YodaForce’s Panel

It’s been a while, my friends! There are plenty of excuses for my absence, I promise, but I figured that I would make it up to all with my very own panel, along with some stories set to release this year.

First, we’ll start off with Falcut: Where’s Cap!? It’s an MOU story I’ve been working on for a while now, and thankfully finished! And guess what? You can read it soon! It’ll be out today, hopefully. If I don’t procrastinate too much, that is.

A brief rundown of what it’s all about: Laura and Lucas (the canon MOU Falcon) end up finding two potential candidates for the new title of Captain Americut. However, problems arise when the rejected candidate decides to stir up trouble in retaliation. Lucas must work with the other awaiting candidate (Ruffindor Abramovich), even if their relationship is a little…rocky.

The next thing I want to announce is the return of Dragon Fold Z! While the AFOU is scrapped, I will be writing a one-off series about a boy trying to liven up his space camp experience with Dragon Ball themed puppets.

The tales of Leatherfold will return! This time, following the story of Arnold Kent, a boy who’s being persuaded by his best friend to investigate the strange case of Leatherfold. It will, too, be a one-off series.

Lastly, we got Green Arrowigami: Dart Country! It is currently in the works, and I plan on it being released sometime next month. This time, Cooper King will be travelling to southern Louisiana with his former enemy, Red Dart. But even being in an entirely new place can cause consequences.

And that’s all! I hope you guys enjoyed my panel. Until next time!

– SuperFolder YodaForce.


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  1. dart country more like fart country

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