New Chapter of Doctorigami Strange, and a new Resource!

Hey guys, so, amazing news!

In my opinion, Doctorigami Strange is one of my favorite stories of the MOU, it’s characters are interesting, the story is captivatingly written, and I’m so hyped because… There’s a NEW CHAPTER!

And also, I’m excited because I wrote a new Resource for you guys!

We’re living in a pseudo-renaissance of Origami Universes, it’s almost as though a new one keeps popping up all the time! So, I’ve started to recognize a slight issue:

What IS an origami universe?

You see, I’ve been planning and changing my plans for the DCOU for years now, and I think with this rise of Origami universes, I think there needed to be help, so, I made a little resource for you guys called:

Setting up an origami universe!

Be sure to give it a read! I hope it helps out.

Anyways, I’m gonna head out, I may do more resources in the future.


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I lost my account, but here I am.

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  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah but when’s the next btfolds story coming?

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