BTFolds Wednesday #1!

Hey, guys! I’ve noticed I’ve been posting a lot, everyone else has been super busy!

So, it is time for our FIRST BTFOLDS WEDNESDAY!

Originally, this was called “Wizarding Folds Wednesday” Because we only had stories from Guillermo’s new universe, Wizarding Folds. Earlier today I talked about how funny his newest story was. I recommend when you read Fantastic Folds and How to Fold Themby SF Guillermo, you read it in a Posh British Accent, it reads like it was written by British Students!

Yo, Guillermo, hit me up man! I’d love to write for this!

The ROU has had it’s first story, The Great Prophecy of the OrigOracle by SF Hades!

And finally, the first two* chapters of The Legend of Zelda-Gami for the Video Pleats Origami Universe.

Now, let me talk about this briefly, and then I can continue the fun.

Unless specifically given the “Okay” by the Council, your stories must be sent in completed. Not everywhere can there be the episode format. Unless it’s okay with us and with prior permission, your stories must be completed. 

Now for some TRIVIA!

  1. Did you know? Ilkey Grammar School is not the first British School idea that’s been thrown around the EU. The council, before Guillermo’s breakout universe, had thrown around ideas for a “Secret Agents High” story, focusing on kids forming little bands of agents based around James Bond, Jason Bourne, and other JB agents. Doctor Glue probably would’ve happened here too.
  2. Did you know? BTFolds was originally  a site meant for stories in new “universes!” We had Percy Jackson and the Orilympians there, along with Ben 10 Fold and some others. It’s now used as an Archive.
  3. Fun Fact! There’ll be a new universe soon, created by the One and Only Jar Jar Pleats!

I’m excited for this!



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  1. Origami Bond…
    OriBond. I like the sound of that.
    *starts to hum the 007 theme*

  2. Yo Peyton would you really like to write for the Wizarding Folds?

  3. Potato dabber

    Oops I’ve been posting way too many stories in episodes my bad

  4. origami_master53

    The next story after Zelda-gami shouldn’t use episodes! 🙂

  5. Jar Jar Pleats

    I hope you guys are excited for what I have in store for BTFolds. I sure am!

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