The Start of Superfolder Con

Welcome, everyone, to SuperFolder Con!


Over the next couple of Hours, we’ll be having panels starting at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time.

First, we’ll have the DCOU Panel at 9 AM done by me.

After that, we’ll have the MOU Panel at 10 AM, done by Noah.

Then we’ll have the Video Pleats EU Panel at 11 AM, by Origami Master 53.

Superfolder Thrawn’s very own panel will be at 12 PM.

Then the Anime Origami Universe has a panel at 1 PM, hinting at cool surprises.

After that, we’ll have the Riordan Universe, coming in by Hades to talk about stuff at approximately 2 PM.

Then we’ll have the Wizarding Folds at 3 PM.

To close it all out, we’ll have Jar Jar Pleats coming in to talk about a new universe!

I got a feeling you all will have fun with it.


Day 2 will be fun, the mods are playing some game that day, hosted by SF Cam. Hades, Potato Dabber and more have sent in puppets (and, in some cases, cosplay, surprisingly.)

Day 3 is the Q&As, obviously. I’m SO excited for ALL of this!

See you guys in an hour!


About OrigamiLuke100

I lost my account, but here I am.

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  1. origami_master53

    I can’t wait!


  3. It wasn’t published, but I have a WF panel comming at 3 Pm!

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