Cam and Noah’s OrigAvenger Foldmania! | #4: Iron Fold!

Today, it’s the very first member of the modern OrigAvengers: Iron Fold! Tomorrow’s character at the bottom of the post.

Origami Name: Iron Fold
Character: Clark Largent
Description: Clark Largent has changed more than anyone over the years. Starting as a guy just out for revenge, with no connection to any of the heroic things at all, he’s become a true believer in the mission of the OrigAvengers (though he’d never say so outright.) He accepts the leadership of others and feels the call to protect his school whenever and wherever he is.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:

SuperFolder Puppets:

Tomorrow’s puppet is… Cal’s puppet, Spider-Fold! If you’re interested in being featured, get folding and send your entries to


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  1. Jar Jar Pleats

    I like both of your folding styles!

    Noah’s seems to have a more Tom-esque style where the folding seems very simple, yet with one or two unique folds that make it stand out as something new. Cam, on the other hand, seems to implement slightly more complex folding techniques, and you can tell that with his Novagami in particular. Excited to see your Spuder-Folds!

    I may be able to join in as well…we’ll see

  2. origami_master53

    Nice job everyone that submitted Iron Folds!!! (Only 2) Good job Guillermo!!

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