Cam and Noah’s Foldmania! | #6: Doctorigami Strange!

Today, we folded Doctorigami Strange, one of the additions to the OrigAvengers in Fold 3!

Origami Name: Doctorigami Strange
Character: Duncan Anderson
Description: Duncan Anderson recently joined Wheeler Academy after being expelled from his last school for vandalism. However, he quickly became acclimated and found his old friend, Naphtali Monroe. After Naphtali recruited him, Duncan became one of the newest members of the OrigAvengers: Doctorigami Strange.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:

SuperFolder Puppets:


by Guillermo!

Tomorrow, our puppet is… Gamora, Cat’s puppet! If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to



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  1. Hey guys. So the Talkzone is closed and I just want to say. I have no clue what is happening but I do have to say I’m disappointed. I’m not taking sides. No one who got involved is innocent. So I just have to say, please, please, PLEASE keep things civil from now on. Mods, can you please post something for everyone. Lile you used to do. I don’t want to end up like Where we can only post certain comics. I’m mad. I’m sad. Skywalker if you read this, I’m sorry. Yodaforce, if you read this, I’m sorry.

  2. origami_master53

    I would usually say this in the talkzone but because it’s closed I am going to say this here. I updated the Origami talkzone on my website/blog and now all you need to do is click the word contact in the top right corner!

  3. Cool Doctorigami Stranges!

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