Ready Puppet One, Shredder Things, Oh My! -The Donatello Panel

Hey Superfolders!!! Even though I’m not (currently, yes that may be a possible clue) involved in any universes I wanted to do a panel! So here are some of my upcoming stories

Shredder Things: a Stranger Things story. This will be btfolds. I wanna keep the plot a mystery…for now

Origami TMNT 2: Now, I’m gonna be honest. The first wasn’t all that good, but don’t worry! I think I’ve really improved as a writer, this will be better with pacing and dialogue. 

OriMario, this will be set after super smash folds and will be about a new hero. Fred Yokio. The Supcrease Army is defeated right?, I mean at least not all of them

Ready Puppet One: Okay, I’m super excited about this one! Wyatt Cline, a fourteen year old boy is intrigued by the new pop culture club (O.A.S.I.S) and decides to fold a puppet (pun to be decided) please expect lots of pop culture references and some cringe dialogue!!! I said this would be similar to the book, after all. 

There’s a few more, but I probobly shouldn’t leak them here. (Check out the ROU panel for that) Oh wait, one more thing! Who took my Mac n cheese. I’m totally not mad and if you just tell me I (probably) won’t snap. 

That’s all, folks!

no I can’t legally say that

Oh god the feds are outside my home

Note from Hades: I’d like to take this moment to clarify upon the concept of claiming stories. You can write whatever you want, and announce it whenever you want, but alot of users have clamored to “claiming” worlds, and example of which include Stranger Things and Ready Player One. Ultimately, more than one Origami adaptation can exist of certain properties. There’s over twenty versions of Spider-Fold in the MOU, the DCOU has two Bat-Folds, and the ROU has three Pleaty Jacksons, literally, you can write whatever you want, no need to claim it, and no need to feel bad when someone else takes a story idea you had, as long as both adaptations make sure to bring something new to the table.


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