Hype for The Shredder Squad – Day 3!

The Results are in… You guys want the list of the characters in the story…

Well… There’s 23 of them. Yes! 23!

1.) Codcrease

2.) Ding Dong Daddy

3.) The Eraser

4.) Pied Piper

5.) The Calculator

6.) Gentleman Ghost

7.) Arm Fall Off Boy

8.) Rainbow Raider

9.) Crazy Quilt

10.) Film Freak

11.) Captain Boomerang

12.) Rick Flag

13.) Deadshot

14.) King Shark

15.) Fiddler

16.) Doctor Psycho

17.) Kite Man

18.) Mad Mod

19.) Calendar Man

20.) Condiment King

21.) The Thinker

22.) Harley Quinn

23.) Katana

Yes, some of these characters have been characters we’ve seen before – seven of them are from other stories! The rest are characters made for the story itself! I’m so excited to show them all off, but it’s not fun to just make a post without a piece of origami or a drawing to go with it! So I have a request: Send in your puppets! We’re superfolders after all!

One thing, though: don’t get too attached. NO ONE is safe. Get excited! Start theorizing who’s going to be expelled and who you think will scathe by with their grades intact. Use the talkzone to discuss your theories!


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  1. Ding Dong Daddy first appeared in the Last season of the Teen Titans (2003) TV Show.

  2. Quick proposal, a kid who wants a puppet but realizes everyone is taken looks at the most obscure superhero’s and becomes (derpy drumroll) paper eater lad

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