Cam and Noah’s Foldmania: Days #11 and #12: The Foldians!

Once again, apologies for the delays, but today we have four characters for you: the rest of the Foldians!

Origami Names: Socket Raccoon, OriGroot, Nebula, and Paper Ray Bill
Character Names: Peter Prawley, Paul Prawley, Cole Griffith, and Kurt Blum
Description: Each of the Foldians were doing their own thing: Kurt was idolizing Dove, Peter and Paul loved pranking people, and Cole just argued with his sister and Noah. However, after joining the Foldians…they still did all of that, but now they do it as a team! They’re all still pretty new to this hero stuff, and sometimes that can get them into a lot of trouble. But, one thing they all have in common is their determination: if they screw up, they’ll just keep trying until they get it right.
Cam and Noah’s Puppets:

SuperFolder Puppets:


SF Thrawn’s Paper Ray Bill!

Tomorrow, our puppet is…Unshreddible Hulk, wielded by Ally Weber! If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to


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  1. Um, uh, mods, I sent in Ant-Fold? Was it even checked? Will it ever get featured??? I sent it in about 2-3 days ago…

  2. origami_master53

    Um Noah… I can’t tell but is Rocket a sock???

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