What the heck happened to the site!?!?

Hey all, Jawa here! As some of you may have noticed, the OYEU is gone! What happened?!?

Well the EU itself isn’t gone, I mean you’re on the site right now! But what does SuperFolder Central mean?

SuperFolder Central was an idea that JC and I have been kicking around for a while, and after some discussion with the rest of The Council, we have decided to rebrand the OYEU!

SuperFolder Central, or SFC as we’ll most often call it, is a place not only for Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Origami stories…it is a place for ALL stories written by and for SuperFolders! Along with our flagship franchises, SFC will now include Fold of the Rings and Between the Folds! BTFolds has also been expanded to include non-origami stories, a first in the sites history!

The final thing we’ve added is a Resources section, which is where we’ll be collecting tips and tricks on how to improve your writing!

We hope you all enjoy the new redesign and features, and we’ll see you…on the EU- I mean SFC!

– Jawa and The EU SFC Council


About Jawa

Your friendly neighborhood geek.

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  1. Nice boi Hades

    Hmmm. I’m intrigued. I’ll have alot of stuff to keep me occupied this summer.
    I guess, my first EVER origami story idea can finally happen, When I first joined I pitched a story to Noah, Star Vs the Forces of Evil. I plan on writing an origami story for the cartoon show. Wow. I never thought I’d get to write that! Another thing: I have some friends and we are the real life Justice Pleats! I’ll invite some of them on here.

  2. Well, well, well. Look at this, yeah? I gotta say, I love what you did with the place.

    Howdy, fellas. Been… been a while since I dropped by, but I’m glad to see that most of you are still here! Main reason I stopped comin’ by was that I grew out of Origami Yoda. I still love the books and all, but I haven’t made a puppet in years! xD

    Either way, nice to see you’re broadening the topics a bit! Gives the folks a bit more room to write stuff that they want that they couldn’t earlier. I think that’ll lead to some neat ideas! You guys still have a lot of creativity in ya, so I hope you make this site proud.

    Hopefully, I may see you guys around…? Hehehehehe. You never know! 😀

  3. Wow, I’m really liking this new format, guys!

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