Cammy’s Mod Games

Hey everyone and welcome to…

Cammy’s Mod Games!

I hope you all are enjoying Superfolder Con. I am your host, Cammy. Today, I am going to be pitting my fellow moderators into epic competition. There will be tears. And there will be only one survivor. 

But enough chat. Please welcome the competitors!

Head of the MOU and secret Kevin Feige, Noah!

OYEU co-founder, longtime Superfolder Central moderator, and retired evil jawa, Jawa!

The mysterious force ghost, CJ!

And head of the DCOU and expert ramen noodle cook, OL100!


We’re going to start off today with a very simple, straightforward competition: a race! I’m going to give you all a link to a virtual olympics website. Do the “Seattle Sprint Race”. Play the game and screenshot your best time.

I’ll score your times on a rubric and stuff.

With that, let the races begin!


  • Under 10s: 100 points
  • 10-11s: 90 points
  • 11-12s: 80 points
  • 12-13s: 70 points
  • 13-14s: 60 points
  • 14-15s: 50 points
  • 15-16s: 40 points
  • 16-17s: 30 points
  • 17-18s: 20 points
  • Over 18s: 10 points

And… boom! The race is over. Here are the results.

  1. Jawa – 13.73s (60 points)
  2. CJ – 14.30s (50 points)
  3. Noah – 14.98s (50 points)
  4. OL100 – 15.43s (40 points)


  1. Jawa – 60 pts
  2. CJ – 50 pts
  3. Noah – 50 pts
  4. OL100 – 40 pts


Now, there’s been a lot of chat recently on the streets of Superfolder Central. People have been debating one thing…

Who is the funniest council member? 

Well, we are going to settle this right here and right now. 

For this next competition, you will each have two minutes to come up with a joke involving three specific words. The best joke will win.

But I will not be judging. Instead, these jokes will be judged on a scale of 1-10 by the same people who entered those three words. Everyone, please welcome the judge panel, consisting of Guillermo, Thrawn, and YodaForce!

crowd applause

Alright, prepare to write your jokes. I will submit them to the panel anonymously. 

Here are the three words, submitted by the panel, that you must use in your joke: potato chips, microfiber, and cheese.

Your time starts… now!


Time’s up! Send in your joke. 

Jawa: There once was a man named Cheese. He had a hobby about studying microfibers and their effects on different types of potato chips. Turns out this was just a cheap attempt at humor by one of the mods.


  • Thrawn: 1
  • Guillermo: 6
  • YodaForce: 8

Calculating and dilating the numbers to fit a 1-100 scale, that is a round score of 50 points!

Next up!

CJ: You see, I was eating these potato chips. And the problem was, they weren’t crunchy. So I put some in my microfiber-enhanced bellybutton and squeezed them really hard. My bellybutton cyborg implant squeezed so hard… and out came, instead of potato chip crumbs… cheese. Flipping. Cheese. Squeezing out of my bellybutton like toothpaste. Mmmmmm… not gonna lie, feels so good.


  • Thrawn: 8
  • Guillermo: 5
  • YodaForce: 6

Calculating on a 1-100 scale, that is 63 points this round for CJ!

OL100: How does a computer chef make microchips? He takes a little bit of microfiber, potato chips, and some cheese and whips it all up!


  • Thrawn: 5
  • Guillermo: 7
  • YodaForce: 7

OL100 also gets a total of 63 points this round!

Noah: There was once a man who enjoyed his cheesy potato soup. It was a simple pleasure in his life, and he practiced it’s consumption religiously. Unfortunately, he was also a very sloppy eater, and consistently spilled it on the microscopic fibres of his clothes. He was known as Mr. cheesy potato head and everyone despised him.


  • Thrawn: 3
  • Guillermo: 8
  • YodaForce: 9

And that is 67 points this round for Noah! He takes Round 2!



  1. Noah – 117 pts
  2. CJ – 113 pts
  3. Jawa – 110 pts
  4. OL100 – 103 pts


Alright! Round 3. For this round, I asked each mod to send in two weird/funny facts about themselves. I am going to DM each one of them with a fact, and they will guess who it is about! (If it’s a fact about you, you are exempt from the round.)

The answer for each fact is either me (Cammy), Jar Jar, Jawa, Noah, or OL100. There may be double answers. Each correct guess is worth 20 points. 

Fact #1: I collect cassettes and vinyl records.

Answer: Jar Jar

Correct: Nobody got it!

Incorrect: Jawa, OL100, Noah, CJ

Fact #2: My pet turtle hisses at me whenever I feed it, but is fine when someone else does it.

Answer: OL100

Correct: CJ

Incorrect: Jawa, Noah, OL100 (exempt)

Fact #3: I once ate sweet potatoes thinking they were carrots. 

Answer: Cammy 

Correct: CJ

Incorrect: Jawa, Noah, OL100

Fact #4: Some of my music playlists have over 500 songs. 

Answer: Jawa

Correct: CJ, Noah, OL100

Incorrect: Jawa (exempt)

Fact #5: I like off-brand cereal more than on-brand cereal. 

Answer: Noah

Correct: CJ, Jawa, OL100

Incorrect: Noah (exempt)


There we have it! That round, CJ crushed it, guessing four out five and getting 80 points! OL100 gets 40, and Noah and Jawa each gets 20.



  1. CJ – 193 pts
  2. OL100 – 143 pts
  3. Noah – 137 pts
  4. Jawa – 130 pts


This round will be short and to the point! You will have 20 seconds to DM me your answers, so get your DM chats with me open. Ready?

List every current Superfolder in our community—not council members—that you can think of. Since we have 9-10 SFs right now, each correct answer is 10 points.


Noah and OL100 both got 7 people (70 points). Jawa got five (50 points).

CJ got two (20 points). XD



  1. CJ – 213 pts
  2. OL100 – 213 pts
  3. Noah – 207 pts
  4. Jawa – 180 pts

Unbelievably, OL100 and CJ are tied heading into the final round!


Alright! We are on to Round 5. Today’s grand finale. 

Here we go…

I have hidden a page deep within the OYEU menu. The first person to find it, guess the password using the clue below, and comment, “Found it!” will be the round winner (100 points). Second place gets 80 points, third gets 70, and fourth gets 60. Here’s the clue.

I am

Two words, five syllables.

Made of a material that’s not killable. 

I am

A phrase from an OY book.

A replacement word for awesome that’s often overlooked.

Your time starts now!

They’re looking…

Still looking…

And Jawa found the page! But can he figure out the password?

Everyone else has now found the page and is guessing the password…

Plastic dinosaurs! OL100 got it! OL100 wins (100 points)!!

Jawa takes second (80 points), CJ takes third (70 points), and Noah takes fourth (60 points).



  1. OL100 – 313 pts
  2. CJ – 283 pts
  3. Noah – 267 pts
  4. Jawa – 260 pts

OL100 has won Cammy’s Mod Games! Congratulations. You are the Grand Mod Games Champion! Please enjoy a complimentary smiley face emoji and fill yourself with pride of your accomplishment.



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