An Important Announcement

After much deliberation amongst the Council, SLS has been unbanned. This is a big decision. He is allowed back onto the site, but will remain under Mod Supervision until further notice. If you see anyone, not just SLS, breaking a rule; please let us know. Now that doesn’t mean be a tattletale, but if someone says something that hurts you or another member of the site, feel free to email us.

The safety of everyone on this site is the most important thing to all of the Council, and so we don’t make the decision lightly. Regardless, welcome back, SLS!



About Noah

'Ello humans.

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  1. Hi! It’s me! The guy who was permanently banned a couple hours ago! I think I need a little chance to explain myself.

    So obviously a lot has happened over the past nine months–I mean, it’s nine months. Nine months is a long while. People change, go their separate ways, friendships strengthen, etc. Sites get a weird name change that sounds awfully like “KFC,” so yeah, the council has decided it’s time for me to become a free man once more.

    The circumstances that put me in this permanent ban were…not in my favor by any means. What I decided to do afterwards was unwarranted, however. Fighting fire with fire is a logical fallacy. Don’t do it at home. 😛

    Yes, I promise to keep myself out of trouble. I’ll probably be out of the limelight for a while, really–it still feels disorienting being back in this place. but just know I’m here to stay! This nutjob who ruined it for himself really did miss you all. Thank you guys. All of you.

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