Hype for The Shredder Squad Day 2: Rick Flag

On this trip to the world of “The Shredder Squad,” we’re looking at the leader of the team: Rick Flag (Literally, that’s his pun.) The main wielder of Rick Flag is Freshman Shaun-Zhang Snyder, the nephew to Susan Snyder, one of the Amanda Waller Teachers. Shaun-Zhang is headstrong, willing to help fight whenever necessary, but he struggles with believing in himself. He doubts who he is as a leader, and this tends to mess with him in many ways.

Shaun is marginally younger than the team he is helping to lead. While everyone else is approaching graduation, Shaun-Zhang is a mere freshman, barely out of Barbera Middle School, and it shows.

This is Shaun-Zhang’s first appearance, and I’m excited for you guys to see more of him.

In terms of developing Shaun-Zhang (Or Shaun, most of the time referred to as such), I wanted a character who had potential to lead. Rick Flag in the comics is an amazing hero, who has his fair share of strengths as the leader of the squad. When starting this story, Joel Kinnaman’s character had only been in one film, 2016’s “Suicide Squad.” I didn’t have much to base off of there, but as I continued writing, the new Suicide Squad movie arrived, and I had a better idea of the direction I wanted to go into.

“Zhang” has Chinese origins as meaning “to open up” or “to spread.” The plan was, throughout “The Shredder Squad”, to have Shaun be the spreading thing that mends all the parts together. The nephew of one of the Amanda Waller teachers, he can feel her presence in every move he makes, their spread over him weighs heavily on the many decisions he ends up making.

Here’s one of my favorite moments so far when writing Shaun:

For more about The Shredder Squad, keep your eyes peeled!

Special thanks to the many people that sent in their Rick Flag pieces! They’re so awesome!!

To finish this post off, here’s a poll:


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  1. Before I vote, does “Character Release (Puppets only)” mean everyone could send in puppets of the suicide squad members?

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