ROU Sunday Part Two- The Last ROU Sunday [For Now ;)]

With the release of Luke CastePleat, Fold 1 of the ROU is over, and once Donatello’s Typen (Jeez, that guy cranks these things out)

For the four people who have been caught up since December, (Dang, I speedran this) thank you so much!

The ROU this far has been really experimental, and truth be told I think it’s worked out nicely. But we’re nowhere near complete.

ROU Fold 2 is massive, new stories, new characters, new everything. The tales of the Heroes of OrigOlympus will be continued, with SO MANY new faces thrown in there. It’ll start releasing really soon, actually, with a monthly mini-series about Sebastian Merrick, more on that later. But, here’s the lineup of Fold 2: The Dark Ages, my guys.

Lore OrigOlympus- By SF Hades

The Foust Chronicles: The Red Pyramid Scheme– By SF_THRAWN

Jason Plates Versus Pleater McCrease- By SF Donatello

Nico Di Angefold: Pandora’s File– SF Hades!

The Foust Chronicles 2- SF_THRAWN

Pleaty Jackson: Welcome To Caesar Middle School- SF Hades

The Heroes of OrigOlympus: The Illiad- By SF Hades

And, as the start of ROU Oneshots: Vol 2, we have Origami Kronus by SF CD!

How’s that for a news update?


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