YodaForce’s Anime Folds Panel


Hello, and welcome to my panel! I’m Yodaforce, and today we will be discussing my new universe… Anime Folds EU!

To start off, I’d like to show off a recent Goku drawing:

Alright, now back to my universe. Fold One will consist of:

  • Dragon Fold Z: The Saiya-Fold Saga
  • NaruFold
  • One Punch Fold
  • YuGiohFold
  • Pleach
  • Pokefold
  • Beypleats

Fold 2 will be decided on soon, but know that I have huge plans! Maybe even a crossover! I promise you, these stories won’t be cheesy…I hope. (Heh.)

Some important notes I have on the AFOEU:

  • The stories all take place in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Crossovers will happen every Fold, excluding Fold One.
  • Stories will (hopefully) be released every 2 weeks.

Now, I will give you a sneak peek of Dragon Fold Z 2:

“I’m gonna defeat you and avenge everyone you’ve mercilessly killed!”

And now, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the first story of Fold One, Dragon Fold Z: The Saiya-Fold Saga:

“Seriously? Nappa-Fold? How about Foldppa-” I suggested.

“BE QUIET, YOU LITTLE RUNT!” Theodore said.

“Dude, I’m like two grades above you.”

He slammed his hands on the desk he was sitting at. “I SAID BE QUIET!”

“Yeah, okay.” I ran to get the folded dragon ball off the floor, but Kyle came over and tripped me.

“Hmph…low class saiyan scum.” He said, in a Vegeta impression.

“Gah…shut up!” I pushed him onto the floor.


I also want to let you all know that Green Arrowgami has been re-folded! Shoutout to my boy Peyton!

…and that’s all! Thanks for tuning in, guys! Yoda out!


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  1. origami_master53

    Cool! You know. I used to walk Beyblades. After awhile it got boring…

  2. Lord Toademort

    I do believe it may be time to Duel

  3. kirirto-folder

    who is the character in the above? I am an anime nerd and I will draw him and post it if you tell me who he is.
    P.S. My name used to be greatest jedi but i have been gone for months

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