What to Expect in Fold 4: Part 2: The Second Part: The Finale

As you’ve probably heard, Fold 4 will be the ending of the MOU. With the posting of The Return of Emma Frost, we are officially into the second half of the ending of a saga over three years in the making!

But, what can we expect in the coming days/months/weeks for the ending of this story? This should give you some idea:
Black Pen-ther vs. Namorigami by SF Guillermo: As we saw in Captain Marfold, not everything at Wheeler Academy is sunshine and rainbows. When confusion strikes about who exactly should be in charge, it’s the humble Garfield Graham that needs to save the day!
2 Foldians of the Galaxy: 2 Legit 2 Quit by SF Peyton: The Foldians were in a tough spot at the end of Infinity Folds, and by tough spot, I mean completely divided. Is there any way the two Foldian teams can come back together, or are they doomed to doing nothing for the rest of forever?
The Superior Spider-Fold by SF Jar Jar: With his brother gone, Cal Largent feels aimless. How can he be a hero if is role model isn’t there to support him? Does the school really need Spider-Fold?
The Foldtastic Four by SF JC: Wouldn’t you like to know about this one, huh? Just be looking out for it.
Adam Papercut by SF Hades: Wheeler Academy needs a true leader, and Dane Jackson is going to be that leader, whether people like it or not. Vote for Dane, the man of the merger!
Finale by SF Noah: Graduation comes for the OrigAvengers, but nobody expected it to be like this.

This will be it for the mainline MOU, people. One-Shots and Elseworlds will still be open, of course, but after this…who knows? I can’t wait to see what happens in the future, and there may even be some more mainline MOU stories that I haven’t even mentioned! All I can say is, it’ll be a fun ride.



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  1. Origami donitello

    After the dcou ends and then the mou what will happen?

  2. origami_master53

    What about Amazing Spider-Fold 3!?!? ( I know this is a one-shot)

  3. had an idea.
    I could make my own universe.
    just give me an idea and I’ll do the rest.

    • The mods aren’t really allowing any new universes for at least a while, we have plenty for right now.

    • I really don’t want to gatekeep but I feel like the ROU and WFOU and the other ones were made because the properties (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter) would mix well with the puppet fiction format. I feel more like you’re making a universe just for the sake of making a universe

      • Exactly my thoughts. A large concern I’ve had about the SFC for a while now is how it seems like universes are being cranked out for the heck of it. Quality in the stories of these universes with less thought in them is noticeably lower to me than a universe like the MOU’s or the ROU’s.

        It’s really no one’s fault, but I feel it needs to be addressed.

        • Couldn’t have said if better myself, I’d also like to add that users such as myself, Origamiluke100, Noah, and Guillermo all waited at the very least a year to get their universe started, and by the time the first story was out they already had a clear idea in mind as to where it would go.

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