BIG DCOU Story! & Some News…

Hey there, everyone!
The DCOU is expanding with Hades’ Justice Pleats Dark, something I’ve been REALLY hyped to see come to fruition, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Follow Theresa Carter as she and her new team (including the infamous Constancrease) come together to stop Nick Necron, who’s wielder you all may know…

Anyways, I come with some saddening news to a few, but I sat down and thought about this for a while:

In the next year, the DCOU will come to an end. Fold 2 will close some time in February, if all goes well, and I had decided that Fold 3 will be the last fold, clocking in at just 8 total stories for the main series, ending sometime around July or August of next year. That doesn’t mean that the one-shots can’t happen, however! I was just doing a lot of thinking and planning and I think a fourth fold would be too much. Near the end of Fold 2, I’ll be sending out emails to the select writers for the last stories needed. It’s time for the DCOU to come to an end, and I have a feeling you guys will enjoy the ending I have planned.

You guys also still have me until July, as I hope to get this all done for you guys. I’m excited, a little scared, but overall, I’m ready to start showing off all I’ve been planning since 2018.

We’ll talk soon,



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