The VPOU Panel!

Hey Everyone! Origami_Master53 here. In this panel I will tell you guys about My universe and the upcoming stories for Fold 2! But first I have 2 announcements.

Video Pleats is getting renamed to… The Video Game Origami Universe! (VGOU for short)

UnderFold is officially being canceled! Now let me explain, without UnderFold getting finished I would have to wait and wait and wait for VGOU Fold 2 to start. UnderFold was supposed to finish off Fold 1!

Now onto the Fun stuff!

Here is the line-up for Fold 2!

Legend of Zelda-gami 3 Ocarina of Folds – By Me!

Shadow The Foldhog – By SFArctic!

Sonic the Foldhog 2 – By Me!

Papermon – By Origami Donitello!

Donkey Crease – By Origami Donitello!

Artmong Us the mystery of the Impaper – StookieStorm41408!

Earthbound – By Stookie Chewie

Pac-Fold 2 – By Guillermo

Apex Legends – SF THRAWN

OriMario – By Origami Donitello

Super Smash Folds for Crease U! – By Me!

So there you have it! The entire Line-up for Fold 2! And to celebrate Superfolder Central Con 2 Legend of Zelda-gami 3: Origin of Folds is up for you to read!



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  1. Um… it should be called the VGOU Panel. lol

    • every second I spend on this planet is agony why do we suffer om only to live on in pain what is life but a prelude to death

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