A Poll for Fold 4

Hey guys! We’re getting closer to the release of Fold 4 (still not incredibly close) and as such I’ve been doing some thinking, and wanted to ask a question: what would you like to see more of in Fold 4?

Is there a character you miss? A group of characters? Certain plotlines you want continued? Themes that you’d like explored? Please, tell us what it is that you’d like to see! Obviously, since you all are writing these, you’ll have a lot of control over what that thing is. But, as the Feige of this endeavor, it helps to know what to focus on.

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and I’ll hopefully see you soon!


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  1. Green Goblingami striking again.
    But I’m quite satisfied with how the whole phase 4 will be organised.

  2. THE NARD.

  3. Lord Toademort

    im curious to see rebillion strike at wheeler with the new origami ban. Origami was an integral part of both kirbian and wheelrian culture, i do not foresee it going down without a fight. Im pretty sure MARVEL has some anarchists right?

  4. I wanna see a light crossover. I imagine DCOU (Cuz comics) and ROU (Cuz mythology) are the most likely, if anything. Just something light, really, like a student from Kane being like “Man…. this is just like my old school”

    • OrigamiLuke100

      Hades scissor blade is there

      • Oh yeah Scissor Blade was a thing. Maybe bigger than that, almost like your old Moon Knight idea but just a smidge more low key. Like, “Hey I had this puppet from DCOU, now I’m at Wheeler so I have extremely similar Marvel puppet” it doesn’t even have to be a preexisting DCOU character.

    • Jar Jar Pleats

      hee hee hee….

  5. origami_master53

    I am just excited for Fold 4!

  6. I’m working on Captain Mar-Fold for Fold 4.

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