We Need to Talk About F.O.L.D.


Hey guys! Noah here. There’s something I need to address for the MOU going forward.

Everybody knows what F.O.L.D. is, right? The organization of students who does everything S.H.I.E.L.D. does, just as kids? It’s been a really helpful part of the stories in the past, because it gave us a lot of quick and easy explanations for things, like where the puppets come from and a guide for how the story goes.

However, because of that, it can be considered a writing ‘crutch’, which is basically just something that makes the story really easy and simple. I don’t really want that anymore.

At the end of Infinity Folds, Tilly Waterson closes F.O.L.D. down because she believes that it’s caused more harm that good. That was a definitive closure. F.O.L.D. doesn’t matter anymore, and it never will. Going forward, it’s just stopped, like Tilly’s intended it to.

I don’t want F.O.L.D. to be a plot point for anymore stories, because it makes things too easy. I really want to see everyone here grow as writers, so removing as many crutches as possible can help with that. If F.O.L.D. is a plot point going forward, it’ll be edited out pretty much immediately. We’re that serious about it.

So! That’s about all I wanted to say. If you guys have a big part for F.O.L.D. in your work-in-progress stories, I want to challenge you to edit them out and come up a more unique solution for the story’s problem. I can guarantee you it’ll make your story stand out more in the long run.


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  1. Nice Boi Hades

    Thank you!

  2. what if F.O.L.D. is a plot device BUT not the main one, like a side-side-SUPER side plot device.

  3. origami_master53

    In Agent Venom-gami F.O.L.D is used as a place of something hidden that ‘characters’ need to find it from.

  4. Jar Jar Pleats

    I don’t believe you guys are quite getting what is being said: under NO circumstances is FOLD to be used in 99.999% of all situations. They aren’t still active, they aren’t underground, from this point forward they have zero influence on anything that happens in the future.

    It is dead. We wanna keep it that way.

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