What is your Favorite Part of the MOU?

With the MOU rounding down (and Fold 4 will be continuing very soon) I was curious to know exactly what the title asks: what has been your favorite part of the MOU?

It could be a character, a story, or a story moment that really spoke to you, and there is really no wrong answers. Could it be the very start of the MOU with Clark folding Iron Fold? Dove and Ally’s budding romance? The Spider-Team of OriSpider-Verse? Ezra’s misadventures in OrigVenom? Tilly Waterson, the character?

Leave your favorites in the comments!


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  1. origami_master53

    I REALLY liked the Ori-Spiderverse and Ezra with Origvenom! I also can’t wait for everyone to read Amazing Spider-Fold 3!

  2. Definitely Dove and Ally’s budding romance. Idk why she had to get with Black Panther sometime in Infinity Folds, but oh well. The ship came true in the end.

  3. I really liked reading Dove and Ally, of course.
    Tilly is probably my favorite character in the MOU, so she’s pretty good.

  4. StarWarigami_Master

    i haven’t read all the MOU but my favorite story was thorigami

  5. The growth of Andrew Gardner.

  6. Andrew Gardener’s Character Development.

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