically led by Peyton and I, and we’ve invested enough hours into this site that we can call it ours. And to see these projects not getting done is upsetting because all it does is imply a delay. And what’s a delay do? Take away from me and Peyton’s personal life. 

I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, me and Peyton are real people. We’ve both been through some serious stuff in our lives, and I won’t speak for Peyton but he can vouch if he chooses, having to handle not only our own workload but everyone elses… it only adds to a feeling of depression and exhaustion. 

THAT’S WHY WE NEED UPDATES, PEOPLE! UPDATES! IT’S YOUR JOB AS WRITERS, EVEN COUNCIL MEMBERS, TO KEEP US IN THE KNOW!! God, I can’t stress this enough. Keep us in the know, guys, it makes our jobs so much easier. 

Onto the cuts that have been made, we have cut The Strange Origin of Origami Yoda by JC, Fold of the Rings by Jawa, Multiversus by OM53, and Annashred 2: Fatherless Behavior by SF Hades. Jar Jar Pleats had not made any cuts. 

Now onto some lighter news, guys. 

Last month, we had 29 stories in various stages of completion, right? Well, aside from a few universes we only have one or two stories left in each universe. So, I figured we’re at a spot where we can do a full dissection. 

Video Pleats has five stories that require posting. One of them, OriMario 2, is unposted. The other four are by OM53, Jar Jar, and Noah. In between then and now, one story has been released, MegaPleat.  Jar Jar Pleats needs to finish Donkey Crease 2. 

The PJOU has one story left, by me. In between then and now, three stories have been released, The Lost Casefiles, Pleaty Jackson 3, and O-Reyna-Gami. 

The DCOU has eight stories left, We currently have two that are unreleased. The others six are by Jar Jar Pleats, SF Hades, and SF Peyton. Jar Jar Pleats needs to finish The BatPen. 

The Wizarding Folds OU has two stories left, belonging to Jar Jar and Guillermo. Jar Jar Pleats needs to finish The Creasely Twins and the Ori-Maruauder’s Map. 

Revisited has two stories left, both by Jawa, both outlined. 

Jar Jar Pleats needs to finish Spider-Fold: The Swing of Things. 

The Origami Universe has four stories finished, that’s one more than last month, and it’s by Guillermo. The remaining stories are by me and Peyton. 

I’m so tired. We have got to finish this site. 


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  1. Dang, strange origin sounded cool. Oh, well.

    Looking forward to all the new stories, including Spider-Fold.

    And don’t get too stressed out! Remember to have fun! You’re doing great!

  2. I didn’t know Jar Jar was doing Donkey Crease 2…

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