Cam and Noah’s OrigAvenger Foldmania! | #2: Novagami!

8Hey everyone! Our first character is done; thanks so much to everyone who sent in their own Novagami puppets (tomorrow’s character is at the bottom of the post). Enjoy!

Origami Name: Novagami

Character: Amias Hill

Description: Amias Hill first appeared in Novagami and Adam Papercut, written by SF Hades. Amias was originally a grunt in the Wheeler JROTC, but after helping his best friend, Dane, defeat Dane’s older Jason in a fight, Amias became a sort of celebrity. He is now a leader of the JROTC, and inspired the whole group to use Nova puppets like him. Since defeating Jason, he’s been focused on finding out anything he can about the mysterious group T.H.A.N.O.S.

Noah and Cam’s Puppets:


SuperFolder Puppets:


Tomorrow’s puppet is… Thorigami! If you’re interested in being featured, get folding and send your entries to


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  1. I’m sending in a Thorigami!

  2. origami_master53

    I will do it!!

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