Origami Showcase

Hey all and welcome to Day 2 of Superfolder Con!!

Today, we’re going to kick things off with an origami showcase, starring origami by SFs in the community! We’ve got some fantastic submissions.

First off, we’ve got some origami from Potato Dabber!


Next, we have Guillermo’s collection of superheroes and supervillains from DC and Marvel comics!


Finally, we’ve got Seto Kaiba and Mysterio puppets by Lord Toademort!


Looks awesome!! Great job everyone.

We’ll be back later tonight for part two of SF Con: Day 2, where I’ll be pitting my fellow mods against each other in some random competitions. Stay tuned.


Posted on July 21, 2020, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. origami_master53

    Great job everyone! Can’t wait for later Cammy!

  2. Excuse me? Hades here, amd I just gotta say you didn’t post a single one of my submissions!

  3. Great job everybody! I can’t wait for part two!
    *Looks at watch*
    Me: Actually… since I’m already up late…

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