Cam and Noah’s Foldmania | #7 & 8: Gamora and Star-Lord!

Our apologies for missing yesterday: there were some more pressing matters that took our attention. But we’re right back on track today with two puppets: the Foldians Gamora and Star-Lord!

Origami Names: Gamorigami and Star-Fold
Characters: Cat Grant and Noah Buckets
Descriptions: Cat and Noah have a very complicated relationship, with awkward feelings between both of them towards the other. It can be easy to let these feelings take control, but as Cat and Noah are effectively the co-leaders of the team the Foldians of the Galaxy, they’ll have to figure out how to work together, or their team will never continue.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:


Tomorrow, our puppet is the man himself: Captain Americut! If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to


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  1. Jar Jar Pleats


  2. Nice boi Hades

    Guys, I didn’t write this.

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