DCOU Fold 2 is Starting Soon, and YOU Can Help with a Big Team Up!

Hey guys!

So the next Fold of the DCOU is starting, and I need YOUR help with setting up the big team up for the story in the Fold!

Yes, a big villain for a team up story this fold is another evil team, the CRIME SYNDICATE!

With Ultraman, Super Woman, Power Ring, Atomica, Grid, Deathstorm, Owl Man, and Johnny Quick, the group is an EVIL version of the Justice League.

The Crease Syndicate is essentially the same thing! They’re an Evil version of the Justice Pleats, but we need stories to start building them up!

We need stories on the following characters:

  1. Grid – Marukami, the Tin Titans school!
  2. Johnny Quick – Lampert
  3. Owl Man – Kane
  4. Ultraman – Donner
  5. Super Woman – Kane
  6. Atomica – Donner

But, where’s Power Ring?! Well, Superfolder Hades claimed a story for him recently, so that’s what’s going on with him.

Later on, when the first story is posted, there’ll be a “Build up to Fold 2 story,” as I don’t want to give the title away quite yet.

Quickly! Claim these characters and send in your story ideas!

See you guys!

Remember to email me at Dc.Origami.Universe@gmail.com and comment below who you claim as your evil hero to write a story over!


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  1. I can do a ultra man cameo in a story.

  2. origami_master53

    Can we have an estimated date on when Fold 2 will start?

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