Guillermo’s Wizarding Folds Panel

Screenshot_20200709_174424.jpgGood day Superfolders! Happy SFC-Con!


SF Guillermo here, coming to you from the Wizarding Folds Universe!

I’m super glad to join you here today.
So what is the Wizarding Folds exactly?
Students from IGS school have started folding origami puppets from the Harry Potter universe. As a menace with an Origami Grindelwald at the front rises, heroes from Fantastic Beasts do, too.
Meanwhile, other future protectors of the school who call themselves the Ori-Marauders have started teaming up to defend the school (and their camp) from Dark Folders!
I’ve included a timeline so you can see the story chronology. We have as follows:

  • Origins of the Ministry of Folders, By SF Guillermo
  • The Three Fantastic Folds, By SF Guillermo
  • The Adventures of the Ori-Marauders, By SF Guillermo
  • The Order of the Foldix, by OrigamiLuke100
  • Foldemort, by ??? This story is available!
We also have a selection of Magical Tales being written!
  • Origins of the Ministry of Folders, By SF YodaForce
  • The Crimes of Grindelfold, By SF Hades)
  • Anything else you wanna write!

Finally, to conclude, here’s a sneak peek of Fantastic Folds 3: Folders Unite!:
“Cammy Jenkins, at last.” Cassius said, bitterly, putting a hand inside his pocket and revealing Grindelfold.
So, that guy was Cammy Jenkins, the guy Tim Baker was talking all of us about. I was kind of exited for what was to come.
“That was a very foolish move, Cassius” Cammy noted ” You should’ve stayed undercover.” He also put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out an origami Dumbledore. “I was tired of being stepped on, you know”.
At this point, Tim Baker, Alice Adams and Trevor Hallard, accompanied by Dr. Marshall and Mrs. Eagle arrived.

That’s it! Peace out, guys! And may the folds be with you!

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    I do believe that I have a claim on Foldemort.

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