So, I’m sitting around, working on ROU Fold 3, when I remember something. Hey, last July. Wasn’t there a Superfolder Central Con? And so, after talking it through with the council, we are so EXCITED to reveal that will be hosting SFCC: Year Two!

From July 24-26, there will be announcements, another Q&A with the council members, and even some artwork showcases!

We’ll be spreading out the panels evenly, this year, so that you can have fun on all three days, we’ll even be releasing two stories that are sure to be the hits of the summer 😉

If you’d like a panel, you can contact the ROU email, the DCOU email, or the OYEU email, or, you could message us on Discord. If you’re looking for a template on what your panel could look, like, look to last year’s SFCC, the posts are still up.

Anyways, tell your friends, SFCC is back with a vengance, baby!

-The SFCouncil


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  1. I just emailed the DCOU email about having a panel!

  2. Can I do a panel just on some upcoming stories I’m gonna do

  3. This year I am going to send in pictures of ALL my Origami! (At least the good ones) If I don’t one week before SFC Con 2 have a mod email me or make a comment on the talkzone. Please I might forget lol.

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