Cam and Noah’s Foldmania: Day #13: The Unshreddible Hulk!

Today, we have Ally Weber’s puppet, The Unshreddible Hulk!

Origami Name: The Unshreddible Hulk
Character Names: Ally Weber
Description: Over time, Ally has gained confidence and come to terms with her past. Recently, Ally has been working through her feelings and what she wants. She’s kind to her friends and will stick by them no matter what. Sometimes, she will even take matters into her own hands to protect them.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:

Tomorrow, it’s Thanos!! Plus, we’ll be posting the miscellaneous, awesome origami you guys made throughout this challenge. If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to


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  1. origami_master53

    I have a THANOS for you!!

  2. So, the Ant-Fold I sent in FOUR days ago will be merged into the Thanos post? You know, it took me awhile to make that puppet.

  3. origami_master53

    Cam your Hulk looks complicated!!!

  4. origami_master53

    Wait if I sent in a battle or something with my Amazing Spider-Fold and Electrogami/ Green Goblingami would it get put in tomorrow?

  5. origami_master53

    I just sent my Thanos and Amazing Spider-Fold guys!! can’t wait to read IF!!!

  6. Jar Jar Pleats

    Hey! Cam found the instructions I used for the story cover Hulks, haha!

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