BTFolds and Release Schedules (Also: A New Story!)

Hey guys!

I’ve been on a break for a few weeks now, after the momentous release of “Justice Pleats: The Scissors Cut,” I’ve been uh… napping… eating… working on schoolwork… gaining 18 pounds of weight from eating cookie dough oreos. Y’know – the usual stuff one does on breaks.

But, there has been one big, big, BIG, question that has been asked everytime I’ve been making a post:

“Peyton, when is the next BTFolds story?”

So, let me give a release schedule, with a special surprise at the end.

So far, there has been a few BTFolds, MOU, and DCOU stories sent to me. They are, as follows:

Jokerigami, by SF Guillermo

Pac-Fold, also by SF Guillermo

Fantastic Folds 3, by Guillermo as well

Pleaty Jackson and the Olympians: The Trip of the Monsters, by SF Hades

The Order of the Pholdix, by me

Larfoldz, by Thrawn

A NEW chapter by CD for Doctorigami Strange

Blank Knight 2 by Thrawn

The Irrefoldable OriAnt-Man by Thrawn

And some other things.

Listen, listen! This question is totally understandable, but I’ve been editing stories on this site for a few months now, almost nonstop! I could sometimes barely find time to write Justice Pleats BECAUSE of how many stories I was editing! So, please, be super patient.

Now, there’s some stories on this list edited already, for example:

Pac-Fold, Jokerigami, Trip of the Monsters, and Order of the Pholdix, they’ve all been edited and updated. Heck, Pac-Fold is already out! Clicking that blue word will take you right to it.

Friday, at some point in the day, Jokerigami will come out as well. Then, later on, Trip of the Monsters next week on Monday.
The main goal is for two stories a week, Monday and Friday. That Monday story is that “Sweet! I made it through my first day of classes this week!” and then that Friday story is “Sweet! I made it through a stressful week, time to relax and read!”

So… When is the next BTFolds story? Today!

Go read Pac-Fold ASAP!!!

See you guys later! Bye Bye!


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