A Gift For The Holidays, From Us To You!

2010. Tom Angleberger writes The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda.

2012. EvilJawa And JC Create The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe.

2018. DarthNoah creates the Marvel Origami Universe. Later that year, OrigamiLuke100 with the DC Origami Universe. 

2020 saw the birth of Guillermo’s, Hades’, Origami_Master53’s and Jar Jar Pleats’ own sagas, the Wizarding Folds Origami Universe, The Percy Jackson Origami Universe, The Video Pleats Origami Universe, and the Origami Cartoon Universe to be exact. 

Now, it is 2021. It nears 2022, and with that this websites’ ten year anniversary. Ten years we’ve spent, telling stories, doodling covers, and folding puppets. Superfolders have come and gone, of course. But the few of us that remain to this day- We’ve grown. We’ve been here for years. And whether or not any of us are willing to admit it, we’re reaching a point where many of the universes I listed before you will end, and though new worlds are sure to rise, sure to be explored, an end to what we know is inevitable. 

So… me and Peyton got to talking. How do we celebrate an end that isn’t really the end? 

And we think we figured it out… 

SF Hades And OrigamiLuke100 present… 

The future of Superfolder Central

The Origami Universe will be a collection of stories- roughly the size of a fold, that will encompass a crossover of the sagas we created on a scale of which we have never seen before. The goal is for the Origami Universe to encompass the most exciting, riveting, and emotional stories in this site’s history. We can’t give away much- yet. But check your inboxes, people! We have plenty of story pitches that we directly tailored to you and your skillset! Plenty of stuff is already on the way and in various stages of development, and plenty of seeds have even been planted without you noticing. 

But there’s two stories I can reveal. (Shh, let’s hope I don’t get in trouble.) 

  • A Meeting Of The Minds- By SF Daniel- After facing a crushing defeat, a much older Harvey Cunningham starts his own case file to bring together a new republic- though is he sure that the people he’s brought together can even be trusted? 
  • The Cold Open- By SF Peyton- When the world inevitably catches onto the origami trend sweeping schools across the nation, six heroes from six origami universes are brought together on the national news, and boy, things sure do happen. 

If you’re looking for more, I recommend reading The Shredder Squad when it comes out! Until then, keep reading, writing, and practicing your skills Because the end times are a-coming. Have a happy holiday. 

Love always, Daniel


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  1. This is awesooome! Any theories, everyone?

  2. Hmmmmmm… This sounds ALOT like a story I proposed to you mods…

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