Good afternoon my oodles and yoodles, Hades here with some wild news! Today marks the one year anniversary of my creation of the Rick Riordan Origami Universe!

I have some behind the scenes info for you, first and foremost.

1. Pleaty Jackson’s name was something I had to debate over for a long time, and I came up with several different names. The first name, “Peyton” came up, as well as the last name, “Adamson.” It was incredibly close to actually being Jackson Ordonia, a name that I’m actually using for a future character in Pleaty Jackson 2!

Ultimately, it was Origami Luke 100 who came up with the name. The story has it that him and I were texting back and forth when I asked what I should name Pleaty Jackson. He was cooking and listening to music. The food? Macaroni and Cheese. The song? Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

2. I recently had to go through and make several changes to the previous ROU stories for continuity’s sake. Mallory and Charlie are not siblings, though Charlie does have a younger sibling you’ll be meeting in Fold 3.

3. Annashred Crease’s story went through SEVERAL changes and rewrites, and the published story was written in a week!

4. I actually rebooted the ROU, several times, actually. I’m thinking about reworking these stories into something new that can fit into canon.

5. The image below is the earliest known trace of the ROU.

6. Mac has a long name. His full name is Mackerel Ferdinand Rick Astley. This is not a joke.

I’d also like to announce a oneshot/Mainline tale (I haven’t decided.)

CHRONOS: Man Versus Merrick

In this story, we will look at Fold One from the angle of Sebastian Merrick, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see him in a new light. 😉

Oh yeah, Jason Plates Versus Pleater McCrease is out. https://superfoldercentral.com/btfolds/the-riordan-origami-universe/rou-fold-2-the-dark-ages/jason-plates-versus-pleater-mccrease/


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  1. Tomorrow is the Video Pleats 1 year anniversary!

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