Quick Updates and Story Releases!

Hey guys! I know, crazy, a new post today as well?

So, we have some AWESOME announcements.

Firstly, BTFOLDS has been picked up by you guys and is getting new schools in new areas.


Wizarding Folds with it’s first story The Beginning of the Wizarding Folds. Created by Superfolder Guillermo!

Video Pleats EU created by Origami_Master53!

and The Riordan Origami Universe created by Hades!

The latter don’t have stories yet. But trust me, moment they’re made, they’ll be edited and up!

And then we haveMOU ZOMBIES CHAPTER 8! By THE POTATO DABBER!! He’s planning on finishing it soon, keep your eyes peeled, and bring some WATERR!!!!



About OrigamiLuke100

I lost my account, but here I am.

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  1. origami_master53

    I emailed the first few chapter of the story!

  2. Nice Boi Hades

    The ROU’s first story has been sent in! It’s a shortie but it’ll inform you on the rules of this universe.

  3. Potato dabber

    So origami master I want to have my five stories be in video pleats that ok? They’ll all take place in elementary school so they wont clash with your stuff. Thx for reading this.

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