The Wizarding Folds Panel!

Hey everybody! SF Guillermo here!

Wow, the Wizarding Folds origami universe is more than a year old now. During this year I’ve been so terribly busy I haven’t been able to write a lot for you guys, but I will do everything in my power to continue this universe.

That’s why…. (drum roll please)

We’re expecting some awesome and magic stories like Foldemort (written by CD), the Adventures of Shred and Fold Weasley (by Jar Jar Pleats) and Nicholas Foldel written by me! Of course, I come today with something special. After all, what’s the Wizarding Folds without a Harry Potter story? Read Harry Paper here:

Have fun, and may the Folds be with you.


About SF Guillermo

Superfolder since 2014, member or the Jedi Council of Superfolders and Mod of SFC. Head of the Wizarding Folds Origami Universe.

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  1. all 3 of these was cancelled dawg 😭

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